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Key factors to keep in mind while deciding on the right career for you

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Choosing a career is quite different from choosing a job or choosing the company to work in. when you choose a job, you make a deal to get income in return for your time and labour but your career is what you are going doing the whole of your working life. It is very important that you put in a lot of thinking while choosing the right career path for you.


Right Career

Here are the key factors that you should keep in mind while deciding the right career.

  • Your aspirations

Before deciding upon a career, think about your likes and dreams regarding your work life. Take stock of what interests you and what you like to do on daily basis. Consider your previous experience and evaluate your experience in the actual scenario; did you like it or not. If you liked the work you did, you can think of pursuing it further, otherwise you can choose a different path.

If you are still not able to decide, you can get an interest assessment done by the career development resources.

  • Your skills

Everyone has a unique skill that can be used in a job. This skill can be inborn or can be acquired over the time. This special skill is what helps in performing the best in a job, thus evaluate your skills and decide on the career path that suit your current skills the best.

  • Your attitude

How you look at work determines how you behave at the work place and also in tough situations. If you have a positive attitude towards the work you are doing, you will be able to manage stress better and also self-motivate in case of some difficult circumstances. While deciding on a career, see what kind of attitude you have towards it and if the work is in favour of your attitude.

  • Training

Each job has its own requirements, in terms of educational qualification, special training and experience. Evaluate your training and qualification for the career you are deciding upon and see if it fulfils the requirement. If not, get the necessary training and experience.

  • The market

Once all the criteria required for the job are met with, the big question of the availability of the particular job or position arises. Study the market for the availability of the job that is best suited for you. Also, take into consideration that, are you a fresher or in-between switching jobs. This is an important point to keep in mind, as the unavailability of the desired job in the vicinity will make it necessary for you to relocate or shift another job option.

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Ruchi Gupta is an aspiring career counsellor and a writer and avid reader. She is enthusiastic  about the endless career opportunities one can explore and loves to write on the same.



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