Overview of M.B.A Courses in Europe

One of the biggest strengths of MBA programmes in Europe, even the ones that are specialized in a certain field, is that they provide a global perspective on business matters and the way you should manage any problem, business operation and ultimately help a company grow. Whether you want to focus your career in Europe, the U.S., or Asia, the knowledge that you gain at a European MBA is bound to give you the proper skills to successfully achieve any goal on a professional level. Basically, a European MBA prepares you for successful business in any international destination. Business schools in Europe usually have around 120 students in one year.

Requirements for M.B.A Courses in Europe

  • GMAT is prerequisite for ALL Top Business Schools in EUROPE while there are few Universities that don’t need GMAT.

  • Most Business Schools in EUROPE recommend a min. of 2-3 years of work experience for admission in MBA program.

  • Though some business schools may accept you without any work experience, preference will be given to candidates with work experience.

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with 70% +
  • Successful candidates are invited for an interview before the final selection.
  • Students will have to submit their essays, LOR, Predicted grades & Mark sheets of previous classes.

Counsellors For M.B.A Courses in Europe

Sakshi Mittal
Sakshi Mittal
An alumnus of University of Manchester and a Certified Career counsellor by UCLA, is spearheading the Study Abroad Division of CareerGuide.com
 Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi is an entrepreneur who is utilizing creativity, leadership and teamwork to design & execute CareerGuide.Com.
Aditya Sisodia
Aditya Sisodia
Aditya holds an MBA degree and is a Certified NLP practitioner. He utilizes Mentoring & Coaching approach in his conversation with participants.

Counselling Price for M.B.A Courses in Europe


  • Profile Evaluation&Psychometric Test
  • University & Course Shortlisting
  • Application Review(No Creation and Submission)
  • SOP , Essay Review & Editing
  • LOR Review & Editing
  • Activity Resume Editing


  • Everything in Bronze
  • Essay Brain Storming
  • LOR, SOP & Essay Preperationfrom Scratch
  • SOP & LOR CustomizationUniversity Wise
  • Application Review, Filling & Submission
  • Resume Preperation from Scratch
  • Interview Preperation
  • Visa Application Creation,Filling & Submission
  • Scholarship Guidance


  • Everything in Silver
  • Guidance on Profile Enhancement & Activity Planning
  • Linkedin Profile Creation and Review
  • Guidance on Internships andExtra-Courses
  • Counselling on Community Activity Services Indulgence
  • Connecting to Alumni of Top Universities
  • IELTS/TOEFLPreperation Materials
  • MBA Primers for Field of Specialisation

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