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I am really confused about choosing the institute for diploma in interiors for one year. Apeejay institue of desing or IVS academy of design

apeejay has brand value whereas IVS doesn't since its not so old but has strong architectural background and promises of quality. Apeejay has face value in terms of infrastucture with no solid background of design. which one to from

by Pooja Lall
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RE: I am really confused about choosing the institute for diploma in interiors for one year. Apeejay institue of desing or IVS academy of design

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I can reely make out how much confused you must be in choosing between the two colleges and i can really empathize with you.
Before you think of any college do consider some of the following points:
  1. Course Content
  2. Faculty
  3. Placements
Though Infrastructure is important and plays a vital role in attracting many students but it is only one part of it.
The end result is your knowledge and skills that you will get only in a college that has good faculty.
I would suggest you to visit the college website and see the curriculum and what they have to offer to you and also visit the institute and meet the faculty members if possible and discuss with them.
Also ask them about the placement of the college and see where you will get a job.
After doing all the research then decide where you want to take admission.
Also do not simply go by the name and reputation of a college but see how you will be benefited once you take admission there.
Also if possible discuss with people with students who have already studied from there as they will give you the exact report of the college.
Though both colleges seem to be good enough but do take all the things into consideration before you apply.
Best Wishes!

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