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Want to break into the petroleum industry? Here are the courses you should look out for!

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With the evolution of the education system in the country in the last decade, there have been a plethora of public and private sector jobs opportunities when it comes to the engineering sectors. We have seen a lot of new streams and fields in the engineering department, with a certainty of the evolution of more job opportunities.

Several government and private institutions are functioning in the country offering engineering education and helping students build a better career. There are some of the most popular branches of engineering in India which are job and industry oriented. One such famous department of engineering is the Petroleum industry.

Students interested in taking up petroleum engineering as their career should ideally take mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus in high school studies. Apart from this, there are certain qualities which are essential for a petroleum engineer. But before we talk about their merits, let’s look at the exact role of Petroleum Engineers.

Petroleum engineers design and develop methods to extract the oil and gas from the deposits below the earth’s surface and also find new ways to extract oil and gas.

Petroleum engineers typically do the following:

1) Design equipment to extract oil and gas from onshore and offshore reserves deep underground

2) Develop plans to drill in oil and gas fields, and then to recover the oil and gas

3) Develop ways to inject water, chemicals, gases, or steam into an oil reserve to force out more oil or gas

4) Make sure that oilfield equipment is installed, operated, and maintained properly

Evaluate the production of wells through surveys, testing, and analysis

Skills required for a petroleum engineer which are also taught in all the petroleum courses are:

Analytical skills

Yes, petroleum engineers must have excellent analytical skills as they are necessary to compile and make sense of large amounts of technical information and data to ensure smooth and hassle-free functioning of the system.


Creativity might sound very out of place for Petroleum engineers, but for every new site, petroleum engineers must have the creative designs right in place to extract oil and gas.

Interpersonal skills

Petroleum engineers should also have a way of dealing with their consumers, co-workers, and clients to run safely and efficiently. They will be required to work on complex projects which will have high-end machinery and equipment.

Math skills

As mentioned above, students who have a command over solving math problems, and are a pro at using principles of calculus and other advanced topics in math for analysis, a design will benefit in their job profiles.

Problem-solving skills

Identifying problems in drilling plans is critical for petroleum engineers because these problems can be costly. Petroleum engineers must be careful not to overlook any potential issues and must quickly address those which do occur.

If you are someone who has a knack for petroleum industry course and possesses all the skills as mentioned above, then you should apply for a course of B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering from one of the renowned university – UPES. The university is known for its range of specialized courses and placement opportunities. You can check out all the course details, curriculum, fee-structure on their website.  So, if you have any questions on how to break into Petroleum Industry, you have an answer.

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