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The four letter solution to success – REPS

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Everyone has dreams in his eyes to be a successful person one day and they start dreaming about it since their childhood. Every child has a perception that, “When I will grow up, I will become a teacher, a doctor, a musician, a dancer, or anything I wish to be.” A child simply starts working with devotion and dedication that he will surely achieve his dreams one day. It is the very first milestone repetitive towards his success. For getting success, it’s not mandatory to get above 95% score all the time. Even a child with grade ‘C’ may grow up as a successful person in a field of his choice. The one thing that is required in a child is ‘capability’ which can even convince others for wanting them to work with the child. Always remember just four letters R, E, P, and S in your life and work accordingly.

‘R’ stands for Repetitive approach:

‘E’ stands for Engage yourself:

‘P’ stands for Practical Knowledge:

‘S’ stands for Steady and Speedy Outputs:

Repetitive approach will do improvements in you to be successful

The above four principles can lead you surely towards true success. Let’s come to know about the actual importance and meaning of these four milestones so that you can be more focused towards your career without getting diverted.

‘R’ factor: is repetitive approach. Success is not the thing which you can get instantly after burning midnight oil. It needs years of patience, devotion, dedication, passion, commitment and hard work. The only formula for getting success is practice, practice, and only practice. You have to work consistently and constantly in any field. Remember, a well-known story of the hare and the tortoise. The consistent work of tortoise leads it towards its success. Don’t be over-confident and never stop practicing. In modern era, where there is a cut-throat competition, only repetitive approach can lead you towards success. Suppose, you are applying for a job and you don’t get any interview call for 2-3 months, don’t think that it’s finished here. You must keep learning, one day you will surely get a call. At times, you get rejected, even then don’t lose hope. Every rejection will teach you a lesson, and you will never do the same mistake again. This repetitive approach will do improvements in you and each time you will be carving yourself for digging out a diamond from inside you.

“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”

           – George Washington Carver (1864-1943)

‘E’ factor: is engaging yourself in various activities which can help in improving your skills. Working alone can’t bring the best in you until there is someone to correct you. Be social and active. Take part in debates and try to speak confidently and fluently. You should speak what you think. It will improve your communication skills and social behavior as well which can give better chances for your future settlements. Speaking alone is a different thing but speaking publicly under the pressure of audience is quite different. You have to think before you speak while facing your seniors and employers as well. Everything you are going to narrate must be based on universal facts. Attend seminars for brief discussions and grab all the knowledge from each and every aspect whether it’s from books, social media, browsing services or practical research.


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‘P’ factor: is for having practical knowledge. Set your goals and be ambitious. Along with theory part, you must have practical knowledge as well. Don’t keep on mugging ever now and then. Try to gain knowledge and go thoroughly about the topic. For example, you are given a chapter to learn according to your syllabus and the teacher prepared you only for a few questions. You may cram them without knowing their meaning and write it exactly in a way you were told. However, if the similar question comes in some other way you may get blank and be unable to answer it. This is not the way you should learn. You should know practical aspects of whatever you learn theoretically. You should know about all the pros and cons, latest updates, what changes can be done, and all the related queries which can be asked from left, right and center.

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.”

– Yogi Berra

‘S’ factor: is for targeting steady and speedy outputs. After preparing yourself for all the facets of a required field, it’s time for the outputs. The more will be the feedbacks, the more will be the chances of getting success. Positive feedbacks will be in your favor and you have to work more for maintaining and achieving the desired progress. Never go astray after having negative feedbacks. Take them as a challenge for your development. Sometimes, outputs are time taking for example, if you are going for exams, the results will be declared after 2 or 3 months. Now a days, you may get instant outputs from internet solutions. For long term basis, you must have patience for getting steady feedbacks which are necessary for your true success.

Following the above mentioned four principles will bring the best in you and will help in consistent and speedy growth towards success. Regular practicing, browsing techniques, skill development, constant actions, better communication, being practical, positive attitude, steady efforts and having panache are the keys for reaching at the peak of your dreams.

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