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How Positive Company Culture Can Help to Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment

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sexual-harassmentIn the last 20 years, sexual harassment has become a significant problem for the Americans. 53% of adults surveyed in 1998 by Gallup confirmed that people were more sensitive concerning sexual harassment than before. Individual are expecting that organizations will create excellent and safe working conditions for their employees. However, this has not been the case since sexual harassment is still widespread within companies. For an organization to avoid liability when it comes to sexual harassment according to the Supreme Court, it must show that its workers are given means to report offense including being well trained.


Recently there have been several cases of sexual harassment scandals. As the harassment became a focal point so was the means on how to prevent it. According to the New York Times, harassment training is channels of information at best. Additionally, EEOC claims that sometimes these training can have adverse effects. Regardless of the many programs and practices, sexual harassment cases are still rampant just as they were in 30 years ago. People believe that reporting and training are central to corporate culture however they seem to fail when it comes to sexual harassment. The two factors have been unable because of the attention to claims and compliance prevention, characteristic of most reporting programs and training, fail the most critical component of a today healthy workplace culture.

Systems of reporting have also failed the prevention of sexual harassment. For instance, 72% of employees who have experienced work-related sexual harassment do not report it and the 75% that say their cases experience retaliation. Beyond the fear of isolation and retribution, victims may not be able to communicate their experiences or the violation. Thus it is essential to come up with training that reveals where the society is at the moment. Moreover, the reporting systems should be designed in a way to protect the men and women who are affected.


While there is no significant way of reducing sexual harassment, keeping the harassers away calls for a complete change of culture. Organizations are being held increasingly responsible for taking ownership of sexual harassment. Culture advocate and human resource professionals claim that to improve the company climate, leaders must lead by example, and women must receive promotions as well as taking an immediate reaction to inappropriate behavior. There are three steps that organizations can use to improve their culture as well as help in reducing the likelihood of sexual harassment.


Get Clear On Your Definitions and Commitments

When organizations have a strict response to sexual harassment creates a favorable working condition as well as a stronger public image. According to UCLA Anderson School of Management study, organizations that are informative, timely and caring toward victims in the event of a claim restore their reputation to the levels of not having sexual harassment incidents at all. Hence, it is essential to set clear the policies surrounding discrimination and harassment.


Involving Employees to Improve Company Culture

When employees are engaged in an organization decision making processes, they feel part and parcel of the company. When organization ensures their employees are well trained, they can be the best sexual harassment prevention tool. Fama, a social media background check company, knows that it is vital to promote positive and open workplace culture not only to ensure the happiness and productivity of employees, but their safety as well.


Bring Narrative and Culture into Policy

Sexual harassment policies are not legal documents. They are meaning-making and significant texts that act in defining and stopping inappropriate behaviors. When such systems are connected with emotional language and supported with a promised action, they will interrupt the ability of the offender to harm their workmates.

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