Student Counsellor In Delhi

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A student counsellor in Delhi is a dedicated professional dedicated to helping students in their educational, emotional, and profession development. They provide personalised steering to help students navigate educational challenges, make informed decisions about their research, and plan their future careers. Student counsellors help with the whole thing from path selection and university programs to coping techniques for instructional strain and personal problems. They are nicely-versed in the academic panorama of Delhi and beyond, imparting insights into various faculties, colleges, and universities. By fostering a supportive and expertise environment, student counsellors in Delhi empower students to reap their complete ability, construct resilience, and make properly-informed selections that lead to instructional achievement and private boom.

Background and Qualifications of Surabhi Dewra:

Educational Background: Surabhi Dewra holds a master`s diploma in Psychology from a reputed college in Delhi, focusing on counseling psychology. Her educational prowess gives her with a strong basis in expertise human behavior, intellectual health, and healing strategies.

Professional Certifications: In addition to her educational qualifications, Surabhi has received certifications in diverse regions of counselling, along with profession steering, pressure management, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). These certifications exhibit her dedication to non-stop getting to know and staying up to date with the trendy tendencies withinside the field.

Relevant Experience: Surabhi has gathered years of revel in running as a pupil counsellor in Delhi. Her numerous revel in consists of offering counselling offerings to college students from unique academic backgrounds, age groups, and socio-financial statuses. This extensive publicity equips her with the insights and abilities important to deal with a extensive variety of pupil issues effectively.

Experience in Student Counselling:

Individualized Approach: Surabhi believes in taking a customized method to pupil counselling, tailoring her interventions in keeping with the precise desires and instances of every pupil. She fosters a trusting and empathetic dating together along with her clients, making sure they experience heard, understood, and supported all through the counselling process.

Holistic Support: Surabhi’s counselling philosophy emphasizes holistic well-being, addressing now no longer simplest educational issues however additionally intellectual health, emotional stability, and private development. She employs plenty of healing strategies and techniques to empower college students to triumph over challenges, construct resilience, and free up their complete potential.

Track Record of Success: Over the years, Surabhi has helped severa college students conquer educational setbacks, profession dilemmas, and private struggles. Her compassionate steering and professional recommendation have contributed to the instructional success, profession advancement, and average happiness of her clients. Many college students have mentioned big enhancements of their educational performance, self-confidence, and first-rate of existence due to Surabhi’s counselling.


Academic Counselling:

Personalized Academic Planning: Surabhi Dewra makes a speciality of helping college students in developing personalised educational plans tailor-made to their strengths, weaknesses, and long-time period goals. Whether it`s enhancing examine habits, putting educational goals, or dealing with time effectively, Surabhi gives realistic techniques to decorate educational performance.

Study Skills Development: Surabhi gives steerage on growing crucial examine capabilities which includes note-taking, important thinking, and examination preparation. She facilitates college students pick out their gaining knowledge of patterns and put into effect powerful examine strategies that maximize comprehension and retention of path material.

Career Guidance:

Career Exploration: Surabhi assists college students in exploring diverse profession alternatives primarily based totally on their interests, values, and aptitudes. She gives assets and steerage to assist college students benefit insights into unique industries, professions, and academic pathways, empowering them to make knowledgeable profession decisions.

Resume Building and Interview Preparation: Surabhi facilitates college students craft compelling resumes, cowl letters, and task packages that exhibit their capabilities and stories effectively. She conducts mock interviews and gives remarks to assist college students refine their interview capabilities and boom their probabilities of fulfillment withinside the aggressive task market.

Mental Health Support:

Emotional Regulation and Coping Strategies: Surabhi gives college students with realistic equipment and strategies to control stress, anxiety, and different emotional demanding situations effectively. She teaches coping techniques which includes mindfulness, rest strategies, and cognitive restructuring to sell emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Psychoeducation and Awareness: Surabhi increases recognition approximately intellectual fitness problems and destigmatizes in search of assist for mental concerns. She educates college students approximately not unusualplace intellectual fitness conditions, signs, and symptoms, and encourages them to prioritize self-care and are seeking for expert help while needed

Personalized Counseling Sessions:

Tailored Guidance: Surabhi Dewra believes withinside the significance of personalised counselling periods tailor-made to the particular wishes and situations of every scholar. She takes the time to apprehend the individual`s background, challenges, goals, and options to increase a custom designed counselling plan that addresses their unique worries effectively.

Individualized Support: Surabhi affords one-on-one counselling periods wherein college students have the possibility to explicit themselves freely in a personal and non-judgmental environment. She actively listens to their worries, validates their experiences, and gives empathetic steering and guide tailor-made to their wishes.

Holistic Approach to Student Well-being:

Comprehensive Assessment: Surabhi takes a holistic technique to scholar well-being, thinking about diverse dimensions of wellness, together with physical, emotional, social, and non secular components. She conducts a complete evaluation to discover regions of power and regions desiring improvement, taking into consideration the interconnectedness of those dimensions.

Integrated Interventions: Surabhi integrates more than a few healing modalities and techniques to sell holistic well-being, addressing now no longer handiest the signs however additionally the underlying reasons of misery or imbalance. She emphasizes the significance of nurturing all components of one’s self to reap a experience of wholeness, fulfillment, and resilience.

Strategies for Academic and Personal Growth:

Strength-Based Approach: Surabhi makes a speciality of figuring out and constructing upon college students’ strengths, talents, and pursuits to foster instructional and private growth. She enables college students understand their particular competencies and leverage them to conquer challenges, reap their goals, and thrive of their instructional pastimes and private endeavors.

Skill Development: Surabhi equips college students with important capabilities and techniques for instructional success, which includes time management, organization, essential thinking, and problem-solving. She affords realistic gear and sources to assist college students decorate their take a look at capabilities, enhance their instructional performance, and turn out to be lifelong learners. 

Client NameBackgroundChallenges FacedSurabhi’s InterventionOutcome
Jahnvi MotaniRecent graduateLack of clarity on career directionConducted comprehensive assessments to identify strengthsSecured internship in desired field
   and interests. Guided exploration of various career paths. 
Aparna AggarwalMid-career professionalFeeling stagnant in current roleProvided personalized coaching on career advancementPromoted to leadership position within company
   strategies and skill development. 
Ananya GuptaCareer changerTransitioning to a new industryAssisted in resume rebranding and tailored job search strategySuccessfully landed role in new industry
   with focus on transferable skills. 
Aakar RastogiEntrepreneurStruggling to scale startupOffered strategic guidance on business expansionIncreased revenue and expanded customer base
   and growth opportunities. 
Aarti VermaReturning to workforceConfidence issues after career breakConducted confidence-building exercises andSecured part-time role with flexible hours
 after maternity leave skills development workshops

Surabhi Dewra, renowned as the Best Career Counsellor in Delhi, offers a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to empower individuals of their professional journeys. With a focal point on customized steerage, holistic guide, and progressive techniques, Surabhi’s offerings cater to numerous needs and aspirations, equipping customers with the gear and self assurance to navigate the dynamic activity market with success.

1. Career Exploration and Assessment:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of character strengths, interests, values, and career aspirations.
  • Aptitude assessments, character exams, and skill Development to gain valuable insights into customers’ skills and possibilities.
  • In-intensity evaluation to become aware of appropriate profession paths and possibilities aligned with customers’ profiles and desires.

2. Personalized Career Counselling Sessions:

  • One-on-one counselling periods tailored to satisfy the particular desires and targets of every consumer.
  • Guided exploration of profession alternatives, industries, and roles primarily based on customers’ pastimes, skills, and aspirations.
  • Strategic making plans and purpose placing to chart a clear pathway closer to accomplishing profession achievement and success.

3. Resume Writing and Personal Branding:

  • Professional resume writing services to spotlight clients’ talents, reports, and achievements correctly.
  • Personal branding steerage to enhance clients’ on line presence and visibility inside the activity market.
  • Tailored recommendation on crafting compelling cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and portfolios to face out to potential employers.

4. Interview Preparation and Skills Development:

  • Customized interview guidance classes to construct self belief and proficiency in diverse interview formats.
  • Mock interviews with optimistic comments and practical recommendations to excel in real-existence activity interviews.
  • Coaching on effective communication, body language, and storytelling techniques to make a lasting impression on employers. 

5. Career Transition and Advancement Support:

  • Guidance and aid for people navigating best Career Counsellor in Delhi transitions, including task adjustments, promotions, or industry shifts.
  • Strategic making plans and skill improvement to facilitate easy transitions and capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Assistance with negotiating process gives, evaluating profession paths, and making knowledgeable choices about career development.

6. Entrepreneurship and Startup Consulting:

  • Expert steerage for aspiring marketers and startup founders seeking to release or grow their ventures.
  • Business idea validation, market research, and feasibility evaluation to evaluate the viability of startup standards.

Improved Academic Performance:

  • Surabhi Dewra`s counselling interventions had been instrumental in facilitating extensive upgrades in college students’ educational performance. Through customized assist and guidance, college students have won a deeper information of educational concepts, advanced powerful have a look at habits, and stepped forward their ordinary getting to know outcomes.
  • Surabhi employs evidence-primarily based totally techniques and strategies to assist school students triumph over educational demanding situations, which includes procrastination, loss of motivation, and problem concentrating. By addressing underlying problems and offering focused assist, she allows college students free up their complete educational capacity and attain fulfillment of their studies.

Enhanced Confidence and Self-esteem:

  • Surabhi’s supportive and empowering technique to counselling fosters a tremendous experience of self confidence and self assurance in college students. Through validation, encouragement, and affirmation, she allows college students apprehend and admire their strengths, accomplishments, and specific qualities.
  • Surabhi works collaboratively with college students to become aware of and project poor self-ideals, self-doubt, and restricting ideals that can be hindering their self assurance and self-esteem. She affords techniques and gear to assist college students domesticate a increase mindset, increase self-compassion, and construct resilience withinside the face of adversity.
  • As a end result of Surabhi’s counselling, college students enjoy improved self-assurance, assertiveness, and self-efficacy, allowing them to technique demanding situations and possibilities with extra self assurance and optimism. They are higher geared up to navigate educational, social, and private demanding situations with resilience and a experience of empowerment.

Better Decision-making Skills:

  • Surabhi empowers college students to make knowledgeable and values-aligned selections concerning their educational and private goals. Through exploration, reflection, and goal-placing exercises, she allows college students make clear their priorities, values, and aspirations, facilitating greater planned and functional decision-making.
  • Surabhi equips college students with important wondering skills, problem-fixing strategies, and decision-making frameworks to assess options, weigh consequences, and make alternatives that align with their long-time period targets and well-being. She encourages college students to recollect more than one perspectives, count on capacity outcomes, and make alternatives which are congruent with their values and aspirations.

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4-Surabhi dewra : An Ultra-modern leader – 2019

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5-CEO with HR Orientation Award – 2019

  • Asia Pacific HRM Congress honour with ‘CEO with HR Orientation’ Award For my role in innovating HR models to effectively engage a distributed Career Counselling work team at

6-Medical Association Award – 2019

  • Women’s Day Special Award by Medical Association at Chandigarh

7-50 Fabulous Edutech Leaders – 2019

  • For work at presented by World Education Congress among as influencer in educational domain and field of career counselling.

8-FAME INDIA 25 Powerful Women – 2018

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  • Best Education Counselor at 8th among Indian Education Awards among 700 nominations.

10-Innovative Social Impact – SheTheTv – 2015

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Tie-ups with Educational Institutions:

  • Surabhi Dewra has mounted strategic partnerships and tie-united stateswith numerous instructional establishments in Delhi to offer complete counselling offerings to college students. These collaborations allow her to attain a broader target target market and provide her know-how and help to college students throughout one-of-a-kind educational settings.
  • Through those tie-ups, Surabhi conducts workshops, seminars, and counselling periods on campus, addressing a huge variety of educational, career, and private improvement subjects. She collaborates with teachers, administrators, and different stakeholders to create a supportive surroundings conducive to scholar fulfillment and health.
  • Surabhi`s partnerships with instructional establishments additionally contain presenting schooling and expert improvement possibilities for college and personnel on subjects associated with scholar intellectual fitness, health, and help. By fostering collaboration among educators and counsellors, she promotes a holistic technique to scholar improvement and help inside the instructional ecosystem.

Collaboration with Mental Health Organizations:

  • Surabhi acknowledges the significance of collaboration with intellectual fitness businesses to make sure college students obtain complete help for his or her intellectual and emotional health. She collaborates with neighborhood intellectual fitness clinics, counseling centers, and non-income businesses that specialize in intellectual fitness offerings.
  • Through those collaborations, Surabhi allows referrals and get admission to to specialised intellectual fitness assets, inclusive of therapy, psychiatric care, and help groups, for college students in want of extra extensive or specialised treatment. She works intently with intellectual fitness specialists to coordinate care and offer continuity of help for college students receiving counselling offerings.

Contact Information:

For inquiries, appointments, and consultations, please contact Surabhi Dewra using the following details:

Appointment Booking:

To schedule an appointment with Surabhi Dewra, please use one of the following methods:

  1. Online Booking: Visit Surabhi Dewra’s website and use the online booking form to schedule your appointment conveniently.
  2. Email: Send an email to [[email protected]] with your preferred appointment date and time, along with any specific requirements or inquiries.
  3. Phone: Call +91-8800442358 to speak with Surabhi Dewra’s office staff and book your appointment over the phone.

Office Address:

Surabhi Dewra’s office is located at the following address:

2-A/3, Kundan Mansion, Asaf Ali Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)

Recap of the Importance of Counseling

Emotional Well-being:

Counseling allows manipulate intellectual fitness troubles and promotes emotional stability.

Personal Growth:

It fosters self-recognition and private development.

Relationship Improvement:

Enhances verbal exchange and strengthens relationships.

Coping Strategies:

Provides gear to deal with lifestyles`s transitions and stressors.
Problem-Solving Skills: Develops techniques to deal with and clear up private and expert troubles.

Mental Health Education:

Increases know-how of intellectual fitness situations and remedy options.
Support and Validation: Offers a secure area to specific mind and emotions with out judgment.

Encouragement to Seek Help When Needed

It`s critical to apprehend the significance of in search of assist whilst needed:

Normalize Seeking Help:

Understand that in search of counseling is a fantastic step closer to self-care.

Break the Stigma:

Overcome societal obstacles that discourage in search of intellectual fitness help.

Early Intervention:

Addressing troubles early can save you them from turning into greater severe.

Professional Guidance:

Benefit from the knowledge of educated experts who can offer evidence-primarily based totally remedy.
Improved Quality of Life: Achieve a greater satisfying and balanced lifestyles via powerful counseling.
Community and Support Networks: Build connections with others via institution remedy and help networks.

How can I find a Student counsellor in Delhi?

Search online directories, ask for recommendations, or visit counselling centers in your area.

What types of counselling services are available in Delhi?

You can find individual counseling, couples therapy, family counseling, and specialized services for issues like addiction or trauma.

How do I choose the right student counsellor in Delhi?

Consider their qualifications, experience, approach to therapy, and whether they specialize in your specific needs.

Are counseling services in Delhi affordable?

Many counselors offer sliding scale fees or free initial consultations. Government and non-profit organizations also provide low-cost options.

Is counseling confidential in Delhi?

Yes, counselors in List of Counsellors in Delhi adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines to protect your privacy and trust.

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