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What Costs Are Associated with Publishing Your Own eBook?

Have you long had the dream of publishing your own book? Thanks to the rise of eBooks on Amazon, it has become easier than ever for everyone to craft and sell their own written works. No longer do you have to be faced with countless rejection letters from publishing houses. Now you’re in charge. 

While going it alone has a number of benefits, there is also one significant disadvantage: you need to pay for the creation of the eBook. 

It’s true that you don’t need to spend a penny to have your book published on Amazon. Additionally, it is feasible to get the job done without tapping into your bank account. Yet you should dissuade from doing this – particularly if you want to create an eBook of real quality. 

However, what costs are associated with publishing your own eBook? The article below will explore the three main points.

Hiring an editor to review and polish your manuscript 

It doesn’t matter if you look over the manuscript again and again, mistakes will often go undetected. Even if you have gotten into the habit of writing and improved your skills to a professional standard, you’re still not infallible to blunders. 

Well, what about using a professional software tool? Sadly, even the likes of Grammarly can only go so far when it comes to editing your book.

As a result, it is highly recommended you hire a professional editor to overlook your work. Not only is this a fresh set of eyes on your manuscript, but they will also have the ability to correct grammatical errors and give the text an overall polish. 

This, however, can be an expensive avenue to go down. Don’t have the money in your account to get these vital checks done? In this case, short term loans are available. This is a great option if you want to get your book done immediately as you receive the loan in an instant after approval. Plus, even those with bad credit can acquire a short term loan. 

Alternatively, you could wait until you save the spare cash. However, by waiting, you ultimately delay the next two stages. 

An eye-catching book cover to entice readers 

The cover plays an integral role in whether potential readers will give your book a chance or not. Due to this, the book cover has to feature a professional, original, and attractive design. 

Unless you’re a magician with graphic design, you will have to spend money to get a cover to fall in line with those characteristics. Free online templates are available, but it’s worth hiring a reputable freelance designer or agency to produce the cover. They will be able to match and even exceed your vision. 

Letting your audience know the book exists 

The eBook world is an extremely competitive one. Even if you’re in a super specialized niche, you will be competing against a wide variety of books. 

This means you have to place a strong emphasis on marketing. There are ways of doing this without splashing the cash, such as social media and promoting the book on relevant forums. However, paid ads and promoted contests are worth the investment due to the potential audience they can attract. 

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