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5 Different Routes To A Successful Career

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These days success can be not only achieved in different ways but also thought of in different ways. It’s less true that the measure of success is simply how much is in your pay packet at the end of the month, although this is obviously still important. Here we will look at 5 different routes to a successful career and see what options might be open to us all.


Start Your Own Business

If you are business minded then it will be almost certain that you have at least pondered the question of whether you will ever start your own business or will you be happier working for someone else? There are clear advantages to being your own boss, the potential earnings are not capped, you can run things your way and take the business in your own direction. But the advantages on one side are pretty much the mirror image of the drawback son the other side, no job security, less stress on what to do, you can never fully switch off from work and relax.

Get A Job And Work Your Way Up

This is the classic way of getting ahead in life, if you start at the bottom, show your qualities and progress through the ranks. This is great way in many industries as you will be gathering experience and contacts along the way and will be well thought of in terms of what you have achieved and what you have brought to the table in the past. The only downside you may encounter is that in certain industries you may hit a ceiling as some roles you will not be able to get past without a certain level of education.

Higher Education

This is a time honoured way of getting ahead and we have always been told that education is the path to a better life and better career. But with this certainly being true you should be aware of what you do in education won’t be cheap as at the very least it will take up a lot of your time so you should be sure that you are taking the time to research what course is right for you, for example that you know what is a certificate of higher education compared to a degree course.


A good halfway house between education and work is to take up an apprenticeship which is a training scheme where you are paid a training wage and receive on the job training and education, often with some formal qualification, while you are with a real life employer gaining real world experience.

Other Ways To Achieve

In this article we have talked exclusively of employment and education but what if you have different aims, such as charity work or raising a family? It’s important ton realise that it’s your life and you should follow your own ambitions and make decisions based on that. There is always scope to change what you do later on in life.

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