DearWelcome to CareerGuide.comWe are more than happy to help you choose the right career path.Great to see you here. I like to speak to people with different outlook and you do have a different outlook. Organized retail sector is growing at the rate of over 200% a year and by the end of 2016 the inflow should be around 47 lakh crores as per Nasscom. You are really looking into a bright future.A floor manager is the person who is responsible for the floor in which he works in the retail store. He has to manage the people on that floor,lead them, facilitate decent sale volume, motivate the team

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Hi Friend,Its good to know that you are raising your concerns related to your career here on MCG. An dlet me assure you that you are on the right direction.Let me brief you with you what is customer service and customer relationship for you as an employee and for companies as an employers. Almost for every company customer service department is the bread and butter along with the back bone of any company. Because this is the department which interacts with the client directly and get the feed back of the client or gets the feed back from the client based on the services they have provided. And

Dear Aspirant Welcome to CareerGuide We are more than happy to guide you for a proper career. You are really thinking different. I am thrilled to speak to such a different person who thinks different. Nice meeting you. [Retail sector][1] is very vast and there are ample opportunities. In India, the retail sector is not yet flourished and that is a shining career path to you. Till now, in India, retail area were totally controlled by small scale retailers who were available in every nook and corner of the country. They act as the last link between the customer and manufacturer in the mark

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Dear Career Aspirant, Thanks for writing to us! In govt., there are two types of jobs: 1. Contractual and, 2. Permanent. You can get contractual in your domain of education, and job experience. Contractual jobs are temloraty with fixed salary or renumeration. You don't get pension benefit here. For permanent jobs, you need to either appear for competitive exams such as upsc departmental exams or direct recruitment. Minimum qualification for appearing in competitive exam is graduation with 55% in any discipline. If you have are looking for contractual jobs then better you Continue your work

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Dear aspirant, The retail industry has businesses such as departmental stores, shopping malls and brand outlets. Retail outlets are professionally managed and involve on-floor display, sales, inventory, storage and sales promotions of products. Retail marketing involves: Sourcing and procurement, Merchandising, Supply chain management, Store Operations, Product development, Promotion, Pricing, Distribution to retail outlets, Marketing, Finance, HR and IT operations as part of the support services. Skills required: Dynamic attitude Personal commitment and passion An aptitude for figures, mer

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Dear Career Aspirant, Thanks for writing to us! Well, I am sure answers from two career experts have provided useful insights. Natural career progression after BBA is MBA in your preferred speciization from premier institution. I have three recommendations: 1. Take up Ideal Career Test to understand potential career field for higher studies and prepare career plan with the help of career experts. You can take help of career experts from 2. Continue job or change job in your preferred industry as per your interest 3. Take up masters course through distance mode based

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The entry into government Foreign services are possible through Civil Service exam or through SSC exam. and the eligibility for these exams are to pass graduation with 3rd class degree. So you can appear for the respective exams and qualify for your dreaming career. Best Wishes. 

Moving on a defined career path is what a youth wants. A career path with job security as well as fulfill their desires by earning a handsome salary. The world keeps on changing its pace, India evolves with it. A consumer is highly knowledgeable and experienced where he is more demanding. The retail industry has a unique impact on the daily lives of a consumer. Now a days, a street hawker becomes the tremendous businessman with its brand name. It has his line of potential and loyal customers who build the way for a business to grow. Such fast pace of the world in hard to match with and is high

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Dear Vaibhav,A department store recruits one person for every 200 sq. ft, specialty retailers employ four people per 100 sq. ft. and a hypermarket will have one person per 300 sq. ft. Human resource requirement would increase from current levels of about 0.3 million to about 17.6 million by 2022, an employment opportunity to about 17.3 million persons.Please have a look at some popular career option under Organised Retail industry :Retail CashierCounter sales ExecutivesCustomer Service AssistantFloor ManagersOnline shopping process managerRetail CoordinatorRetail sales executiveSales Assistant

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