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How to Get a Career in an SEO Agency

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seo agencySEO agencies are a trending necessity when it comes to providing marketing strategies to businesses. The emergence of e-commerce has been a catalyst to this demand. While the majority of conversations revolve around the hiring and quality of an SEO agency, there is another growing interest. Taking on a career in SEO strategies is a valid pursuit. Many people start their own SEO business from scratch, much like the startups they work for. There are a variety of ways to get started working with SEO.

Calling All Writers

There is a common misconception that SEO is only about the content. This is only a part of the search algorithm, however, it is a very important one. Many writers encounter clients that need SEO content. This is usually their first experience with it. Until recently, many freelancers simply learned more with each client experience. While in the past this may have been an accidentally acquired skill, it is much more formalized now. There is plenty of proper information on the internet about proper SEO content organization.


Writers are an incredibly important part of an SEO team. Content on a page is often the consumer’s first impression of a business and what they have to offer. The strategic placement of proper keywords is also a necessity to boost search results. Writers have the freedom to offer SEO content on their own, or work with a team on entire SEO projects.

Get Analytical

Some people have a talent for analyzing complex situations. Part of the SEO focus is to find out how search results come to be. When a new client needs services, the SEO team needs to find out what type of audience the business is planning to pull in. Once the business and prospective customers are determined, the analytics begin. Researchers may look into the most commonly searched words and phrases, time of day they happen, and consumer norms. All of this is done to route people at their keyboards to a business website, and convince them to make a purchase.

Web Design

This is a talent that many people already have. Using it for SEO purposes is not a giant leap. The goal of business web design is all ready to help people improve their marketing and service. Do some research on how the organization of a site can attract and retain the attention of consumers. There are key details that either make a person want to leave a site, or that encourage them to stay. These items can include ease of site navigation, transaction efficiency, and placement of relevant content and tabs.

Finding Work

If you have already have one or more of the necessary skills to work in SEO, you have some options. Many people offer their skills separately as freelancers. SEO companies also may outsource their writing needs, as these can become incredibly overwhelming for sites that require ongoing content. Advertising your skills on freelance job boards and social media sites may help you get in contact with the right group of people. If you are ready to be a part of a team, get your resume together and contact an agency directly. Writers should have an SEO sample portfolio ready. Other specialists can include links to sites they have worked on. Summon SEO Agency London is a great example of an all-inclusive SEO company.

SEO work is in high demand. It is currently at the forefront of online marketing strategies. There are many talents that go into forming a comprehensive SEO agency. These specialties are also offered by many freelancers as separate entities. To get started with SEO work, find your specialty, advertise through different avenues, and contact agencies with your resume.

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