I m pursuing btech in chemical engineering and presently i m in 4 year. i have filled form for phd in maths. should i give exams or not and should i do phd or not

i m in great dilema about doing this phd as engineering and phd are two differnt worlds

by Swati.swatigupta.gupta
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2 answers

RE: I m pursuing btech in chemical engineering and presently i m in 4 year. i have filled form for phd in maths. should i give exams or not and should i do phd or not

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
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Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

Chemical Engineering is one of the best and challenging engineering streams of all. Today pharmacy and chemical industries are one of the most innovative ones and their importance has been growing years after years now.

I am thank ful to you for approaching the right career platform of CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and advice for your career concern and confusion. I am sure that the experts here will be able to guide you appropriately.

Reading your query I can feel that you are very much confused or may be some one has confused you. Having a career confusion is a common phenomena and there is nothing wrong it. So you need not get worried or tensed.

PhD in Maths:

I understand that you are in the fourth year of chemical engineering that is the last year of engineering and you say that you have filled for PhD in Maths. Firstly I would like to understand this aspect.

How did that concerned Institute or University allow you to fill up for PhD in Maths? The reason is you are not a graduate still and for doing a PhD in any subject the eligibility is Masters degree in any subject. Since you not yet completed your graduation I am sorry you cannot be eligibile for PhD. I hope you know that PhD means Doctor of Philosophy and Doctorate can be done only when a person is first a masters degree holder. I am sorry, but you have filled the form by mistake and your form will not get accepted.

Based on your Chemical Engineering graduation and may be post graduation, you will not be eligible for PhD in Maths.

Firstly PhD in Maths will not be useful to you considering your chemical engineering background however if you do PhD after doing your Masters degree in chemical engineering, then PhD in Chemical Engineering will be very appropriate.

Doing a Phd in engineering field is definitely good and not every body goes for a PhD. Doing PhD is wonderful thing in the academic world and also beneficial for getting good jobs in research and development departments of corporates.

If you wish to work in companies, PhD will be useful only if you wish to work in Research & Development departments of chemical industry.

If you want to come into education and teaching field, then PhD will be highly important for the long term.

All the Best!

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RE: I m pursuing btech in chemical engineering and presently i m in 4 year. i have filled form for phd in maths. should i give exams or not and should i do phd or not

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
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I should definitely appreciate you for your thought of studying a PhD in future. PhD is a huge commitment unlike other degrees. Because it is a crucial in-depth research subject where you are conducting the research in a specific element of the whole subject. To be honest, PhD is not studying it is researching, which means unless you are an expert in a particular topic of your interest, you cannot research a PhD.

Reading up your query I understand you are going to be a B.Tech Chemical engineering graduate. I would like to clarify that being a Btech holder you are definitely eligible to apply for a PhD, and also please be informed that only IIT institutes in India accept PhD applications from candidates with a bachelors degree background. However, the other universities in India definitely demand students to have studied a two year masters degree to be eligible to apply for a PhD.

I would also like to clarify that as you are studying a chemical engineering subject, you are only eligible to apply for a PhD Chemical engineering and not in any other subject like maths or others. It is a strict rule in India that you can only do a PhD in the subject that you have studied in your bachelors degree.

I shall explain on how to progress to studying this PhD degree. You first need to complete this BTech chemical engineering degree. After completing BTech, you can directly apply for a PhD chemical engineering at any of the IIT's. To study at IIT, you should have appeared for the GATE exam conduectd by the IIT schools in India. If you obtain a top rank in GATE, and then you are eligible to attend counselling by IIT institutes, then based on your performance in interview and written test you are given a PhD place to study with them.

If you do not want to study at IIT for a PhD, after a BTech, then it is very compulsory for you to study a MTech chemical engineering. However you can study an MTech and then also do a PhD at the IIT. But a sooner route is applying for a PhD at IIT after the B.Tech. As said if you want to do a PhD other than IITs, then you need to obtain minimum 60% in your masters degree. After this masters you should write and qualify GATE exam if you want to do a PhD at the IIT, or write UGC NET exam if you want to study anywhere other than the IIT. You can also write UGC JRF exam and with this test you are eligible to get monthly stipends through out your PhD program.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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RE: I m pursuing btech in chemical engineering and presently i m in 4 year. i have filled form for phd in maths. should i give exams or not and should i do phd or not

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