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What are the courses available in Chaitanya Engineering College, Bhimavaram

Hi, I want to take admission in Chaitanya Engineering College, Bhimavaram, Can you please provide me complete details on what all are the course available in Chaitanya Engineering College, Bhimavaram. Please also let me know complete details about their eligibility criteria, duration of the courses, what will be the mode of course? - Is it full time or part time or regular course?, what is the fees?, how many numbers of seats available? Etc.

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RE: What are the courses available in Chaitanya Engineering College, Bhimavaram

Saurabh Surve
Saurabh Surve
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Dear shavana,

Let me share all the courses offered by Chaitanya Engineering College, Bhimavaram and its details, please find the information of the same mentioned below:

1. Chaitanya Engineering College, Bhimavaram offers a Full time PG Level MBA course

This is a PG level MBA programme. This MBA programme is of 2 years duration. This is a Full time programme.

You can find more information like institute details, course information, location maps, interviews, admission processes, college’s video, news etc. by visiting Amity University, Lucknow Institute details page here:

Yours truly,

Saurabh Surve

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