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Become Psychometric Assessor
Certification Course

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Skill Level

50:00+ h







CareerGuide’s  Career Counsellor Certification Course in ‘Psychometric Assessments’ is a 50+ hours, self-paced online Career Counsellor Certification course with lifetime access. Psychometric Assessment course will focus on concepts, theory and application of behavioral measurement tools for intelligence, interest, aptitude, and personality etc. The curriculum will be offered with the help of different Case Studies, Scenarios, FAQs & Quizzes. The program has everything to make you an effective career counsellor.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Learning Path

  1. Introduction – MasterClass to become Certified Psychometric Professional.
  1. Introduction – History Of Psychometric Test
  2. Reference Video – History of Psychometric Tests

Quiz – History of Psychometric Test 

  1. Why Use Psychometric Test in Career Guidance 

1. Introduction – How Psychometric tests are designed

2. Designing and Scoring of Psychometric Career Assessments by Dr. Sarita Sahini

3. Standardisation of Psychometric Career Assessment by Dr. Sarita sahini.

Quiz – How Psychometric Tests are Designed 

1. Instructions while taking Psychometric Assessments 

  1. Introduction – Different types of Psychometric Career Assessment
  2. Overview of Psychometric Career Assessments.
  3. Use Psychometric Tests and Sample Report

Quiz – Different types of Psychometric tests

1. Limitations and Ethics in Psychometric Assessments 

  1. Decoding – Interest : Aptitude & Psychometric Results 

Quiz – Decoding – interest: Aptitude & Psychometric Results

  1. Introduction – Group Discussion On Psychometric Assessment
  2. Case Study : Discussion Psychometric Assessment

1. Different Types of Psychometric Tests in the market ( DMIT – Pros & Cons Other assessments – other scales )

  1. Introduction – Ideal Career Test
  2. Ideal Career Test for Students
  3. Introduction to Live cohort explanation of Ideal Career Test
  4. Live cohort explanation of Ideal Career Test
  5. Ideal Career Test™ Must Have Tool For Career Switch and Change
  6. Manual Ideal Career Test
  7. Download FAQs asked for Psychometric Tests
  8. Ideal Career Test FAQ’s

Quiz – Ideal Career Test

1. Ideal Career Test : Case Studies Intro by Surabhi
2. CASE 1: Explanation of Psychometric Report ( Ideal Career Test ) on a Student : Ishita: Class 12th
3. CASE 2:  Explanation of Psychometric Report on a Student ( Aiyna Ideal Career Test ) : Class 12th
4. Case Study for several Student with Counsellor Divya & Sushi for some school students from 3rd Hour

  1. Reference Video : How To Take Psychometric Test – Stream Selector Test
  2. Reference Video : How To Give Ideal Career Test

Quiz – How to give Career Test

1. Overview – Engineering Branch Selector

2. Engineering Branch Selector : How to Analyse

3. Case Study : Engineering Branch Selector ( Student )

4.Engineering Branch Selector Test Manual

5. Engineering Branch Selector FAQ’s

Quiz – Engineering branch selector


1. Introduction – Stream selector Test

2. Stream Selector Psychometric Test for Class 10th Manual

3. Demo Presentation for 10th Class  School Counselling and Stream Selector Presentations.

4.Introduction – Case Study Students Stream Selector

5. Case Study for Class 10th

6. FAQs for Stream Selector Psychometric Test for Class 10th

Quiz – Stream Selector test Psychometric Test for Counsellors

  1. How To Take Psychometric Test – Stream Selector Test (With Coupon Code)
  2. Integration Of Stream Selector Test In Third Party Website

Quiz – Reference Material for Stream Selector Psychometric Test

  1. Humanities Career Selector Psychometric Test Manual Introduction
  2. Humanities Career Selector Psychometric Test Manual
  3. Humanities Psychometric Test Report
  4. Humanities Career Selector Faq’s

Quiz – Humanities Career Selector


  1. Introduction – Commerce Career Selector
  2. Commerce Career Selector Psychometric Test Manual 
  3. Commerce Career selector Test Report
  4. Commerce career selector FAQs

Quiz – Commerc career Selector Test

  1. Introduction – Psychometric career tools for Working Professionals
  2. Know Your Professional Skills – Take Assessment
  3. Professional Skill Index FAQ’s

Quiz- Professional Skill Index

  1. Skill Based Test for Class 9th  PPT
  2. Demo Presentation For 8-12 School students
  3. Skill Based Career Test FAQ’s
  1. CareerGuide How to Use CareerGuide’s Psychometric Assessment’s Introduction and Playlists

1. Conclusion Presentation with Dr Sarita Surabhi

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Instructors of Become Psychometric Assessor

Surabhi Dewra

Founder of CareerGuide, Entrepreneur

Surabhi Dewra

Surabhi Dewra is one of the leading Indian women entrepreneurs. She has been featured amongst the top 25 powerful women in India and has received a lot of other awards including the recent ‘50 Fabulous Global Edutech Leader’ award & 40 Under 40 Education Leader award by Business World .

Surabhi makes regular appearances on national and international TV and Print media to discuss Career, Education, Women in Leadership and Economy related topics. She is on the panel of various Government of India Ministry bodies to setup policy framework around Career Guidance and Counselling in the country.

Dr Sarita Sahni


Sarita Sahni Mam (1)

Sarita holds a PhD in Psychology. She is the Supervisory Psychologist for MENSA, UAE, Certified MBTI Practitioner from American Management Association, USA and SEI Coach certified from 6Seconds, USA, for EQ and (Emotional Intelligence) and 360° feedbacks. She is one of the Editors of the American Journal of Applied Psychology and an Advisory Board member of an International Conference.

She has comprehensive management experience in Recruitment, Education, Training, Assessment, Career Crafting, Coaching and Mentoring, and Organizational Development spread over years.

She has been awarded CMO’s Asia’s Education Excellence Award: “Education Leadership Award, 2016”. She has been keynote speaker, panelist and workshop conductor on international conferences, and proficiently conducted workshops for faculty, staff and students for personal and professional development in U.A.Es culturally diverse environment. She is now working on developing best practices guidelines for outcome-based teaching, competencies development, assessments and a learning management system that is compliant with international quality assurance practices.

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