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How to prepare for IAS exam?

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Once start thinking to prepare for the IAS exam seems a quite daunting. In the beginning, this civil exam interrupts the mind of people very much. 50% of aspirants refuse to enter this exam because they think it very difficult. Really, it is difficult but not impossible. Practice makes man perfect. So you can clear this exam by following the right way of practice.

Many people get confused how to start, study, and attempt this exam. They only know it is a valuable exam that will give them many career opportunities. The aspirants have many queries in their mind regarding this competitive exam. Even once got the guidance from the coaching institutes, they still find many queries which need to be fulfilled.  In brief, they still become not eligible to get the latest requirements of IAS exam. Hence leaving the participants doubted.

To overcome this barrier, the following article has assembled through different surveys and the students who had qualified this exam in the first attempt to let you know how to prepare IAS in an accurate manner.


  • Is IAS exam quite tough?

The fact is that the IAS exam seems tough because of its complex pattern. It has 3 stages- Prelims, Mains, an interview. The participants have to pass out each level to move onto to the next level. Moreover, the difficulty level hikes up with each stage. Furthermore, the last stage becomes toughest because students need to crack this UPSC test not only the basis of their ability to write but their mental strength will be judged. In simple words, students need to do a quite hard preparation to clear this UPSC interview stage. Despite worthwhile interview required, this IAS exam covers a diverse range of subjects.

  • Let’s look at success rates of IAS exam:

Needless to say, lakhs of people take the prelims exam every year. Out of this, only 25% becomes eligible for the mains. Once done with the main exam only 15% goes to the interview stage. Among these 50% cleared. Hence, we can say that the success rate of the UPSC exam is quite too less.

But if you follow the accurate preparation guide for your IAS exam, you can work it. Let’s see how’s?

  • Prepare your IAS without coaching

You can crack this IAS without taking coaching. It will help you to qualify it. Never consider that coaching is the ultimate solution of cracking this UPSC exam. You can prepare it yourself. For this, you need determination and description. Let’s find out the list:

  • Manage your time as syllabus should be covered.
  • Make sure to use a number of books and self-made notes.
  • Try to take a mock test on an alternative basis.
  • Try to start your IAS exam preparation as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to divide your syllabus into sections or notes, thereby, you can prepare accordingly.
  • Most importantly, while doing self-study, always believe that you are able to do it without taking any coaching.


  • Prepare your IAS while working

Never consider, you will not get prepared as you are working. You can do IAS preparation while working. For this, you just need to manage your time accordingly. Lets’ follow the following steps to prepare IAS while working:

  • Prepare a schedule as per the free time. Utilize your leisure time as much as possible.
  • Make sure to arrange precise notes as it will help to prepare quickly.
  • Find people who are like your situation. This tactic will help you to exchange notes
  • Make sure to hear the latest news rather than wasting your time to avoidable circumstances.
  • Try to take the help of memory techniques that would help you to speed up your learning level.


  • Prepare your IAS while in graduation

Never consider that it is too early to prepare for your IAS exam. The fact is that starting early will help you to grasp maximum concepts which are actually a need of IAS exam. Let’s follow the following steps that you consider to use while preparing your IAS after your 12th class:

  • Make a list where your syllabus should cover
  • Make sure to choose your bachelor degree in a subject which will benefit for your IAS exam. For instance: you can choose B.Tech for your bachelor as it will help you to simultaneously prepare your social subject.
  • Try to take the help of your online test series for daily practice.
  • Never forget to hear the daily news related to technology and other factors.
  • You can subscribe to a magazine that will help you’re to read article daily.

Hence, preparing for your IAS exam is not as daunting as you assume. Just try to take the help of the above tips as per your category. In brief, a small effort towards your IAS preparation will give you massive results.

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