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What exactly does a ‘Product Designer’ do? What are the career prospects of a ‘Product Designer’?

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RE: What exactly does a ‘Product Designer’ do? What are the career prospects of a ‘Product Designer’?

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Product Designing

Product designing also known as Industrial Designing is about giving an efficient and attractive design to the products that are used by people on day to day basis. The design of a product is expected to perform its functionality in a safe, efficient and reliable manner. It should be designed economically and must be attractive to the targeted consumers. These products hold a wide range of variety such as toys, medical equipment, electronic devices, household products, telecommunication equipment, vehicle (cycles), music equipment and a lot of other things.


Product Designer

Product Designers/ Industrial Designers combine their designing skills with technical knowledge to produce a product which is better in usage, looks, functionality and lower in cost than the existing ones. They are also capable of designing a completely new product. They have to keep in mind the demand and needs of consumers; they may also use feedbacks from consumers about the shortcomings of any particular product and improve its quality, usability, and design.To design a product they use various methods such as 3D models, drawings and computer designs to bring their ideas to the life.Their main responsibility is to provide products that are more efficient, easy to use, less time consuming, more attractive and low in cost.


Skills required to be a Product Designer

  • To understand various production methods and materials.
  • To be innovative with an eye for color and shape.
  • Be willing to know the ways people use and choose products.
  • Having practical, technical and scientific knowledge and ability.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.


Responsibilities of a Product Designer

  • Keeping yourself updated with ongoing design trends.
  • Consulting clients and managers about design requirements.
  • Making contracts, deciding timescales and budgets.
  • Showing new designs and samples to customers to finalize production.
  • Correcting faults and shortcomings of products.
  • Checking a product’s functioning using several methods before launching it into the market.
  • Inquiring about appropriate production methods and materials required.
  • Coordinating with model makers, engineers, marketing and sales staff and other professionals associated with the production of products.


Qualifications required to become a Product Designer

The eligibility to become a Product Designer is to secure a minimum of 50%marks in Higher Secondary Examination (10+2). There are several institutes that offe an educational qualification in this field:

  • National Institute of Design (NID, Ahmedabad); offers Graduate Diploma in Product Design.
  • Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research (MAEER MIT, Pune); offers Graduate Diploma in Product Design/ Transportation Design.
  • Pearl Academy in Noida; offers BA (Hons.) Product Design.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design in Pune; offers Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) in Industrial Design.
  • Sharda University (Greater Noida) offers B.Des. in Industrial and Product Design.
  • CADD Centre (Hazratganj, Lucknow) offer a certificate course in Master Diploma in Automotive Design.
  • Arch Academy of Design (AAD, Jaipur) offers an undergraduate course in Product Design.
  • LISSA School of Design (Banglore) offers Bachelor of Science in Interior, Environmental and Product Designing.


Kind of positions available in this career path

  • Industrial manufacturer
  • Commercial Manufacturer
  • Point of sale designer
  • Design Consultancies
  • Domestic Product Manufacturer
  • Retailers


Career Prospects of a Product Designer

The internship is a good way to kick start your career in this field as it doesn’t only provide a good opportunity to learn from but also gets you a chance to work among skilled and experienced professionals. The internship also makes you a much better option for employers as compared to someone who is a fresher in this field. Job security is very high on this career path as firms and organizations usually tend to keep the same Product/Industrial Designer because long term stability is required in order to accomplish productivity maximization goals. Industrial designers after getting good experience in their fields could also get the opportunity to work for management in the association they are working for. Furthermore, the standpoint of this career path is generally pretty positive even during times of economic niche. While economic conditions are unfavorable, firms decline their cost of production by giving employment opportunities to product/industrial designers. The usual salary for a Product Designer is between Rs.4-5Lakh per annum. Experience doesn’t have a huge impact on salary in this field. Professionals in this field tend to move to other organizations/firms after gaining experience for more than 20 years. One could also go for masters in this career path if seeking higher position and better remuneration at entry level.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What exactly does a ‘Product Designer’ do? What are the career prospects of a ‘Product Designer’?

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