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Certified Career Counsellors will guide you about Arts and Humanities career & its pathway


Get Psychometric assessment that will help you select the branch


Information about branches to pursue after Arts and Humanities

"You Can Too!"

Just like 1000s of Arts and Humanities students have made their dream career and been accepted in the dream college with the help of services from CareerGuide


Planning what to do after taking Arts and Humanities in 11th – 12th is very tough. This decision gets difficult because there are several fields, such as Writer, Director  etc.

If you are asking yourself these 2 questions:

  • “Am I on the right career path?”
  • “Something is missing in my career but what is it?”
    Then it is the time for you to immediately attend to CareerGuide’s (Ideal Career Test & Humanities Career Selector) and speak to one of our certified career coach

#1 Psychometric Test - Ideal Career


#1 Psychometric Test - Humanities Career

* It is a scientifically designed psychometric test for class 11th-12th
* Provides answers to the questions “What to do after 11th-12th ?
* Assess aptitude & personality to determine suitable career
* Give assessment online and get unbiased report immediately
* Click here to generate A Sample Report

#2 Analysis On Career Selection


* Analysis of generated reports by a Certified Career Counsellor
* Analysis Sessions (duration: 45-60 mins)
* Will explain about various careers related to Arts and Humanities career
* Explains about career options in Arts/Humanities career
* Discuss about careers that will be the best for you

Stream Selector 2 (1)

#3 Personalized Deep Dive On Career

Personality Psychometric Test 1 1

#3 Personalized Deep Dive On Career

* Schedule Video Sessions to discuss career options
*Discuss career options related to Arts and Humanities.
*Get E-books about list of Career Options.

#4 Learn About Entrances & Colleges

* Learn about various entrance exams
* Allow you to explore various competitive exams
* Providing guidance in choosing career both in India & abroad
* Guidance in college selection and application
Learn More About Entrance Exam

Challenges faced by 11th - 12th class
Arts and Humanities Student

They are not very clear about career pathways

Keeping track of different college application dates and process is rigorous effort.

There is too much on plate of every Arts and Humanities student

Deciding on colleges depending on ranks requires lots of research.

These branch research is time taking and needs an expert intervention

Too many questions in mind about Arts and Humanities career

Self doubt, low confidence, uncertainty about their planned career

Understanding of different branches, specialisation and selection of subjects

Become successful in your career!

Don’t miss any information, best college and your chance to shine out in your Career.


Successful Commerce 150x150

Successful Professional

Why Career Counselling is Important for11th - 12th
(Arts and Humanities Student) Class Students?


Know about career. Compare your interest in different career


Discuss and plan your Career in more depth. Don’t let any question be left in your mind


Know about 500+ career options associated with each career.

3student 3


If you are asking yourself "How Do I get There" in your Career


Learn about various colleges & institutions in India & abroad, and their eligibility


Build profile, resume and skills which will make you future ready

Be More Confident

80% of the students feel lost, don’t show their confusion. Career Counselling for 11th -12th Science (Arts and Humanities Student) class students will help those students find confidence in planning their career.

Get E-Books

Fascinating, informative E-book on Science(Arts and Humanities Student) Career Pathway.

Psychometric Test

Informed career Selection & Analysis, Best AI Enabled Psychometric Test For career Choices

Video Calls

4 Personal Call Over Video Or Phone Call to Resolve Any Doubts Related To Your Child’s Future

Dilemma of 11th & 12th Arts and Humanities Students


Dilemma of 11th & 12th Arts and Humanities Students

Know how our Successful Students
look like

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Our team of Certified Career Counsellor will help you select the perfect Arts and Humanities college for you with your marks, location and preference. We will also provide you with complete information about our college, branches, departments, right specialization and career pathway and career prospects. CareerGuide work for a cause – To help the students identifying their interests and guide them towards bright career opportunities. The organization exercises cutting edge methodologies in design the personalized career roadmap of the students.

Career Options After 12th (Arts and Humanities)

Success Stories

We helped many get on fast track. They can become your inspiration. 

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Our Plans

What's Included

Our Most Popular Career Plan

What's Included

Our Best Plan

What's Included

Career Report


Let us help you give the right direction


Our Career Counsellor Network is

Trusted By Thousands Of 11th -12th (Arts and Humanities ) Class Students

Here is a glimpse of what CareerGuide.com has been awarded through the years for shaping 





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Frequently Ask Questions

Psychometric Test – Ideal Career test and Commerce Branch selector

Analysis on Stream Selection

Personalized Deep Dive on Career

Learn About Entrances & Colleges

Top Ten Career Fields in Arts and Humanities

1. Photographer

Do you enjoy taking pictures of people, things, or places? Perhaps you enjoy flipping around your camera and trying new angles and lighting techniques to capture an incredible picture? If so, you may consider becoming a photographer, a career in the arts. Depending on how far your passion and expertise go, you may even be qualified for TV, film, or production work.

2. Educator

Are you interested in teaching others? Do you love sharing new information and enhancing the learning experiences of students? If so, you may want to become an educator with a specialization in humanities and art fields of study, such as history, sociology, philosophy, or political science. Teachers at the elementary and secondary levels usually need a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license. College professors typically hold doctoral degrees, though some teachers at community colleges only have master’s degrees.

3. Editor

Do you have strong writing skills and a solid command of English grammar and syntax? If so, becoming an editor may be a wise choice. This liberal arts career requires proofreading and revising content for publishing houses, websites, blogs, newspapers, and magazines.

4. Graphic Designer

Do you love creating images on your computer to convey a message more effectively? If so, one of the jobs for art students is in graphic design, which allows you to combine art and technology. You may be hired to design images for books, magazines, movies, ads, or menus.

5. Fashion Designer

Another example of an art major job, fashion designers are responsible for creating clothing of all types, from everyday outfits to glamorous runway couture. In addition to drafting designs, these professionals might work to secure materials, fabricate clothing, and oversee other aspects of production.

6. Historian

Historians specialize in the past, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely important in contemporary life. In fact, historians play a vital role in all kinds of vibrant industries that rely on the analysis of society, politics, and culture. Many professionals work in museums, historical archives, libraries, and universities.

7. Musician

Maybe forming a band and moving to New York is a dream you gave up in your teens. Well, reawaken the dream! Regardless of your musical interests, there are options beyond playing coffeehouses for tips. Many musicians work with major media and entertainment firms, often performing behind the scenes and doing production work. Musicians may also teach others and perform at special events, such as weddings and professional conferences.

8. Writer

The writing craft takes many forms in the professional world. While it would be great to devote months to writing the Great American novel, most writers actually spend their time creating content for various print and multimedia publications. Some professionals also work as freelance writers, technical writers, or communications personnel in corporate settings.

9. Sociologist

Do you constantly think about how the world functions and how to better it? Do you enjoy studying human behavior and how society affects us? One of the ideal jobs for humanities majors is in sociology. Sociologists inform the public about an issue or implement changes in workplaces, governments, or communities. Sociologists who hold a doctoral degree can also teach at colleges and universities. Related career fields include social work and survey research.

10. Artist

There are many kinds of jobs for arts students, including those as an actual artist. Do you love creating pottery, paintings, sculptures, or other pieces of art? You might consider working as an artist either freelance or for a design-oriented organization. Some artists also teach at the elementary, secondary, or postsecondary levels.

We do not take returns at this time, as mentioned in our Agreement. Every purchase is final. All fees are non-refundable.

  • Service is delivered over video calls, phone calls and WhatsApp chats
  • You will get access to dedicated certified career expert
  • 1-4 video sessions with your counsellor
  • You will have access to your career counsellors no and WhatsApp to discuss
  • We will arrange Psychometric Assessments to look at specialization and branch selections
  • We will provide guidance on entrance exams for different colleges
  • We will shortlist ideal colleges – create lists of BEST FIT colleges on basis of preference
  • We will share about future opportunities and post graduate options and career prospects.

It costs only Rs. 10,000  you can also get some coupon discount and we will help you find the Best Career.

It costs only Rs. 10,000  you can also get some coupon discount and we will help you find the best college.

CareerGuide is India’s top leading organization. We received many awards like BWEducation under40, International Women’s Day Receipient -Tinder, ASU GSV Elite 200, and many more. We helped 1000s of students to get admission in the best college.


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