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Easy ways to write a cancellation letter

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To write a cancellation letter can be a challenge because this is written when you need to be firm in your tone and friendly at the same time. You might be writing it as you want to cancel a subscription or a membership, or could be a reason with cancellation of some business contract with other company. There are chances that you are about to cancel a big event because of some reason, it could be a wedding party too. It doesn’t matter what is the reason behind cancellation, it is important that you write a cancellation letter with conviction and in the right tone assuring the receipt of the sent letter.

There are a few easy tips that will guide you in writing a confident cancellation letter. Just go through them, apart from them more samples are available with us to provide you with sample templates of cancellation letter.


  1. Maintain a formal format of business standards.

It is essential that you keep a style of writing it in a business standard format as it is going to represent your level of professionalism. Font size and type are also important to keep a check with. It is recommended that you write it in Microsoft word format with a font size of 12. Business letter consists of precise heading at the top of the letter, content of the letter followed by your name with specifics like membership number or etc. (if any), address detailing about you. And then, write the second paragraph stating about the other party.

  1. Mention about the membership/subscription /event etc. that you are cancelling.

It is important that you write every single detain (be it small) about the membership or subscription etc. that you are cancelling to make it clear to the recipient. We suggest you start with ‘Dear’ followed by the name of recipient and then other content stating your purpose of writing.

  1. A brief explanation about the reason of cancellation.

To not leave the recipient in any misery, it is better if you can provide them with a brief explanation about why you are cancelling any membership or etc. You do not need to stretch it with an elaborated explanation, just write the context for the cancellation in a sentence or two. Also, it is essential that you mention correct dates of your start or expected date of cancellation of the subscription / membership etc. We suggest you to use the calendar to avoid any mistake in writing dates, because sometimes this happens.

  1. Ask for the confirmation of the cancellation.

It is important that you ask or make a request for the receipt to confirm that your cancellation has been accepted for the respective membership or subscription. Get a check if there’s any fee to make a cancellation for any membership or subscription, if any, then make the payment and include the receipt as an attachment with your cancellation. Also, in case of a committed refund that you might be expecting, then you can ask for it by making a sincere request to start with the refund as soon as possible via a check or an online mode.

  1. Sign the letter and send it to the respective recipient.

Like any letter, you must end this one too with ‘Sincerely’, or ‘Regards’ or ‘Best wishes’ etc. Depending upon your convenience, send it via mail or get a print and make a speed post to the respective organization or company. If you are mailing, it is recommended that you send it via certified or registered email address as it will be more convenient for the recipient to make an easy check about your profile.

You can go through our samples templates about cancellation letter examples thru our web portal, if required. We really hope that you found this article useful. If more help or guide is required, you can write to us and we’ll help you out. Thanking you for letting us provide you a support.

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