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Jyoti Prakash Singh

Humane. Hearty. Adviser. Strategic Thinker. Serial Entrepreneur. Mover & Shaker. Most Connected on

Humane. Hearty. Adviser. Strategic Thinker. Serial Entrepreneur. Mover & Shaker. Most Connected on

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Dr Ramya Singh

patented mLearning softskills – acquired from 10 countries – 1.8M regd users...1-on-1 platform for fluent spoken English

* Majority are still offering the so called multimedia that are not the right solution to train the “Organs of Speech” – might be okay for understanding. Many use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) – an open source – but the users simply cannot compare these generic graphs manually – a user doesn't know on how to improve. * Some use String Comparator that simply says “yes” or “no” – a recent extension, percentage score pops up in the exact ratio the number of words in that sentence – obviously, only one parameter, "Spoke" or "didn't" – and hence no feedback on how to improve. * Automatic Speech Analysis System (ASAS©) – patented – pinpoints the exact problems, which Syllable/ Phoneme – and hence provides instant scores on four different parameters, and hence auto-personalized detailed feedback on how to improve the specifics. * Internet-games-like self-competition-creating ASAS© programs the subconscious mind unknowingly to speak the most frequent words, unit ideas and expressions fluidly. * All content including the accent on any subject as per any curriculum may be transformed using ASAS© * Trainers make the most of blended-learning and assign “listening & speaking” homework – scores auto-log at the alma mater. * CBSE, AICTE, NSDC or Staffing & Recruiting organizations use MyET to self-generate effortless endless speech – authorities conduct automated, and hence unbiased personalized assessments of “speaking and listening" skills. * Call Centres use MyET for voice modulation & accent neutralization (MTI) – and even modifying to an American or British native. Highlights: * Patent awarded by 9 leading nations including that of developed western countries * Already bundled with HP and ACER PCs in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan etc. * Private servers for universities and big educational chains * Language Lab on USB flash-drive works on LAN as well – world's smallest but still the most economical despite being widely patented Free Trial: °

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Tanvi Dhingra

Career Consultant at PaGaLGuY

Tanvi Dhingra is Career Consultant at PaGaLGuY. Ask Tanvi Dhingra to get Expert Career Advice.

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Career Counseling Professional

As a CAREER COACH,JOB SEARCH CONSULTANT, HEAD HUNTER, HIDDEN JOB MARKET EXPERT I’ve witnessed Internet recruiting and the Internet job search change dramatically over the last 15years. The Internet job search strategy that most job seekers take, doesn’t work for most. “Clicking N Applying” to jobs isn’t very effective, yet it’s the default “job search strategy” of most “newbie” job seekers. I knew the system wasn’t working, but there weren’t many viable options. Then, in 2003, I started doing some speaking at career networking and recruiting events around the India. My primary talk was about “The New Job Search”… about how job search was rapidly changing. About how there was a new site called LinkedIn, that was about to take off like crazy. And about how important it was to get your profile up to professional shape.

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Rajat Taneja

Digital Marketing Professional @Niswey

Rajat believes in a world with no competition, where we look inwards for our natural talents and interests before looking outwards for the right opportunities. He aspires to devote time to career coaching/counselling companies focused on bringing out the best in working professionals.

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Amarjeet Sharma

Digital Chief Marketing Officer

I bring to your table rich experiences to super charge your Digital Campaigns. I deliver according to your need and resources available. I am a keen strategist with expertise in managing entire gamut of Digital Marketing Offerings with key focus on ROI by ensuring optimal utilization of resources. I bring proven capabilities to the table, including: • Team-Oriented Leadership • Superior Analytic Skills to provide quantifiable metrics • Strong strategic planning • Digital Marketing Best Practices • Intuitive curiosity & creative thinking • Client Management and Executive communication abilities • Vendor Management acumen • A Drive to succeed • Forge and Lead high-performing teams. ??? Introduction ??? To start with I am a Digital Marketing professional with around 14 years of job experience and more than 10 years of which into Conceptualization & Implementation of Digital Marketing Campaigns, A Catalyst for Effective Digital Campaign and Team Management with interactive strategy & proven track record for driving strategic growth and visibility for leading online businesses. Accomplished at communication and collaborating effectively with stakeholders, vendors and clients. Has been instrumental in conceptualizing and designing online campaigns for many top online businesses across multiple verticals. I am a go getter who would like to live up to the challenge, roll up my sleeves and dig deep to get my goals done. I strive to be always up-to-date with the lasted development in the changing competitive environments of digital media industry. The ability to understand business requirement and how to identify target audience had always been my plus point and had played critical role in success of my campaigns.

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Hameed Rana

Career Guidance, Counseling

working with K.R.Mangalam University as a Career Counselor One to one counseling of student in the campus. Giving the presentation in the Schools, Colleges & Institutes. To make the tie-up with the Coaching & Test Prep Institutes. Participation in Education Fair in multiple cities.

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Yukti Belwal

Director at Study Nation 360

I am a Study Abroad Specialist and have invest more than 6 years of my life during which I have sent more than 350 students from India and (other countries as well) to different countries in the world. I have been counselling students about which country and University will be best suited to them according to their need and capabilities. __________________________________________________________________________________ DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT I have done certified course in Digital marketing so I am well versed with online marketing and promotions. __________________________________________________________________________________ I believe everyone has their signature style of working and so do I. BUSINESS FOCUSED| AWARD WINNING PERFORMER | MARKET ANALYST My reason for joining this portal is to help out students to find the right answer to their question with whatever expertise I have gained. If I could use a phrase to summarize my attitude towards life then it would be "Deserve Before you Desire" .

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