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That might help you in feeling better about yourself but the recommendations and observations about you will not change much. I will explain why. The Ideal Career Test has been designed as a friendly reflector that is least interested in your memorization capacity or problem-solving speed. The ICT is more like a face to face interaction. It is easy-paced and is focused on giving every candidate a fair chance to express their feelings and basic capabilities. If you try to master this test by taking it twice or thrice or rush through it quickly, you will defeat the purpose of taking up this tes

Your observation and anxiety are natural. Generally, you will find a standard test being offered irrespective of the specific doubt or presenting issue highlighted by the student and/or her/his family. We, on the other hand, strongly believe that the context in which a student is taking a psychometric test is extremely important before choosing an appropriate psychometric test. A standard test cannot cater to the diverse needs of the student population.  Choosing a course after 12th is completely different from deciding on an apt branch of engineering and both these situations are distinc

You are really fortunate to have someone so close in your network who can candidly talk to you about career paths. In case you have discussed the idea of a psychometric test with him, he must have asked you to be careful about your expectations from a psychometric test claiming to find out the ideal career for you. The name, I agree, is a bit misleading. This test is more of a structure & direction provider rather than a magic wand that will grant whatever you wish for. The fact that many people, like your friend’s elder brother, in the past two decades never underwent any psychomet

Yes, this happens very frequently because the occupational database and range of sections covered by tests vary widely. But there is no need to worry. In my view, you should consider all the options when you are debating it out with Parents & your Counselor. The one thing you should cross-check in the two reports is the list of observations about your motivators, aptitude, interests and personality type. In case there are some contradictions in that do bring it up in your discussion with your Counselor. Another factor that leads to a variation in suggested career is the segments covered in

Your observation about the Ideal Career Test’s recommendation is pretty accurate. Also, it is natural to feel a bit dejected when you are desperately looking for a clear answer to “What should I do next?” and you receive a bunch of broad directions. What you need now is a series of discussions with your Parents, other good wishes, and my personal recommendation will be to talk to a qualified Counselor who can help you arrive at a decision. The Ideal Career Test has been designed to create a boundary with well-structured information about you as an individual and the top 3 fi