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Finding the proper counsellor in Delhi NCR is vital for intellectual and emotional well-being. Expert counsellors withinside the area provide personalised guide and steerage for individuals, children, and households dealing with numerous challenges. Utilizing superior strategies and technology, they offer powerful and handy services, together with digital classes and teletherapy. With a focal point on culturally touchy care, those specialists make sure a safe, private surroundings for customers to explicit their mind and feelings. Engaging with a professional counsellor can result in advanced intellectual health, higher coping strategies, and long-time period advantages for universal emotional resilience and private growth. Start your adventure in the direction of recuperation today.

Understanding the Responsibilities of a Career Counsellor:

Assessment and Exploration: Career counsellors are liable for accomplishing exams to pick out people` strengths, interests, and values. They assist customers discover numerous profession alternatives primarily based totally on those exams.

Guidance and Information: Career counsellors offer treasured steering and records approximately one-of-a-kind profession paths, instructional requirements, activity marketplace trends, and development opportunities. They assist customers make knowledgeable choices approximately their profession goals.

Support and Empowerment: Career counsellors provide ongoing help and encouragement to their customers during the profession making plans process. They empower people to triumph over obstacles, set manageable goals, and take proactive steps in the direction of their preferred profession outcomes.

How Surabhi Dewra Helps Clients Navigate Career Choices:

Individualized Assessments: Surabhi Dewra conducts personalised exams to apprehend every client’s specific strengths, interests, and goals. This permits her to tailor her steering and guidelines to match their unique wishes.

In-intensity Consultations: Surabhi engages in in-intensity consultations with customers to discover their profession aspirations, challenges, and concerns. She listens attentively and gives realistic recommendation and techniques to assist them navigate profession choices effectively.

Practical Tools and Resources: Surabhi equips her customers with realistic tools, resources, and techniques to beautify their profession improvement journey. This may also consist of resume writing tips, interview coaching techniques, networking techniques, and more.

Personalized Approach vs. Generic Advice:

Customized Solutions: Surabhi adopts a customised technique, spotting that one-size-fits-all answers might not be powerful for everyone. She takes the time to apprehend every client’s specific occasions and tailors her steering accordingly.

Holistic Assessment: Instead of providing general recommendation, Surabhi conducts holistic exams that recollect different factors which include personality, skills, interests, values, and lifestyles goals. This allows her to offer focused guidelines that align with the client’s man or woman wishes and aspirations.

Long-time period Success: By that specialize in personalised answers as opposed to general recommendation, Surabhi allows customers acquire long-time period fulfillment and achievement of their careers. Her technique emphasizes self-awareness, empowerment, and proactive decision-making, putting customers up for sustainable boom and improvement.

Surabhi Dewra, renowned as the Best Career Counsellor in Delhi, offers a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to empower individuals of their professional journeys. With a focal point on customized steerage, holistic guide, and progressive techniques, Surabhi’s offerings cater to numerous needs and aspirations, equipping customers with the gear and self assurance to navigate the dynamic activity market with success.

1. Career Exploration and Assessment:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of character strengths, interests, values, and career aspirations.
  • Aptitude assessments, character exams, and skill Development to gain valuable insights into customers’ skills and possibilities.
  • In-intensity evaluation to become aware of appropriate profession paths and possibilities aligned with customers’ profiles and desires.

2. Personalized Career Counselling Sessions:

  • One-on-one counselling periods tailored to satisfy the particular desires and targets of every consumer.
  • Guided exploration of profession alternatives, industries, and roles primarily based on customers’ pastimes, skills, and aspirations.
  • Strategic making plans and purpose placing to chart a clear pathway closer to accomplishing profession achievement and success.

3. Resume Writing and Personal Branding:

  • Professional resume writing services to spotlight clients’ talents, reports, and achievements correctly.
  • Personal branding steerage to enhance clients’ on line presence and visibility inside the activity market.
  • Tailored recommendation on crafting compelling cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and portfolios to face out to potential employers.

4. Interview Preparation and Skills Development:

  • Customized interview guidance classes to construct self belief and proficiency in diverse interview formats.
  • Mock interviews with optimistic comments and practical recommendations to excel in real-existence activity interviews.
  • Coaching on effective communication, body language, and storytelling techniques to make a lasting impression on employers. 

5. Career Transition and Advancement Support:

  • Guidance and aid for people navigating best Career Counsellor in Delhi transitions, including task adjustments, promotions, or industry shifts.
  • Strategic making plans and skill improvement to facilitate easy transitions and capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Assistance with negotiating process gives, evaluating profession paths, and making knowledgeable choices about career development.

6. Entrepreneurship and Startup Consulting:

  • Expert steerage for aspiring marketers and startup founders seeking to release or grow their ventures.
  • Business idea validation, market research, and feasibility evaluation to evaluate the viability of startup standards.
  • Strategic planning, mentorship, and sources to support marketers in constructing successful and sustainable groups.

  1. Client Testimonials of Career Counsellor In Delhi NCR

Real-existence Experiences of Clients who Sought Surabhi Dewra`s Guidance:

Career Clarity: Many customers specific how Surabhi Dewra’s steering helped them benefit readability approximately their profession goals. By know-how their strengths, hobbies, and values, customers have been capable of make assured selections concerning their expert paths.

Effective Decision-making: Clients admire Surabhi’s capacity to offer realistic recommendation and help in making profession-associated selections. Whether it is selecting among task offers, pursuing in addition education, or transitioning to a brand new industry, customers sense empowered to take decisive movements with Surabhi’s steering.

Personalized Approach: Surabhi’s customized technique resonates with customers, as they sense understood and supported during the profession counselling process. By tailoring her tips to person desires and aspirations, Surabhi guarantees that customers get hold of applicable and impactful steering.

Positive Outcomes: Many customers characteristic their profession achievement to Surabhi Dewra’s assistance. Whether it is securing their dream task, advancing of their contemporary role, or effectively transitioning to a brand new profession path, customers credit score Surabhi’s steering for supporting them gain their expert goals.

Impact of Career Counselling on Professional Trajectories:

Enhanced Confidence: Career counselling with Surabhi Dewra boosts customers’ self assurance of their abilties and profession choices. By gaining readability approximately their strengths and goals, customers sense extra confident in navigating their expert trajectories.

Optimized Career Paths: Clients enjoy tangible upgrades of their profession trajectories after in search of Surabhi’s steering. From aligning their competencies with marketplace needs to figuring out increase opportunities, profession counselling enables customers optimize their profession paths for long-time period achievement.

Improved Decision-making: Surabhi’s steering equips customers with the equipment and insights had to make knowledgeable profession selections. As a result, customers are higher prepared to assess opportunities, mitigate risks, and steer their careers withinside the course that aligns with their aspirations.

Long-time period Satisfaction: Clients discover that profession counselling with Surabhi Dewra results in extra pride and success of their expert lives. By pursuing careers that resonate with their hobbies and values, customers enjoy a feel of reason and contentment of their selected paths.

Early Intervention: Why Career Counselling Matters for Students:

Exploration of Options: Career counselling permits college students to discover a extensive variety of profession alternatives early on, permitting them to make knowledgeable choices approximately their instructional and expert paths.

Understanding Strengths and Interests: By carrying out profession counselling, college students advantage perception into their strengths, interests, and values, that are important for aligning their profession alternatives with their non-public aspirations.

Avoiding Missteps: Early intervention via profession counselling enables college students keep away from capability missteps of their instructional and profession journeys. By receiving steering from specialists like Surabhi Dewra, college students can navigate demanding situations and uncertainties greater effectively.

Setting Realistic Goals: Career counselling empowers college students to set practical and workable dreams primarily based totally on their skills, interests, and marketplace demand. This proactive method fosters a experience of course and purpose, putting college students up for fulfillment of their destiny endeavors.

How Surabhi Dewra Assists Students in Making Informed Career Decisions:

Individualized Guidance: Surabhi Dewra presents customized steering to college students, considering their particular strengths, interests, and profession aspirations. This tailor-made method guarantees that scholars obtain applicable and powerful help in making knowledgeable choices.

Assessment and Exploration: Surabhi conducts complete exams to assist college students become aware of their strengths, interests, and values. She then courses them via the exploration of numerous profession alternatives, offering insights into capability paths that align with their profiles.

Information and Resources: Surabhi equips college students with treasured statistics and assets approximately instructional pathways, process marketplace trends, and enterprise demands. This permits college students to make well-knowledgeable choices approximately their instructional and profession alternatives.

Empowerment and Confidence: Through her steering and help, Surabhi empowers college students to make assured choices approximately their destiny. By instilling a experience of self-consciousness and purpose, she enables college students navigate the complexities of profession making plans with readability and confidence.

1- Researching Online:

  • Utilize on-line sources including counselling directories, forums, and overview web sites to discover counsellors in Delhi.
  • Look for counsellors with applicable experience, effective reviews, and specializations that healthy your wishes.
  • Verify credentials and qualifications, making sure the counsellor is certified and authorised with the aid of using official organizations.

How Helps:

  • Expert Guidance: Access to experienced career Counsellor in Delhi who provide personalized guidance and support throughout the stream and career selection process.
  • Comprehensive Assessments: Specialized assessments designed to evaluate students’ interests, aptitudes, and career preferences to facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Holistic Approach: Integration of stream selection guidance, career exploration, and skill development to ensure a well-rounded approach to career planning.

Continuous Support: Ongoing support and follow-up sessions to monitor students’ progress, address concerns, and provide additional guidance as needed.

  • Career Assessment Tools: Our platform gives customized profession exams to assess college students’ aptitudes, interests, and character traits, offering insights into ability profession options.
  • Educational Guidance: We offer steering on selecting the proper topics and guides in Class eleventh and twelfth to align with college students’ profession desires and educational strengths.
  • College and Course Recommendations: gives guidelines for reliable colleges, universities, and guides primarily based totally on college students’ alternatives and profession objectives.
  • Expert Counselling Sessions: Students can avail one-on-one counselling classes with skilled profession counsellors to deal with unique concerns, make clear doubts, and set instructional and profession desires.
  • Skill Development Resources: We offer assets and guidelines for talent improvement initiatives, workshops, and extracurricular sports to beautify college students’ typical instructional and private growth.
  • empowers college students in Gurgaon to embark on a hit instructional and profession trips through supplying the important guidance, sources, and aid had to make knowledgeable choices and gain their expert aspirations. Through personalised counselling and complete offerings, ambitions to manual college students toward pleasant and profitable careers aligned with their pastimes and ambitions.

2- Seeking Recommendations:

  • Reach out to depended on friends, own circle of relatives members, or colleagues for suggestions on counsellors they have got had effective reviews with.
  • Consider becoming a member of on-line groups or help agencies in which people proportion their reviews and offer suggestions for counsellors in Delhi.
  • Seek referrals from healthcare professionals, including widespread practitioners or psychologists, who might also additionally have connections with official counsellors.

3- Initial Consultation:

  • Schedule an preliminary session with capability counsellors to evaluate compatibility and rapport.
    Use this possibility to talk about your concerns, goals, and expectancies for counselling.
  • Pay interest to how the counsellor communicates, listens, and responds on your wishes for the duration of the session.
  • Trust your instincts and select a counsellor with whom you sense snug and understood.

Here’s a breakdown of best Career Counsellor in Delhi the way Surabhi Dewra stand out among different career counsellors, along side points beneath every subheading:

1. Comprehensive Expertise:

  • Surabhi possesses a various talent set and considerable information in various industries, enabling her to offer well-rounded steerage across special career paths.
  • She constantly updates her understanding to stay abreast of industry trends, rising activity markets, and evolving career opportunities.

2. Personalized Approach:

  • Surabhi emphasizes a customised approach to career counselling, taking the time to apprehend every consumer’s particular strengths, pastimes, and aspirations.
  • She tailors her steering and techniques to align with character goals, ensuring a distinctly customized enjoy for each customer.

3. Innovative Methodologies:

  • Surabhi employs modern methodologies and present day gear to decorate the career counselling enjoy for her clients.
  • She embraces era and digital platforms to offer virtual coaching, online resources, and interactive checks, making her offerings reachable and handy.

4. Proven Track Record:

  • Surabhi boasts a music document of fulfillment, with severa testimonials and success testimonies from glad clients testifying to the effectiveness of her steerage.
  • Her customers have performed sizable milestones, such as securing dream jobs, advancing in their careers, and launching successful entrepreneurial ventures.

5. Holistic Support:

  • Surabhi goes beyond conventional career counselling by way of providing holistic guide that addresses clients’ emotional, psychological, and expert desires.
  • She presents encouragement, motivation, and empathy to assist customers conquer demanding situations and obstacles on their career journey.

6. Commitment to Client Success:

  • Surabhi is deeply committed to her clients’ fulfillment and goes above and beyond to support them in attaining their career goals best Career Counsellor in Delhi.
  • She fosters a collaborative partnership with clients, empowering them to take possession of their career development and pursue their aspirations with confidence.

7. Thought Leadership:

  • Surabhi is diagnosed as a thought leader inside the area of profession counselling, sharing her insights and understanding via workshops, seminars, and publications.
  • She contributes to the advancement of profession counselling practices and fosters expert development inside the industry.

8. Ethical Standards:

  • Surabhi upholds the very best moral standards in her practice, prioritizing integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism in all client interactions.
  • She adheres to set up codes of behavior and moral recommendations, making sure the consider and self assurance of her clients.
Client NameBackgroundChallenges FacedSurabhi’s InterventionOutcome
Jahnvi MotaniRecent graduateLack of clarity on career directionConducted comprehensive assessments to identify strengthsSecured internship in desired field
   and interests. Guided exploration of various career paths. 
Aparna AggarwalMid-career professionalFeeling stagnant in current roleProvided personalized coaching on career advancementPromoted to leadership position within company
   strategies and skill development. 
Ananya GuptaCareer changerTransitioning to a new industryAssisted in resume rebranding and tailored job search strategySuccessfully landed role in new industry
   with focus on transferable skills. 
Aakar RastogiEntrepreneurStruggling to scale startupOffered strategic guidance on business expansionIncreased revenue and expanded customer base
   and growth opportunities. 
Aarti VermaReturning to workforceConfidence issues after career breakConducted confidence-building exercises andSecured part-time role with flexible hours
 after maternity leave skills development workshops.

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2-International Women’s Day 2020 Receipient,Tinder – 2020

  • From multitude of applications, got selected for being part of Tinder’s $1 Million dollar pledge to offer free in-app ad inventory to start-ups that are led by women.

3-ASU GSV ELITE 200 – 2020

  • CareerGuide was announced as one of the Elite 200 companies. The ASU GSV Summit gathers leaders in government, education, and work advancing social and economic mobility by bending the arc of human potential through innovation.

4-Surabhi dewra : An Ultra-modern leader – 2019

  • “The 10 Most Creative Shepreneurs to Watch in 2019”

5-CEO with HR Orientation Award – 2019

  • Asia Pacific HRM Congress honour with ‘CEO with HR Orientation’ Award For my role in innovating HR models to effectively engage a distributed Career Counselling work team at

6-Medical Association Award – 2019

  • Women’s Day Special Award by Medical Association at Chandigarh

7-50 Fabulous Edutech Leaders – 2019

  • For work at presented by World Education Congress among as influencer in educational domain and field of career counselling.

8-FAME INDIA 25 Powerful Women – 2018

  • Selected by Fame India Magazine among 25 powerful women list.


  • Best Education Counselor at 8th among Indian Education Awards among 700 nominations.

10-Innovative Social Impact – SheTheTv – 2015

  • Won award in best social innovation category in first edition of Digital Awards launched by SheTheTv

Contact Information:

For inquiries, appointments, and consultations, please contact Surabhi Dewra using the following details:

Appointment Booking:

To schedule an appointment with Surabhi Dewra, please use one of the following methods:

  1. Online Booking: Visit Surabhi Dewra’s website and use the online booking form to schedule your appointment conveniently.
  2. Email: Send an email to [[email protected]] with your preferred appointment date and time, along with any specific requirements or inquiries.
  3. Phone: Call +91-8800442358 to speak with Surabhi Dewra’s office staff and book your appointment over the phone.

Office Address:

Surabhi Dewra’s office is located at the following address:

2-A/3, Kundan Mansion, Asaf Ali Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)

Importance of the Right Choice:

Selecting the proper counsellor in Delhi NCR is important for intellectual and emotional well-being. The proper expert can offer the aid had to navigate private demanding situations and sell standard fitness.

Expert Guidance:

Professional counsellors provide professional steering and personalised aid. Whether you want assist for yourself, your child, or your own circle of relatives, those specialists tailor their procedures to satisfy your precise desires and circumstances.

Advanced Techniques:

The counselling subject is evolving with the combination of superior strategies and technology, making offerings greater handy and effective. Virtual sessions, teletherapy, and revolutionary healing techniques make certain complete care.

Investment in Well-being:

Engaging with a professional counsellor is an funding in a healthier, happier future. The advantages of counselling consist of progressed intellectual fitness, higher coping strategies, and improved emotional resilience.

Take Action:

Don`t wait to cope with your intellectual fitness issues. Reach out to a depended on counsellor in Delhi NCR these days and begin your adventure in the direction of restoration and private growth. Taking this step can cause substantial fantastic modifications for your life.

Culturally Sensitive Care:

Counsellors in Delhi NCR frequently offer culturally touchy care, expertise the various backgrounds and values in their customers, that is important in a multicultural environment.

Comprehensive Support:

Many counsellors provide a extensive variety of offerings, such as character therapy, own circle of relatives counselling, and organization sessions, making sure complete aid for numerous intellectual fitness desires.

Early Intervention:

Early intervention thru counselling can save you minor problems from turning into fundamental intellectual fitness problems. Addressing issues early can cause higher outcomes.

Long-time period Benefits:

Consistent counselling could have long-time period advantages, such as progressed relationships, improved self-awareness, and higher emotional control skills.

Community Resources:

Counsellors in Delhi NCR are frequently well-related with different intellectual fitness experts and network resources, supplying customers with get right of entry to to a broader aid network.

Q1. What is profession counselling, and why is it critical?

Career counselling is a system of guiding individuals in making informed decisions approximately their career paths. It’s vital because it helps people apprehend their strengths, interests, and desires, main to greater fulfilling and a hit careers.

Q2. What services does a profession counsellor in Delhi NCR offer?

A career counsellor in Delhi NCR commonly gives offerings such as profession assessments, instructional guidance, activity marketplace evaluation, resume building, interview instruction, and ongoing guide during the profession making plans system.

Q3. How can profession counselling advantage college students and professionals in Delhi NCR?

Career counselling advantages college students by using assisting them explore career alternatives, pick suitable educational pathways, and make informed choices approximately their destiny. For professionals, it assists in profession transitions, ability development, and navigating challenges inside the process marketplace.

Q4. How do I agenda an appointment with a career counsellor like Surabhi Dewra in Delhi NCR?​

Career counseling commonly involves checks, discussions, aim-setting, movement planning, and ongoing assist to assist individuals clarify their career objectives and take steps closer to accomplishing them.

Q5. How do I schedule an appointment with a career counsellor in Delhi NCR?​

To schedule an appointment, individuals can typically reach out through the counsellor’s website, email, or phone number, often with the option for online appointment scheduling.

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