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Rumours, lies and benefits of online career guidance

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When it comes to selecting one’s career route, a lot of students are willing to take online career tests and consult a professional career counsellor. While it is good that students are open to discover new choices many of these students pick online career counselling with a lot of idealistic expectations. This leads to disappointment later because taking tests and discussing with a counsellor about your interests and aspirations will no doubt provides you direction but will not help you sketch your entire future. There are many false rumours that go around when it comes to the expectations that people have about career counselling. Trusting these rumours and lies is a huge mistake many students do when they go in for counselling session.There are some false rumours associated with online career counselling:

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  • That online career counselling will take you to your dream course/job:

Online tests conducted are meant to test your abilities, interests and skills and career counsellors will guide you towards reaching a goal that could be probably suited to you. However, neither can pinpoint nor decide your future.  The results of online counselling will help you identify what you are good at by knowing your preferences and then tell you about best available options.

  • That online career counselling can only help high scorers:

This is totally a misconception and online career counselling tests/sessions are actually more advantageous to those students who are not sure of their own interests. The online tests and sessions help such students identify their strong points and guide them to what they would prefer to do in future.

  • That placement agencies and career counselling centres are the same:

This is far from true. Placement agencies has certain number of universities for which they work for and your choices will be limited to them but with career counselling sessions with a career counsellor, the sky is the limit! Your interests will be kept in mind when you’re with a career counsellor not the other way round.

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  • The tests and sessions will be only career-related:

The fact is choosing a career you love is a very personal and distinct choice. Online career counselling will address many questions relating to your social life and financial issues as well as they can ultimately reflect on your professional career choices.

  • That a single test or a single session is all that needs to pinpoint the best career suited for you:

Taking one single test or having one single session with a counsellor cannot help a student at all. Aptitude tests should be done in combination with interest inventories and personality tests to make a better judgement of your likely suitable career. Still, these tests results show do only half the job with respect to choice of academic and career paths. It is vital to discuss the same with a counsellor and a one on one interaction is essential. If the counselling is personal, then a level of comfort between the client and the counsellor is very important before any further procession. Hence, one session is not enough and series of sessions may be needed.

  • That online career counselling and personal career counselling are similar.

While online career counselling consists of extremely effective methods, quizzes etc. that are conducted by professionals in their respective fields and the tests that are proven to be very authentic and result-yielding, one-on-one career counselling sessions surely have an edge over them. Personal career counselling values your passions in an effective way and a better understanding of the individual is got as there is a face-to-face interaction.

  • That career counselling can be taken just before the student leaves school:

In reality, that is too late as Indian educational boards do not usually allow change of stream after 10th class. So, counselling should be introduced before class 10 to get maximum benefits.

  • Popular careers are very few:

This again is wrong because there are hundreds of careers to pursue these days and each requires specified individuals with unique skill-set for that particular career.

  • That counselling is a limited to school level

One of the major misconceptions in the Indian educational area is that career counselling is needed only till school levels and not needed from then. However, the fact is that college students and young pass-outs need equal or more guidance to choose their career paths and proper job placements.

The benefits of online career counselling are immense. Career plays a major role in a person’s life and cannot be taken in a carefree manner. Many people end up with a job which they are not happy with but perform very well. Others, who despite being in a great job are loaded with job responsibilities and fail to deliver.


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Career counselling will handle all such concerns and helps you select a career that is both interesting and matching your skills. Online career counselling tests analyse the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses by evaluating the skills and interests of an individual and prepare them to get the desired job/ choose a career. One-to-one counselling sessions will help recognise the individual’s long and short- term goals.

However, online career counselling may prove to be disadvantageous if integrity and rules are not followed. The tests given to the individuals should be prepared only by professionals with vast experience in their respective fields. A career counsellor who holds one-to-one discussions must be properly trained and should have professional knowledge about the different career fields. He/she must have the aptitude to appreciate a student’s psychology and capabilities. Moreover, a career counsellor must be impartial and truthful to a student’s situations. Only then they would be guiding the students to take up a right careerpath.

Keeping the above points in mind, career counselling should be incorporated as an essential part of the school/college program. Educational institutes should get the awareness of the fact that counselling should have qualified persons with talents to understand and be empathetic towards the students’ needs. Making students/young professionals aware of the facts about career counselling and incorporating it in their lives early will help them achieve their goals.


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