I want to know different courses after 12?

My query is what else I can do ater 12 istead of doing b.tech ,and frankly speaking I do not have must interest in physics and chem but I love maths but without this subject I cant do engeneering so can u please help me to find me good courses and I also have interest in drawing making car design and etc ? so help me out please

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3 answers

RE: I want to know different courses after 12?

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
Verified Career Expert
FreeLancer Academic and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • Kalyan


Its good that you are clear about what interests you and what not? As per your interest areas there are numerous options open :

A career in mathematical sciences opens up to many mathematically oriented fields such as statistics, accounting , banking and finances, etc. You should enjoy working with numbers and solving problems, and should be able to think abstractly as well as concretely. You can go for a diploma, then bachelors and then masters in applied mathematics, applied statistics, pure mathematics etc. Then after you can apply for fellowships at Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research etc.and others worldwide or you can even go for UPSC ISS Indian Statistical Services etc.

Now , let us come to your interests in design. Designers organize and design articles , products, equipment , material etc in such a way that it serves the intended purpose as well as becomes visually appealing. Your drawing and creative capacities can be well utilized over here. A career in design opens up to product, ceramic, Furniture, Automobile, Visual communication,Advertisement, Textileand apparel and even manymore. The courses are offered by prestigious and premiere institutes like IIT Mumbai, National Institute Of Design Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Crafts and Design Jaipur, Centre of Electronic Design and Tech of India Mohali etc.

However I would suggest you to go through the psychometric testing services provided by the CareerGuide.com and the reports will help you exactly find out what are your strengths that you can count upon, out of your varied interests.Go for these services and personalized reports will help you definitely.

Hope this would help you to decide better and you have a wonderful career .

All the best.

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RE: I want to know different courses after 12?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at meracareerguide. I appreciate your self analysis at this age, you have well thought what you like, what are your strengths and weakness at this age. All you are confused is what subjects will suit for your strengths, do not worry we are here to help you in this query.

You have mentioned interest in maths and designing. Please dont think that you will study physics and chemistry in your BTech. It depends what subejct you chose as part of your BTech. For example, if you choose BTech chemical engineering then you will study chemistry in depth throughout your BTech course and a little bit of biology. Suppose say you choose BTech mechanical engineering then you will study physics, maths and mechanical concepts in depth. Like this way you should choose carefully what engineering subject will require your strength skills.

I can advice you three courses but it depends certainly on your individual interest to choose one of them and both these courses equally require maths and drawing.
1. BTech Automobile engineering and design
Yes, you can choose to study automobile engineering and design course at BTech level. This course will give you options to learn CAD designing and in this you have options to draw designs for various auto mobiles like car, buses and many other vehicles. If you choose to specialise in designing you can get this dream job of yours but CAD is an important aspect of this design course. To study this course, you need maths, physics and chemistry compulsorily until 12th level. But dont worry you wont study chemistry and physics in this btech course and you will only learn about auto mobiles, maths and drawing all together.

2. B.Des. Design (Furniture/ interior design)
This course also requires maths and drawing skills and as part of the course you will draw design for furnitures and interior works. It is an intense drawing course with a little numerical aptitude in maths. This can be your next option.

Finally this BArch course is known very much for its drawing. and you will do drawings for building interior and exterior elevations. It also requires maths and good understanding of angles.

All the three courses will suit you and they equally require maths and drawing skills.

RE: I want to know different courses after 12?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Good that you have highlighted your interests in your query. As you have indicated that you are interested in drawing, you can certainly choose the following courses.
1. B.Tech/ B.Des. Fashion designing:You can study Fashion designing course as this course requires superior drawing and creative thinking skills. It specialises in designing attires, ethnic, traditional and modern. You will use both free hand drawing on drawing sheets and as well draw using specialised software to design clothes. This is an attractive and glamorous industry with high recognisability and earning potential.

2. B.Tech/ B.Des. Textile design: This is almost similar to fashion designing but you wont often work on trendy projects as fashion designing students work. You will be often based at large scale/ industrial level cloth manufacturing companies and will be responsible for drawing designs over it. You can also specialise in ethnic clothing design or silk sari designs.

3. B.Tech/ B.Des. Furniture design: This is an intense drawing and creative thinking course. As a part of the course you will learn about designing and manufacturing furnitures. You will study about the material, color and designs to be used on a furniture. To design the furniture, you will most often use specialised graphic software.

4. B.Arch: Bachelor of architecture: As you have indicated your interest on maths and drawing, this should be ideal for you. It is a five year degree and you will only specialise in drawing designs, both traditional and contemporary for residential and commercial building projects. This again is a creative course that requires you to make creative designs on computer aided software.

5. B.Des. Interior design: This course is restricted to designing only on the interiors of a house/ room/ or even a hotel or a hospital. It requires creative thinking, good knowledge on colors, textures while designing interiors. This field is growing well and has got enormous potential.

6. BSc Computer science with animation: If you have a flair love for designing and also little interest in computers, then this subject may suit you. You will mainly learn animation techniques and how to create them on computers. Completing this degree you can also get employed at gaming companies that requires animators. One such very famous company employing the animators is the Zynga. You can also seek jobs with play station manufacturers.

7. BSc Multimedia, graphic design and web design: This again requires a flair interest in general designing. As a part of this degree you can work in multimedia, graphics and web designers. Web designers earn pretty well in the present years and they can also work as a freelancer.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: I want to know different courses after 12?

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