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Myths about criminal law busted

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Criminal law or as we might call it the ‘Dangerous’ field of legal practice, is one of the fascinating areas in the law and order department. However, as fancy as it might sound, Criminal law comes with its own set of myths and misconceptions which make it look like a difficult nut to crack. The prime objective of criminal law is to create legal experts in the field of law and get more professionals with a sound knowledge of the national and international regulatory framework.

Myths about criminal law busted

Nowadays, various universities are offering a specialisation in Criminal Law, one of them being UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Sciences). The university offers a bachelor’s degree in law with a specialisation in criminal law apart from other specialities like labour law, energy law etc.

But before you decide to take up this course as your career path, let us put some light on the myths or misconceptions that surround this area.

Myth 1: You will become an excellent criminal lawyer because you are good at arguing

Although criminal law is an adversarial process, it is not about ‘arguing’ without knowing the background of the case and prior knowledge of amendments. It is more about convincing your judge/jury and the whole courtroom about your case through a logical, well-researched discussion based on the facts and the law itself. Therefore, to become a criminal lawyer, you would not need arguments as one of them as a top-notch oral advocacy skill.  

Myth 2: The Work of a Lawyer Is Intellectually Challenging

There is no second thought on the fact that lawyers need to be smart with their words and their legal practice is intellectually rigorous. But there is no such thing as ‘intellectually challenging. A good sense of their profession and all the rules and regulation on the tip of their fingers is what a smart, intellectual lawyer would need to win those cases.

Myths about criminal law busted

Myth 3: Lawyers Can Eradicate Injustice and Affect Societal Change

Yes, lawyers can leave a positive impact on the society as a whole, but virtue triumphing over evil is not their part of the job. They have to safeguard their client’s position based on the facts and applicable law. Judicial decisions are not more about the pursuit of justice or right vs wrong as about reaching a compromise between all the parties.

All the misconceptions as mentioned above about criminal law or law, in general, have been there for various reasons. It is essential to wash them out of your system before you choose to pursue criminal law.

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