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Where is Goel Institute of Higher Studies, Lucknow? Can you give me the contact details ?

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RE: Where is Goel Institute of Higher Studies, Lucknow? Can you give me the contact details ?

Tirupati Naik
Tirupati Naik
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Dear Karan,

Well to reach Goel Institute of Higher Studies, Lucknow you can follow the map in our Institute’s details page, we’ve shared a Google Map of all the institutes so that you can find the right direction using your phone’s Map application. Go to Goel Institute of Higher Studies, Lucknow detail page and you can not only find the map but a load of information like Course Details, Admission process, News & Videos about the institute, interviews of faculty members etc.


BTW here’s the address and few more details for your quick reference.

Goel Institute of Higher Studies, Lucknow is located at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. And it's contact number is 0522-6568698. You can even contact them over email at [email protected] and get more updated informations.

Yours Truly,

Tirupati Naik

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