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Work on your skills for getting true success

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Being a career oriented person, everyone needs to develop various skills for building up a career in any field. Any employer will judge his employees only after seeing that how efficient and differentiate you are from others. The better will be your skills; the more will be the chances for your employment and promotion. Let’s talk about how you can bring improvement in all types of skills and get ready for a better approach.

Industry skills:

The first step in developing skills is to get educational qualification completed before applying for a job or choosing a career. For a non-medical student, engineering subjects like computer, electrical, civil, railway, aircraft, chemical etc are required. For medical students, requirements are MBBS, MD, BHMS, Dentistry, Oncology, Pediatric, gynecologist, homeopathic, ayurvedic and many more. For arts students, one should have BA, MA, MBA in accounting, commerce, arts, history, geography etc. All these are the basic qualifications which one needs to finish with good scores for joining any industry level.

  • Pursue further qualification in the required field. Higher will be the qualifications, higher will be the seniority level equipped with bigger responsibilities, and handsome salary.

Job skills:

 After preparing at industry level, it’s time for improving job skills now. These skills are related to the particular job. If you are in IT business then you should have computer knowledge related to your job types: computer operator, software development, or hardware. For being a payroll officer you should have specialization in payroll software. For sales and marketing, one should have complete knowledge about making bills and handling accounts.

  • Various companies provide 15 days to one month period training before getting the job confirmed. Some jobs require short term certification courses for 3-6 months.
  • A mentor or a supervisor can also help you for developing knowledge and skills required for that job.
  • One should attend seminars, workshops and fresher courses for gaining experiences related to that job.
Work on your skills for getting true success

Transferable skills:

Team work, negotiation, communication, and problem-solving are the examples of transferable skills. These skills are equally important in each and every field in any kind of situation. It depends upon your personality, behavior, character, attitude, strengths, weaknesses, commitments, relationships etc for getting success. One should work in a well-organized manner with beneficial teamwork. If there is some weakness in management, then all of your hard work gets ruined in a second. At times, one may face problems with the customers regarding quality or cost of the product. Then one should know how to deal with the customer giving him some negotiation and a mid-way solution for the problem so that company didn’t face any loss and also customer should be satisfied from company policies. For bringing a natural reflex in your day to day life for dealing with people you can go with the below mentioned points:

  • Gain knowledge by reading books or online research.
  • Try to participate in various workshops held by the employers.
  • Get involved in various other programs like sports, extra-activities, office parties for making relationships
  • Address others in a respectful manner. If you are having discussions then try not to be judgmental, but express anything in an assertive manner.
  • Build social network for your potential growth by exchanging contacts. Try to meet people after working hours too for building strong relationships.

Communication skills:

Communication includes verbal, non-verbal, and written skills. One should clearly understand what you are talking about. One should be aware of what others feel and think while coming in contact with you. For a business person, it’s a compulsion to have perfection in speaking skills. Only then he can convince others to buy or sell his products whether for sales or marketing purposes. Even for the job profile, one should know how to deal with peers, seniors, employers, recruiters, and all the others involved. One should know how to make relations with others on long term basis. Specially, in business and politics, public dealing is preferred than money. Pay heed towards few points and work accordingly:

  • The basic thing to deal with someone is to have an eye contact. One should not peek here and there while talking to anyone. It simply shows lack of confidence and interest about the work.
  • Keep monitoring your body language. One should not tap foot, chew nails or play with fingers. It will make others think that you are nervous or not confident about your own. One should show interest while sitting, standing or speaking with the other.
  • Speaking practice is also needed to pay concern. One should be confident and fluent about what he is going to speak. One should remove his hitch while speaking publicly or conversationally. Avoid speaking words such as ‘umm’, ‘aaww’, ‘like’ etc, better to give a silent break between the words. If you feel nervous while speaking publicly, volunteers can help you for giving presentations and you can handle large projects as well.
  • The next thing is to develop writing skills. Proofreading, perfect spelling and usage of words are the key points to work on. One should know how to bring variations in sentence writing. Try to be concise instead of being elaborated.


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Listening skills:

 For understanding various instructions, for judging the recruiters plan, for focusing on the goals, and for self-discipline, listening skills are required. Here are few points you need to inculcate in yourself:

  • Try to ask questions about what someone is going to tell you. It will demonstrate your attention and interest towards the other.
  • Make notes while going in a seminar, training session or team meetings for memorizing and showing attention towards what is going to illustrate
  • Make sure that you are not interrupting the other person in between he is speaking. First listen to his aspects and after that present your own thought.
  • Pay attention towards others body language, eye contact, postures, gestures, voice etc. It will help you judging his interests and commitments towards work.

 Leadership skills:

 At higher levels or for getting promotions, it is important that one should have leadership qualities. Some people have such qualities by nature but others need to develop them:

  • Observe your seniors, employers or supervisors about what are their leadership key qualities and try to emulate them in yourself.
  • Try to ask questions in group discussions and teammates for getting lead. It will develop leadership quality in you.
  • Have positive attitude and try to stay calm even in adverse situations. Talk person to person if facing any crisis instead in front of the entire team.

 Initiative skills:

 Develop confidence in yourself for taking initiatives for higher responsibilities and enthusiasm for carving yourself for promotions and higher posts. Walk those extra miles, instead of, working only after getting constant reminders from the employers.

  • Help co-workers in their large projects as a volunteer to help them. Do tasks prior to be asked by someone.
  • Take challenges with audacity for profitable results. It will make recruiters to come forward for working with you.

In contemporary era, due to tough competition it has become necessary to develop extra skills for being the best choice for the recruiters. Indulge yourself in developing skills and gaining knowledge as much as you can. There will be no crying for the moon if you have perfect technical and personal skills for reaching the edge of the success.


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