Importance of Career Counselling in Indian scenario

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The importance of career counselling lies in the prevalent career unawareness. In the majority of cases, students select their career based on what their peers are selecting or what their parents think is right for them. This often leads to dissatisfaction in career and thus jobs for the students.

This has also been quoted as one of the biggest reasons behind mental anxiety, depression and increasing suicide cases among students and professionals. Currently, 42.5% of Indian working youth is suffering from depression and have been diagnosed, the actual number could be higher (Source- WHO).

Observing the severity of the situation, it is highly important to develop a concrete platform for the students where they can get their career queries solved. In fact, increasing competitiveness demands greater efforts towards the right career guidance to the students as well as professionals.

It is often observed that students take up a career perceiving the amount of money they can make after their course, however, they forget that not all students have the same talent and strengths, and they need to first assess whether they are suitable for that particular career or not.

Career counselling importance can be judged from the instability in the Indian economy due to the high rate of unawareness and increasing competitiveness.

If we start with the profession of engineering, India is a big example of how one career field went into a fiasco due to lack of career counselling. In India, currently, there are 3,345 government-recognized engineering colleges, and they produce 1,473, 871 engineers every year.

To be noted that the number of seats being offered by the colleges is increasing every year. If we go by the surveys, nearly 60% of these students are not skilled in employment, only 1% of these students participate in summer internships which are meant to enhance training.

Another survey even stated that only 7% of engineering graduates have the required skills. The question is how much loss it has amounted to the economy? The answer is it’s a loss of 5 million man-hours daily.

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Getting insights from other career fields

Certified Pilots

The jobs of certified pilots in the country have been under debates for a long time. It is said that there are thousands of pilots unemployed, but along with that, there is an acute shortage of skilled pilots. In fact, Indian Air Force has admitted that if there is more shortage they will reach a stage when they will lose any edge over neighbouring and rival countries.

Currently, the country has close to 5,000 trained pilots but demand will double within the next three years. It is said that there are more aircraft and flyers but less number of pilots.

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It has been approximated by the Council of Architecture, that currently, there are 70,000 registered architects in the country. It is surprising to know that there are 71 architects who are older than 85 years of age and are still working. Though the field is not new in the country, yet it has still not achieved as much importance as engineering.

However, it has been reported that there is a demand for more than 5 lakh architects in the country and the sheer lack of availability and talent gives amazing opportunities to architects from abroad to grab major projects.

Management Professionals

career counselling

Every year approximately 50,000 professional graduates and take management qualification. However, a study conducted by ASSOCHAM stated that only 7% of these graduates are actually employable.

Except for the top Tier-1 business schools, only a very few colleges can provide skills that help in getting jobs by the graduates. These graduates are on average giving a fee of 20 lakhs for their course but getting jobs that are paying as low as INR 10,000 per month and thus each of them is costing a lot to the economy.

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