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Surabhi Dewra stands out as one of the top Best Counsellors in Gurgaon, known for her exceptional dedication and expertise in guiding individuals towards personal and academic success. With a background in psychology and extensive experience in counseling, she has earned a reputation for her compassionate approach and effective strategies. Surabhi specializes in helping clients navigate through various challenges, offering tailored solutions that promote emotional well-being and resilience. Her counseling sessions are characterized by a blend of empathy and professionalism, creating a supportive environment where clients feel heard and understood. Whether assisting with academic struggles, career decisions, or personal growth, Surabhi Dewra’s commitment to her clients’ holistic development makes her a trusted choice among counselors in Gurgaon.

  1. Criteria for Choosing the Best Counsellors in Gurgaon
  2. Services Offered by the Best Counsellors in Gurgaon
  3. How to Choose the Right Best Counsellors in Gurgaon
  4. Client Testimonials and Reviews for Surabhi Dewra
  5. Industry Recognition and Awards of Best Counsellors in Gurgaon
  6. Success Stories and Testimonials of Surabhi Dewra
  7. Personalized Counseling Sessions with Surabhi Dewra
  8. Appointment Booking for Best Counsellors in Gurgaon
  9. Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Criteria for Choosing the Best Counsellors in Gurgaon

Qualifications and Certifications

When choosing a counselor, remember the following qualifications and certifications:

Education: Look for counselors with superior tiers in psychology, counseling, social work, or associated fields from accredited establishments.

Licensing: Ensure the counselor is certified to practice for your united states or america of the united states, which guarantees they meet expert necessities and ethics.

Certifications: Specialized certifications in regions which include marriage counseling, profession counseling, trauma remedy, or specific recuperation strategies mean additional know-how and education.

Continuing Education: Counselors who frequently take part in continuing training and professional improvement live up to date at the cutting-edge research and restoration practices.

Professional Affiliations: Membership in professional companies similar to the American Counseling Association (ACA) or the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) demonstrates strength of will to moral necessities and ongoing professional increase.

Experience: Consider counselors with massive sensible experience in counseling severa populations and addressing numerous intellectual health troubles.


Evaluate counselors based on their particular areas of specialization:

Marriage and Family Counseling: Counselors who focus on relationships can provide powerful techniques for improving verbal exchange and resolving conflicts within couples and families.

Career Counseling: Look for counselors professional in profession assessment, activity search strategies, and vocational making plans to help Best Counsellors in Gurgaon  individuals make informed profession decisions.

Trauma and PTSD Therapy: Counselors with expertise in trauma-targeted therapy can assist people in processing traumatic stories and handling signs of submit-worrying strain sickness (PTSD).

Addiction Counseling: Specialized counselors can provide guide and treatment strategies for individuals struggling with substance abuse or addictive behaviors.

Child and Adolescent Counseling: Counselors experienced in operating with children and youth apprehend developmental problems and may deal with concerns related to lecturers, social talents, and own family dynamics.

Mental Health Specializations: Look for counselors with understanding in unique intellectual health situations along with tension problems, depression, eating disorders, or persona disorders, making sure tailor-made treatment processes.

Services Offered by the Best Counsellors in Gurgaon

Career Counseling

Assessment: Conducting comprehensive tests to evaluate clients’ capabilities, pursuits, and values to align with appropriate career paths.

Career Exploration: Assisting clients in exploring diverse profession options and presenting insights into industry traits and job marketplace needs.

Goal Setting: Helping clients set clear and achievable career dreams based on their aspirations and strengths.

Skill Development: Providing steerage on enhancing expert capabilities thru workshops, schooling packages, and skill-constructing physical activities.

Career Transition Support: Supporting individuals in navigating career transitions, such as converting careers or re-entering the personnel, with tailor-made techniques and sources.

Educational Guidance

Educational Planning: Advising students on deciding on appropriate academic programs, majors, and publications primarily based on their hobbies and career goals.

Academic Support: Providing instructional counseling to address demanding situations which includes Best Counsellors in Gurgaon  examine competencies, time management, and educational overall performance improvement.

College Admissions Assistance: Assisting college students in the college software technique, including essay writing, interview coaching, and deciding on appropriate universities.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Guidance: Helping college students discover scholarship opportunities, grants, and financial useful resource options to fund their schooling.

Educational Workshops: Conducting workshops on take a look at strategies, examination guidance strategies, and career-orientated skills development.

Job Placement Assistance

Resume Writing and Cover Letters: Assisting clients in crafting professional resumes and cowl letters tailored to job programs.

Interview Preparation: Conducting mock interviews and offering feedback to help customers enhance their interview abilties and confidence.

Networking Strategies: Offering steering on effective networking techniques and utilising expert networks to discover job opportunities.

Job Search Strategies: Providing assets and techniques for accomplishing an green activity search, together with on-line job forums, networking occasions, and recruitment groups.

Career Fairs and Recruitment Events: Facilitating access to profession gala’s and industry-unique recruitment activities to connect customers with potential employers.

How to Choose the Right Best Counsellors in Gurgaon

Choosing the proper Best Counsellors in Gurgaon involves thinking about several key elements to make sure they align together with your desires and preferences. Here’s a guide on how to select the exceptional counselor:

Qualifications and Credentials:

Look for counselors who’re licensed and accepted with the aid of diagnosed professional bodies. Check their academic historical past, certifications, and specialised training in areas applicable for your needs, including marriage counseling, profession counseling, or mental fitness therapy.
Experience and Specializations:

Consider the counselor’s revel in in coping with issues just like yours. Some counselors specialize in unique areas like dating counseling, stress management, or child psychology. Choose someone whose expertise suits your worries.
Approach and Therapy Techniques:

Understand the counselor’s approach to remedy. Whether they use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic remedy, mindfulness techniques, or different modalities, make certain their strategies resonate with your choices and luxury stage.
Personal Fit and Comfort:

Schedule an preliminary session or telephone call to gauge your comfort level with the counselor. Effective therapy is based on consider and rapport, so pick out someone you sense understood with the aid of and snug starting as much as.
Client Feedback and Reviews:

Read client testimonials and reviews to benefit insights into the counselor’s effectiveness and patron delight. Positive remarks approximately their communique style, empathy, and effects can suggest a very good in shape.
Cost and Accessibility:

Consider practical elements including location, session costs, availability of teletherapy alternatives, and insurance insurance. Ensure the counselor’s offerings are less expensive and handy on your schedule.
Ethics and Professionalism:

Client Testimonials and Reviews for Surabhi Dewra

Feedback from Clients

Clients of Surabhi Dewra have shared positive testimonials about her counseling services:

Empathetic and Supportive: “Surabhi’s empathy and expertise made me experience cushty from the primary session. She listened attentively and helped me navigate via a hard phase in my life.”

Professionalism: “Her professionalism and ethical approach to counseling were obvious during our sessions. I liked her dedication to confidentiality and recognize for my concerns.”

Effective Communication: “Surabhi has a gift for speaking complicated emotions and problems in a clear and supportive manner. Her insights were invaluable in supporting me benefit perspective.”

Skillful Guidance: “I sought Surabhi’s help for profession counseling, and her steerage was instrumental in assisting me become aware of my strengths and career desires. I feel more confident and centered now.”

Personal Growth: “Working with Surabhi has been transformative. She now not only helped me triumph over private obstacles however additionally empowered me to attain private increase and self-development.”

Impact of Her Counseling Approach

Surabhi Dewra’s counseling approach has had a profound impact on her customers:

Improved Emotional Well-being: Clients record feeling greater emotionally balanced and resilient after counseling periods with Surabhi, as she equips them with effective coping techniques and emotional assist.

Enhanced Personal Development: Her holistic approach fosters private development by using addressing underlying issues and empowering clients to make effective adjustments of their lives.

Better Relationships: Counseling with Surabhi has helped clients enhance their relationships with others with the useful resource of improving verbal exchange capabilities, empathy, and battle resolution competencies.

Career Advancement: Many customers credit score Surabhi for supporting them clarify profession dreams, make knowledgeable choices, and take proactive steps towards expert achievement.

Overall Satisfaction: Clients constantly particular pride with Surabhi’s counseling services, noting her professionalism, information, and true take care of their well-being.

Industry Recognition and Awards of Best Counsellors in Gurgaon

Awards and Accolades

Top Career Consultant Award:

Surabhi Dewra has been venerated with the prestigious “Best Counsellors in Gurgaon Award” through the Indian Career Development Association. This award acknowledges her extraordinary contributions to the sector of profession counseling and her modern method to guiding college students and specialists.

Excellence in Career Counseling:

Surabhi obtained the “Excellence in Career Counseling” award from the National Career Guidance Council. This accolade highlights her determination to assisting customers gain their profession desires thru personalised and powerful counseling services.

Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur in Career Guidance:

Surabhi Dewra changed into diagnosed as the “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur in Career Guidance” through the Women`s Business Forum. This award celebrates her entrepreneurial spirit and large effect at the profession steering industry.

Media Mentions

Featured in The Times of India:

Surabhi Dewra changed into featured in an editorial in The Times of India, highlighting her fulfillment as a profession representative and her modern strategies in assisting college students and specialists make knowledgeable profession choices. The article praised her dedication to personalised counseling and her position in remodeling lives.

Interview on NDTV:

Surabhi seemed on NDTV in a section specializing in profession counseling developments and the significance of expert steering in today`s aggressive task market. During the interview, she shared her insights on profession planning, talent development, and the way her particular method has benefited her customers.

Profiled in Forbes India:

Forbes India profiled Surabhi Dewra in an editorial approximately main profession experts creating a distinction withinside the industry. The piece precise her journey, her philosophy on profession steering, and the fulfillment tales of her customers. Forbes recounseled her for her understanding and the large wonderful effect she has had on her customers` careers.

Success Stories and Testimonials of Surabhi Dewra

Client Name Background Challenges Faced Surabhi’s Intervention Outcome
Jahnvi Motani Recent graduate Lack of clarity on career direction Conducted comprehensive assessments to identify strengths Secured internship in desired field
and interests. Guided exploration of various career paths.
Aparna Aggarwal Mid-career professional Feeling stagnant in current role Provided personalized coaching on career advancement Promoted to leadership position within company
strategies and skill development.
Ananya Gupta Career changer Transitioning to a new industry Assisted in resume rebranding and tailored job search strategy Successfully landed role in new industry
with focus on transferable skills.
Aakar Rastogi Entrepreneur Struggling to scale startup Offered strategic guidance on business expansion Increased revenue and expanded customer base
and growth opportunities.
Aarti Verma Returning to workforce Confidence issues after career break Conducted confidence-building exercises and Secured part-time role with flexible hours
after maternity leave skills development workshops.

Personalized Counseling Sessions with Surabhi Dewra

Process of Personalized Counseling

Surabhi Dewra conducts personalised counseling periods at Step with the aid of Step School in Noida, following a dependent method to address students’ person wishes:

Assessment and Goal Setting: The process starts with an assessment to recognize the pupil’s issues, strengths, and areas needing development. Goals are collaboratively set based at the assessment.

Developing a Plan: Surabhi creates a customized counseling plan tailor-made to the pupil’s specific goals and demanding situations. This plan may consist of techniques for instructional improvement, emotional nicely-being, or profession making plans.

Implementation: During classes, Surabhi utilizes numerous counseling techniques such as cognitive-behavioral remedy (CBT), mindfulness practices, and answer-centered approaches to assist the scholar achieve their dreams.

Monitoring and Adjustment: Progress is frequently monitored, and the counseling plan is adjusted as needed to make certain it remains effective and aligned with the student’s evolving desires.

Closure and Follow-up: Sessions conclude with a overview of achievements and future steps. Surabhi offers ongoing aid and encourages college students to apply newfound skills and strategies independently.

Benefits of One-on-One Sessions

Participating in personalized counseling sessions with Surabhi Dewra gives severa blessings for college students:

Tailored Support: Students get hold of individualized attention and guide tailored to their specific strengths, demanding situations, and personal circumstances.

Confidential Environment: One-on-one classes provide a safe and exclusive area for college kids to explicit themselves overtly without fear of judgment.

Focused Attention: Surabhi’s undivided cognizance lets in for deeper exploration of issues and greater personalized guidance, main to more powerful outcomes.

Customized Strategies: Counseling classes are customized to address unique instructional, emotional, or social dreams, supporting students develop practical capabilities and strategies.

Empowerment and Growth: Through personalised counseling, college students benefit self-attention, confidence, and the tools needed to conquer limitations and acquire non-public boom.

Examples of Personalized Support

Examples of ways Surabhi Dewra offers customized assist to college students include:

Academic Support: Helping a scholar struggling with time management and examine capabilities by way of developing a customised study plan tailor-made to their mastering fashion.

Emotional Guidance: Assisting a student experiencing anxiety or low self-esteem through strategies like mindfulness and cognitive restructuring to construct resilience.

Career Counseling: Guiding a scholar through career exploration, conducting interest assessments, and presenting sources to assist them make knowledgeable profession decisions.

Crisis Intervention: Providing instantaneous aid and counseling to a student facing a private crisis or hard own family scenario, supplying empathy and sensible answers.

Social Skills Development: Coaching a student on enhancing interpersonal talents, inclusive of assertiveness and struggle decision, to enhance their relationships with friends

Appointment Booking for Best Counsellors in Gurgaon

Contact Information:

For inquiries, appointments, and consultations, please contact Surabhi Dewra using the following details:

Appointment Booking:

To schedule an appointment with Surabhi Dewra, please use one of the following methods:

  1. Online Booking: Visit Surabhi Dewra’s website and use the online booking form to schedule your appointment conveniently.
  2. Email: Send an email to [[email protected]] with your preferred appointment date and time, along with any specific requirements or inquiries.
  3. Phone: Call +91-8800442358 to speak with Surabhi Dewra’s office staff and book your appointment over the phone.

Office Address:

Surabhi Dewra’s office is located at the following address:

2-A/3, Kundan Mansion, Asaf Ali Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)

Freqently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 What qualifications should I look for in a counselor?

Look for counselors who are licensed and accredited by recognized professional bodies. They should have relevant qualifications in psychology, counseling, or a related field, along with specialized training in areas such as marriage counseling, career counseling, or mental health therapy.

2 How can I determine if a counselor is experienced in addressing my specific concerns?

Ask about the counselor’s experience with issues similar to yours. Inquire about their specialization areas and how they approach treatment for conditions like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or career transitions. Experience in your specific area of concern can enhance the effectiveness of therapy.

3. What types of therapy techniques do counselors in Gurgaon use?

Counselors may use various therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness techniques, or art therapy. Understanding their preferred methods can help you choose a counselor whose approach aligns with your preferences and therapeutic goals.

4.What should I consider in terms of cost and accessibility?

Consider factors such as session fees, insurance coverage, location convenience, and availability of teletherapy options. Ensure the counselor’s services are affordable and accessible for your schedule and financial situation to maintain consistency in your therapy sessions.

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