Please give me the list of top career counsellors in Latur or nearby area?

Hi, I want to take career advice from a career counsellor in Latur, could you please provide me the list of top career counsellors in Latur or near by?

by Cdunita234
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RE: Please give me the list of top career counsellors in Latur or nearby area?

Divya Dutta
Divya Dutta
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Career Consultant at StepAhead
  • Noida

Dear Cdunita234,

Here are the list of top career counsellors in Latur or nearby :

  • Kashinath Kapte
    Career Counselor and Director at Yuvaskills

    About Kashinath Kapte :
    Mr kashinath had been associated with the field of Entrepreneurship from Last two Decades. He had done ToT of Village Level Entrepreneurs organized by Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and IF and FS at IIM Ahmedabad. He is also a Accredited Trainer of ( National Institute of Entrepreneurshi...Read More
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  • Rohit Gala
    Managing Director & Counselor at Svastrino

    About Rohit Gala :
    Mr Rohit is a postgraduate in Sociology and Anthropology and had also done Diploma in Counseling, Child, Life, Family, Relation, Marriage, Stress and Anger, Personality Development and Human Mentality. Skills and Expertise include Career Counseling, Business Intelligence, Management Consulting, Team...Read More
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  • Nilesh Gore
    Career Counselor

    About Nilesh Gore :
    Mr. Nilesh is a coach and trainer at The Success and Wellness institute. He had been into education management sector for a quite a long time now He holds experience in fields like Soft skills training, Training and development, Personality development, communication skills, Career Counseling, Caree...Read More
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  • Capt. Tanuja Kabre
    Founder and owner at Self Image Institute of Career In Defense Service

    About Capt. Tanuja Kabre :
    A thorough professinal, dedicated, motivated individual, served in the Indian Army as an officer at various locations... Running an institute for those who aspire to join the 'Indian Armed Forces' and want be a Winner for life!!Read More

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  • Tirupati Naik
    Owner at Parametric Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    About Tirupati Naik :
    Corporate Training & Consulting in CAD/CAM/CNC, AutoCAD, ProE,Creao, Business Development Entrepreneurship Business Planning Management Consulting Leadership Development Business Coaching Life Coaching Corporate Training Customise Training for... SWOT analysis Training, CoachingRead More

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  • Bella Arora
    Counselor, Trainer/Coach at Arora's Career Counseling Centre

    About Bella Arora :
    Ms. Bella Arora is a Convent Educated, postgraduate in Law (LL.M.), Criminology and Family Law .She is a Counselor, Trainer and Life Coach. She specializes in Career Counseling, Educational Counseling and Personality development. She counsels School/College students, undergraduates/postgraduates, wo...Read More
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  • Aditi Patil
    Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Life skills, Seminars

    About Aditi Patil :
    I, have completed my masters in Counselling psychology along with MA Honors. I also received the Best Student award at the post graduate level.I believe in offering the service unconditionally and by being non-judgmental. I also believe that as a Counselling psychologist one should enter the client...Read More

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  • Manoj Patki
    Education Consultant

    About Manoj Patki :
    Mr Manoj is a Director of Staar United Inc through his venture he is committed to provide counseling and guidance in the field of education and employment. He has successfully guided thousands of students and professionals for an educational and employment opportunities in India and abroad. He is al...Read More
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  • Nitin Sadubattula
    Director at Open AiR Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    About Nitin Sadubattula :
    My mission behind forming the Open AiR Training Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as a Training and Development Company is to enable and enlighten the following key differentiators in individuals and organizations: 1. Education 2. Employment 3. Entrepreneurship Leverage me for your career development.Read More

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  • Jayanti Ghose
    Career and Education Consultant

    About Jayanti Ghose :
    Ms. Jayanti is a Career and Education Consultant. Her research in the area of Career Counseling and Guidance covers almost three decades of this field. She specializes in an individual and group counseling. As one of the most prolific writers on careers, she contributes to most of the top national ...Read More
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  • Kinjal Vira
    Counseling Psychologist

    About Kinjal Vira :
    Ms. Kinjal is a postgraduate in Counseling Psychology currently she is working as a counselor at santulan and a part time French Language trainer. She has participated in several workshops on Life Skills Training at NAB She has also done a course on Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. Her work exper...Read More
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More Career Counsellors from Latur

RE: Please give me the list of top career counsellors in Latur or nearby area?

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