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What is the apprenticeship training scheme and how does it benefit a student after completing ITI training?

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RE: What is the apprenticeship training scheme and how does it benefit a student after completing ITI training?

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We have come across the word ‘apprentice’ a decent number of times in our lives. Before we reach to the crux of understanding what is the apprenticeship training scheme, we must understand who is an apprentice.

An apprentice is someone who gains skills and qualification while working for another person or firm and is bounded by an agreement to work for a specific period of time. An apprentice is basically any beginner who is new to work life. Apprenticeship is a job with wages which also provides training. Some apprenticeship programs include on-job-training accompanied by studies as well. Apprenticeship must not be confused with an internship. Unlike internships, apprenticeships are for the longer term, pay is high and you get a job after it.

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Apprenticeship training is the process of training a candidate in classrooms which is meant to impart the required knowledge of the work that they may use in the workshops. Apprentice training program trains the candidate to work as an expert in a particular field. This programs usually extends for 1-3 years.


Apprenticeship training scheme is very beneficial for students who have completed their ITI training. ITI is an acronym for Industrial Training Institute or Industrial Training Centers. They are constituted under Directorate General Employment and Training (DGET), Ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship, and Union government to provide training in various trades. The main aim of such training institutes is to impart technical training to students, develop industry-specific skills among students and to evolve a skilled workforce.

It is rightly said ‘ A man can be young in years and old in hours if he has lost no time’, by stating this quote I meant that one can achieve success in less time if he/she doesn’t waste time. ITI course can be pursued just after class 12th. The period of this course may vary from 6-months to 3-years. An individual can get highly skilled in so less time if he/she works hard for it. After completing ITI training, one has to appear for AITT (All India Trade Test). Candidates who successfully pass this test are given National Trade Certificate (NTC) and are eligible to work for any industry.

Some people recognize ITIs by term ‘trades’. ITIs offer training programs called trades, each trade focuses on a specific industry. Here’s a list of some trades which one can choose from-

  • Electrician
  • Electronics Mechanic
  • Firefighter
  • Correction officer
  • Cook (hotel or restaurant)
  • Construction craft laborer
  • Telecommunication Technician
  • Millwright operating engineer
  • Tool and die maker
  • Power plant operator
  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • Architectural Assistant
  • Para Legal Assistant
  • Finance Executive
  • Fire Safety and Industrial Safety Management
  • Marine Fitter
  • Dressmaking
  • IT and Communication System Maintenance


There are many more courses which one can pursue during ITI. Now the students get confused as to what to do next. ITI qualified candidates can apply for jobs in either private or public sector.  Candidates can also find a job in government sectors like Indian Army, Indian Navy, Telecom, Railway etc. The best option after ITI is to apply for Apprenticeship training. One can apply for apprenticeship training through National Apprenticeship Scheme. Once you get selected in this scheme, you may find many benefits like-

  1. Earn while learning new skills- This is the thing which every individual dream What can be better than getting a salary while learning? Apprenticeship made it possible.
  2. Gaining real life experience- You get a real life job experience before getting into a full-time job. This experience is a great help for working in future. You receive hands-on-training while gives you a chance to pull your skills, that you learned in ITI trade, into practice.
  3. Mastering in a particular trade- Having done ITI in a trade, if you do an apprenticeship in the same then you can get well versed in the skills it requires.
  4. Employers’ favorite- The person who has done an apprenticeship before coming for a job interview is preferred by the employer over the one who hasn’t done it.
  5. Brushing up ITI skills- Apprenticeship training is of great advantage for ITI qualified candidate as most of their training is done during ITI. Apprenticeship is like brushing up their trade skills and also getting paid for it. Apprenticeship after ITI is considered as complete qualification for the ones who want to pursue their career in trade and industry-related work.

These were some of the pros of doing apprenticeship training after being qualified in ITI. The person with ITI + Apprenticeship has expertise in his/her area. This dexterity gets him/her to find a decent job and reach great heights in future.

 For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What is the apprenticeship training scheme and how does it benefit a student after completing ITI training?

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