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Power-up the Growth of your Career Counselling Business Today!


We become your technology team to set your CareerGuidance setup.


We give you access to30+ different Career Psychometric Assessments


We connect you to Career counsellors for 12 different countries

" You Can Too!"

Just like 1000s of Career Counsellors who have accelerated their Career with help of
services from CareerGuide

Know what our Career Counsellor
Society looks like

CareerGuide works for a cause – To help the students identifying their interests and guide them towards bright career opportunities. The organization exercises cutting edge methodologies in designing the career roadmap of the students. Unfortunately in India, people don’t choose their careers; they are engulfed by them. This is one reality that CareerGuide aspires to change through its innovative approach.

"12 Benefits and Services in
Power Up Program"

We provide you with uncountable benefits and services to help you be the best out of the bestest. Take our easy to use Psychometric Tests and build online reputation. Guide the students on our CareerGuide app, Earn with us, Get a personalized dashboard to keep track of your students and earnings. Use powerful knowledge resources like our career libraries and college libraries abroad. Get technology resources and bundle of 6 certification courses. Join our Community.


Build A Powerful presence as a
Career Counsellor

Build A Powerful presence as a Career Counsellor and elp people find the perfect and ideal career for them


Get a Technology Partner

Technology partnerships exist to help organizations implement and optimize their technical systems


Get More Business Opportunities

Open doors to thousands of More and exciting Business Opportunities


Connect to Career Counsellors Across the World

Connect to Counsellors Across the World and build a network to gain expertise in the field


Get Complimentary Psychometric Assessments

Get Complimentary Psychometric Assessments to help you gain skills and achieve excellence in the field of career Counselling


Bundle of 6 Certification Course

Learn all of the Skills Required In Today's World as an Experienced Career Counsellor


Get Minimum Business Guarantee

Get Minimum Business Guarantee and start your journey with us


21st century Life Skill Assessment (100 lisence)

Get Life Skill Assessment from
1 to 12 & Working Progress


Fortnight - Monthly calls for tracking progress

Fortnight - Monthly calls for tracking your progress continously


Have a team to help sell for you

Have an experienced and skilled team to help sell for you to increase reach


Have ready made Presentation, Logos and Checklists

Have ready made Presentations and logos to aid you in your Craeer Counselling process


Get all the Knowledge Resources needed- Career, Colleges

Get all the Knowledge Resources needed regarding Careers, Colleges, etc

Challenges faced in Starting Up

    •  Parents’ high expectations from students, changing the mindset during post-secondary education, student forced to pursue a career of his/her dislike can lead to a lower self-esteem of the student and the situation becomes, even more, worst when the student fails to figure out a right path or fails to meet the expectations of surroundings.
    • Students don’t know what exactly career counselling is. Career counsellors’ first step is to convince them on how it will be beneficial what their work is and what all to expect from career counselling.
      • In several countries, there are certain restrictions from the Education departments on who can provide career counselling and who cannot. this is mainly based on the degress, however, there are numerous career counsellors who are working for several years but without a license. For better assessment of someone’s life, they have to go through advanced psychological and sociological training.
    • Counsellors often face difficulties with communication when parents are not ready or are too caring for the child.

Who should POWER-UP?

Have a look at what we have to offer

Get to know more about our product and start your journey with us today!

What's Included!

Power package for Counsellors
  • Minimum Business Guarantee per year
  • Available at 0% No cost EMI

What's Included!

Certification course for Counsellors
  • End - End Business Support for 1 year
  • Available at 0% No cost EMI

What's Included!

Certification course for Counsellors
  • 6 Certification course
  • become a Master CareerGuide with lifetime access
  • Available at 0% No cost EMI
Career Guidance & Counselling

Who should POWER-UP?

"Need for Career Counsellors is Fierce in this Growing Economy"


“Indian Government has launched National Career Service in 2015 which has been supported by Ministry of Labour and Employment focusing on skill development, vocational training, and career counselling and employment generation. It is one of the modular systems that have been placed in the ecosystem to reach out to the masses in need of career counselling.”

The major challenge is a population which comprises of 315 million students and double the professionals. In contrast, there are very few career counsellors available in the country which renders all the efforts useless.

Private practice of career counselling is more readily available in the country but the ratio of availability of career counsellor to the number of students is shockingly less i.e. 1:20,000 which is nowhere close to the global standard. Also, the availability is there in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities only.

List of Services  

Become a Master Career guide!

Set up your own Career Counselling Practice with
end-end help.


Surabhi Tandi2

Career Counsellor

Success Stories

We helped many get on fast track. They can become your inspiration. 

Diksha Puri

saying something about CareerGuide
Sneha Rao
saying something about CareerGuide

Most Respected Career Counsellors
are part of Career Guide's Community

Get to know our Career counsellors closer and better and start your journey to success and growth with us.

Surabhi Tandi2
“We at CareerGuide.com realise that career counselling can enhance ‘students’ awareness towards their career goals and make them confident about how to achieve them. We have worked with more than 100 schools in different states of the country and have never met any teacher who found career counselling as a waste of time. However, there is high need of drive to be pushed within the country in order to bring. career counselling a topic of major concern.”

How is Service Delivered

Let us help you give the right direction to your students


Our Career Counsellor Network is

Trusted By Thousands Of Career Counsellors

Here is a glimpse of what CareerGuide.com has been awarded through the years for shaping 





International Women's Day Receipient -Tinder


ASU GSV Elite 200

Imresizer (4)

CEO with HR Orientation Award

Imresizer (4)

50 Fabulous Edutech Leaders - World Education Congress


Indian Education Award


FAME INDIA 25 Powerful Women Award

Imresizer (8)

BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Award

Imresizer (8)

Action For India Award

Imresizer (8)

Digital Women Award - SheTheTv


Microsoft Technology Excellence Award


National Education Excellence Award

Imresizer (5)

Assocham India Award

Imresizer (5)

Your Story 40 Women Entrepreneur

So what are you waiting for?




Students Helped


Psychometrics done


Career Counsellors


Geographic Reach

“We help you Learn, Network, Grow, Develop and earn”

Did You Know?

Career counselling Map Stats
The largest population of students actually reside in the Asian countries, still, the career counselling services are strikingly poorly available in this region. At the current time, in order to give a boost to the education efforts that these countries are taking to remain at par with the developed nations, it is necessary to spend over career counselling and provide a right path to the youth and working professionals. Right guidance for the career can help the students to waste their precious time on the wrong choices and set their career goals well in advance
Screenshot (867)
It is surprising to see that student literacy rate in India is as low as 69% while other countries have the rate above 80%. Such low literacy rate demands serious efforts from the government of the country. Career Counselling can prove to be highly effective in such a situation by motivating students and their parents to pursue education and set career goals.

“It has been estimated through studies that career counseling
can improve drop-out rate at school level by at least 62% in
a developing nation and by 35% in a developed nation.”

Have a look at what we have to offer

Get to know more about our product and start your journey with us today!

Snapshot of Technology Platform for Career Counsellor

Psychometric Career Assessments
Counsellor Dashboard1

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Free Psychometric Assessments
  • Build an online reputation by providing job assistance and a minimum annual business guarantee!
  • Personalized Counselor Dashboard – keep track of everything!
  • Website Development
  • Use of the Career Library
  • Access to the most up-to-date College Directory in India and abroad
  • Courses for free certification
  • Belonging to a community (invaluable peer support!)

There are 12 benefits

BENEFIT 1: Build A Powerful presence as a Career Counsellor.

BENEFIT 2: Get a Technology Partner.

BENEFIT 3: Get More Business Opportunities.

BENEFIT 4: Connect to Career Counsellors Across the World.

BENNEFIT 5: Get Complimentary Psychometric Assessments.

BENEFIT 6: Certification course.

BENEFIT 7: Get a minimum business guarantee.

BENEFIT 8: Get a 21st-century skill assessment.

BENEFIT 9: Make a respectful and online credible presence.

BENEFIT 10: Have a team to help sell for you.

BENEFIT 11: Have a ready-made Presentation and Logos.

BENEFIT 12: Get all the Knowledge Resources needed-Career colleges.

There are 6 courses available on a Master Program:

  • Get certification to boost your counselling practice
  • Course for Guiding School & College Students
  • Courses for Guiding Working Professionals
  • Courses for Study Abroad Guidance
  • Courses for Branding and Sales for Career Counsellors
  • Certified Psychometric professional

It costs only 1.5 lakhs, you can also get some coupon discounts and we give business support for one year with certificates for lifetime validation like other diploma courses, psychometric assessments, technology support, revenue support, and community support.

All of the CareerGuide’s power up package courses are now in English. English captions will be available for a couple of the courses.

We do not take returns at this time, as mentioned in our Agreement. Every purchase is final. All fees are non-refundable.

No, at a time only one user can take all the benefits and services.

  • Weekly – Monthly Calls for tracking your progress
  • Ready-made Presentation & Video Workshops available
  • Logo – Business card
  • Mock sessions and Paid Projects will be given
  • Dedicated account manager
  • White Labelled Solution
  • Zero annual maintenance
  • Step by Step guidance and review
  • Sales Pitches and webinars will be done jointly

Yes, EMI is available for 3 months to 15 months.

CareerGuide is India’s top leading organization. We received many awards like BWEducation under40, International Women’s Day Receipient -Tinder,ASU GSV Elite 200, and many more. We give business support for one year with certificates for lifetime validation like other diploma courses, psychometric assessments, technology support, revenue support, and community support. To enroll with us and Power-up the Growth of your Career Counselling Business Today!


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