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Career Guidance made it easier for Gaurav to understand the scope of the subjects he was interested in

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During the time of 10th-12th, students have a very crucial time. This is the time when they have to choose their career which will stick to them for almost whole of their life. This is also the time when they are most confused about what career to choose and what could be the best option according to their talents. There are some students who realise their interests early and decide to pursue their career in those fields but still there is always a need of guidance in understanding the scope of those subjects. One can’t make decisions based on limited knowledge. talked to one of its students named Gaurav Aggarwal who belongs to Haryana. He has always been a bright student and he knew what he wanted to do but needed a focused guidance on how to approach his career dreams.

Career guidance made course choice simple and easy,I Am happy I could make it to IIM–Indore

Gaurav Aggrwal


Gaurav’s Career Dilemma

  • 12th pass Gaurav have always had Managerial & Entrepreneurial aspirations but could not decide which courses will lead to this career progression.
  • Gaurav’s mother equally keen about his son’s career contacted CareerGuide after online search & facebook page

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Values of risk taking, competition, ability to motivate etc. was highlighted in Gaurav’s Psychometric Report.
  • Career Expert detailed out courses, colleges, admission procedure, pay packets ,future prospects in Management domain.
  • With this information he cleared IIM Indore, Integrated Program In Management – dual degree.

Gaurav’s mother, keen on her son’s career choices, found about on internet and Facebook

Gaurav came to when he was in 12th grade. He was doing a recommendable job in school. He always had managerial and entrepreneurial aspirations. He also wanted to start his business one day but could not understand which courses he should take and which colleges to apply that can lead him to his goals. Gaurav’s mother understood his situation and talked to her friends and acquaintances and she was advised to give her son a session of career counselling from some expert. Keen on her son’s career, she took information online and from Facebook about career counsellors and then contacted She talked to one of the team representatives and got convinced that this was the right place for her son to take career counselling.

Psychometric test revealed Gaurav’s values such as risk-taking, competitive and ability to motivate others

At the first place, a career counsellor was assigned to Gaurav and a small discussed took place so as to understand Gaurav’s aspirations. This was followed by a Psychometric test so as to analyse Gaurav’s skills in depth and suggest him career based on those skills. His psychometric test revealed about Gaurav having values such as risk-taking, competition and ability to motivate. This clear indicated a strong inclination towards managerial courses where he could nurture his skills further. Career counsellor then carried out 1:1 session with Gaurav so as to advise him a detailed understanding of courses that were available in this field, admission procedure for the colleges, pay packages after graduation and future prospects. He was guided profoundly so that he could make an aware decision on how to take his career forward in this stream.

Career counselling helped Gaurav to not only get admission in a top management institute but also to understand his career better

Careerguide’s guidance worked wonders for Gaurav as he followed it and prepared for entrance examinations of top ranked management colleges in India. He gave admission test for dual degree courses as well in the field of management. His hard work paid off when he got admission in IIM Indore in the course- Integrated Program in Management which was a dual degree course. He is now well aware of what his future can bring him. His performance is speaking his efforts in the college. Currently, he is in the third year of his studies and is confident of his performance in the coming years. He is also doing an NCFM certification from National Stock Exchange of India which can bring him several interesting prospects in near future.

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