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How to Clean Your Work Laptop

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Your work laptop requires to be cleaned when you have to turn it in, at the time of leaving the job or being replaced with a brand new one.  This is when the contents of your laptop are required to be deleted for total immunity. The only way to be completely sure is by wiping your own hard disk. This will ensure that your personal data, passwords, indelicate pictures, pirated music, or any other non-work indiscretions are destroyed.

Here is a complete guide to cleaning your work laptop to ensure you have secured your privacy:

1) Erasing personal files

You must delete all sorts of easily recoverable personal data. You can start by searching out your personal files by going through your laptop to look for the files you remember putting on it. You must check all the folders you have regularly used. Music files, video files, images (jpg, gif, etc.), personal letters, resumes, private pictures, etc. need to be thoroughly searched, inspected and removed.

2) Deleting installed applications



laptop cleaning

After you have made sure that there are no more personal files or physical media files in your work laptop, you have to aim at removing all installations and applications that your system might have. You can start cleaning applications and files or uninstall all applications that you may have installed while using the laptop.

3) Removing virtual wreckage and remnants.

You can free up space on Mac by using online drivers or applications before turning it into your employer.  You must use them to help you find bits and pieces of your digital exploits such as browser cookies, incomplete installations, shortcut files, leftover remnants of programs running, etc. and eliminate them.

4) Cleaning your web browser
After your laptop is lightened  from the virtual load that you have removed till now, the next step is clean your web browser. Deleting cookies, bookmarks, history files, saved passwords, etc. needs to be done. This will lead to purging your web browser, so that no one can misuse your information or figures.

5) Overwriting deleted files

It is not sufficient to simply delete the files off your laptop. Once you have gone through your all your laptop files, purged your programs, deleted information your web browser, you need to overwrite the files that were deleted in the previous steps.  Overwriting all the free and empty space on the disk must be ensured such that your files are unrecoverable.
6) Wiping data to erase evidence.

You can get technical assistance from friends or colleagues from the IT sector. They will help you get away with the personal stuff you may or may not leave behind as evidence on your work laptop.

After doing these steps, with the help of some online apps and drivers, you will get you a clean hard drive. This will be very crucial to preserve your discretion and secure your privacy. You might also get the tools required to create a replica of the same data or information in your next laptop.



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