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Dear Toshifa,The Construction sector in India is the second largest economic activity after agriculture and provides employment to about 33 million people. The incremental human resource requirement by 2022 is expected to be about 47 million personnel.Please have a look at some popular career option under Building & Construction industry :Bar BenderConstruction WorkerMasonPlumberRoad WorkerWelderSupervisors ForemenCrane operators ElectriciansCarpenters

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Building and Construction is one of the most promising and fast growing sectors in the country. While Agriculture is the largest sector which provides largest number of jobs, construction stans second. It is a perception that Info.Tech or Banking or Retail is the second largest sector which provides jobs, but that is not true really.Today Building and Construction industry is facing huge shortage of managerial talent as well as the skill at the site level right from plumbing to project management. Therefore the Govt. of India has take initiative to build this skill level in the industry by off

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Hello There! It appears that you have chosen the wrong category of Food processing for your query, however I am glad that I came across this query and would be happy answer it. I am also glad that you approached for seeking guidance and clarifications for your query. Your query is definitely good and apt.Your query has already been excellently answered by Mr. Rahul Shinde, but would like to add some more information about another career option which is available and being demanded in building and construction industry.Building and Construction as you may know is very 'labour in

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