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Early Career Planning have provided confidence & focus to Ms. Neelam’s daughter in class 10th

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Early Career Planning have provided confidence & focus to my daughter in class 10th.

Neelam Mandal

Ayushi's Mother, Rourkela

Ms. Neelam’s Daughter’s Query

  • Ms. Neelam is mother of a class 10th student Ayushi. Ayushi is a bright student with aspirations of being successful in her life.
  • Like every other parent, Ms. Neelam was concerned about her daughter’s stream selection and career choice.
  • She wanted to make an informed decision with an early career planning.
  • Looking for a way out, she decided to approach through Just Dial.


How Helped Them

  • Following psychometric assessment, Ms. Neelam and Ayushi along with their career guide, zeroed down their preference to Law and Order.
  • They further, explored details regarding courses, colleges, competitive exam, admissions, future prospects and ways for preparations. A proper career mapping was done for Ayushi to achieve her goal.
  • Ayushi is determined and is simultaneously preparing for Law competition exam .Ms. Neelam is pleased with her career guidance experience.
  • She believes that beforehand planning of a crucial thing like career; will benefit Ayushi in long run.


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