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The benefits of Business Analysis

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Business analysis is defined as the discipline that enables change in an organization. From a technical perspective, business analysis requires certain technological tools and literacy levels to implement change in the organization. For that reason, business analysis is crucial to the project management of businesses as it ensures that project managers deliver the right project in time (par. 2).

Unfortunately, some projects are not delivered in time. The reason may be linked to several reasons. According to the article, 39% of the time, projects fail due to technical reasons, lack of resources, or because the project is no longer needed. Other reasons include lack of planning at 8%, changing requirements, 9%, lack of executive support at 9%, unrealistic expectations at 10%, lack of user involvement at 12%, and incomplete requirements at 13% (par. 3). To ensure that tasks are completed in a timely and proper manner, interested parties need to understand how business analysis works.

One of the most important points to understand business analysis is to understand that business analysis is a team project and not always done by the business analyst. However, BuyEssayFriend writing experts want to demonstrate that the business analyst will need the products of all these activities to complete the analysis process. Some of the people that assist the business analyst to complete their job in the project implementation process include the owners, strategists, sponsors, programme managers, project stakeholders, design analysts, solution builders, and project managers (par. 5). Arguably, all these individuals have a vital role to play in the analysis process. It is for that reason that the business analyst needs to rely on every single member of the group to deliver their product for the process to be complete.

Despite the critical roles all these members play in the business analysis process, the business analyst still plays a critical role for a project to be successful. The article argues that the business analyst finds solution to all the challenges experienced during the facilitation of a project. They are responsible for managing all the costs, time, efforts that all great projects require. They debug all the bugs that slipped through the analysis stage to ensure that the results are flawless and look effortless.

Previously, the article states there are main issues that create problems in the project delivery and ultimately the analysis process. Since the business analyst is the main determinant of the success or failure of these processes, it is therefore crucial to establish how the business analyst alleviates these problems to ensure success. First, to mitigate the problem of incomplete or inaccurate requirements, the business analyst needs to own the requirements. Any requirement that is signed off should fit the purpose because the business analyst will be held responsible for any mishap (par. 15). Therefore, even though the analyst is not the one that generates the requirements, they should conduct thorough research to reduce the risk of inaccurate requirements since they will be held responsible.


Lack of user requirement is another problem that comes up in the business analysis process that involves projects. It is evident that users need to be engaged to gather all the needs before the requirements are stipulated. Therefore, a business analyst needs to ensure that this process is conducted in a full, accurate, and complete manner (par. 20). Similarly, the business analyst should understand the company well to ensure that the projects are relevant to the interest of the company and the executives to ensure that the expectations are realistic, the executive provides appropriate support, and that the planning is well managed.

Overall, the role of project management is crucial to the success of a business. Therefore, it is important for the business analyst to evaluate the project, conduct proper research and proper planning to ensure that the implementation is flawless. Additionally, it is important to remember that problems are part of the process. Nevertheless, fixing problems is cheaper before the projects are implemented, therefore, planning should be taken very seriously.


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