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Why Engineering Aspirants Should Choose a Specialization with Computer Science?

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When it comes to the list of the most popular courses in India, engineering has always been among the top ones. Millions of students opt for this course every year to build a successful career ahead. However, what most of them forget to understand is that choosing the right specialization is one of the key factors that ensure the right way to success. If you choose the perfect specialization, there are high chances of a better career in future.

When opting for a specialization in engineering, there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind and industry trends is a crucial one. After all, better placement is directly proportional to the demand of the course in industry.


B.TechComputer Science, for instance, has become one of the most sought-after specializations in the engineering field. The reason? Well, there are many! To help you know about them, we have come up with the most obvious ones discussed below.

  • High Demand

There is no denial of the fact that this is the digital age. With technology becoming a rapidly rising trend in the world, IT sector is witnessing the best-ever exponential growth. It is extremely difficult to imagine a world without technology.

This inevitable need has led to high demand for experts who know how to deal with the issues related to technology. And it is not wrong to say that the graph of high demand for computer experts is not going to go down in the future. So, if you wish to go for something that stays in trend, go for a specializationin computer science along with your engineering degree.

  • Lucrative Career Prospects

The career prospects in computer science do not limit themselves. After proper research, you will find that there are ‘n’ numbers of jobs that you can get after your degree. Top among them include software developer, data administrator, computer systems analyst, computer hardware engineer, web developer, project manager and many more.

Moreover,you can also opt for further specializations in computer science engineering to meet the industry demands. For instance, if you pick up computer science engineering with specialization in IT Infrastructure, you can also get a chance to carve your own niche in the industry.

  • Excellent Placements

Most of the highly successful companies in the world are tech companies. Names like Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Wipro and HCL are known to be dream companies for engineering aspirants. Top colleges and universities that offer B.Tech Computer Sciencehave impressive placement records with students getting amazing jobs in the top tech companies. So if you dream of working in a world-class tech company, specialization in computer science engineering is your first step!

  • Hefty Pay Scale

After reading the previous one, this one seems quite obvious. When you grab a job in a renowned company, a hefty pay scale is guaranteed. The better college you go for, the better salary package you can expect during your placements.

  • Global Opportunities

Technological advancements are global,and so are the opportunities. So if you wish to work abroad, computer science engineering can be a choice. Most of the popular tech companies have their headquarters outside India and working there is no less than a dream for engineering aspirants.Moreover, jobs for such graduates are not restricted to tech companies as well. Today, every sector uses technology – be it healthcare or marketing.

Got enough reasons? Well, then start planning your route to success. To get a specializationwith computer science, you first need to secure a seat in a reputed college. If you are looking for an industry-focused specialization, you can opt for universities like UPES. They not just offer practical knowledge via hands-on training but also help students get global exposure.So opt for the best and work hard during your college days. All the best!

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