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Planning what to do after college has a significant impact on your immediate future as well as long-term goals. This decision gets difficult because there are several factors that impact it, such as interests, costs, opportunities etc. Planning a Post graduate degree from abroad involves a lot of careful consideration as students are now picking up a specialization in the field they want to make a career. Right from helping you find internships, formulating your resume to helping you ace admission in Top Universities, we do it all.

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Application Procedure for Master’s Courses

Profile Assessment

As a preliminary step, we conduct a Psychometric test for you as well as analyze your profile thoroughly to gauge your interests, aptitude and personality. Based on this, our counselors suggest the best possible career options for you. We decode you completely and based on your goals and aspirations, we help you make the best choice!

Course & Country Selection

Once we know what career path you are made for, we will help you choose the best courses in that field and assist you in selecting a country that has the most known for your profession. We keep in mind your budget, weather and location preferences and help you make the best decision.

Documentation Requirement & Timeline Building

Applying to a Top University abroad can have a whole lot of documentation requirements that need to be arranged by the student. Though this can be overwhelming, we will brief you about every document needed and help you arrange them. Our experts will also make a timeline for you to complete various tasks to ensure all your applications are done smoothly by the stipulated deadline.

Profile Building

Getting admission into a Top University is more than just getting good marks. Universities want the complete package and assess all parts of your profile.  After a thorough interaction with you, we will suggest the activities that are lacking in your profile and help you register yourself with an NGO to take up community service activities. We will further suggest extra courses, relevant projects and Internships that you can do to enhance your profile. The end result will be a strong activity resume that can make your application successful.

Essays, SOPs, LORs

Essays, Personal statements and Letters of recommendations are one of the most important part of the application process.  This is that part of your application which you have complete control over unlike your marks and test scores. It gives you a chance to express who YOU are. Our expert writers will sit with you, brain storm on the essay topics and personal statements and help you come up with a compelling write-up.

University Application

Filling the applications for so many Universities can be a tiring process, especially when you are gearing up for your class 12th boards. For each targeted university we help you sort the application requirements and even help you fill in the application forms should you desire. From application creation, filling to submission, we take care of it all.

Scholarship & Loan Assistance

Scholarships are offered on various considerations and a compelling case put forward succinctly through essays can surely win one. We thoroughly assist you through this maze and ease the process for you. We make special efforts to apply to as many scholarships as possible and also help you avail loans.

Visa Application


Just as we promised, we want to make your journey to your dream university a seamless and smooth process. Once you have achieved your Eureka moment with the letter of acceptance, the task is far from over. Obtaining the visa may be the last leg before you start this new chapter of your life but is one of the most crucial steps in the entire process. We know that you have not only trusted us with counseling for studies but also with your future. We will ensure that no documentation or requirement becomes daunting for you.

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Accommodation & Post Application Guidance


Lastly, we understand that leaving your home country and moving to a new place all by yourself can be a difficult. We will provide you assistance with selecting the right accommodation by connecting to other students and help you book your flights before you take off to chase your dreams.

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Aditya holds an MBA degree and is a Certified NLP practitioner. He utilizes Mentoring & Coaching approach in his conversation with participants.

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