Career Opportunities For Career Counsellors In India

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Were you aware that more than 50 percent of the population of India is between the age group of 15 to 24? This undoubtedly raises the need for career counsellors in India for students and parents. Therefore, today’s need for trained career counsellors is unparalleled. Here’s are career opportunities for career counsellors in India

career counsellors are professionals who help individuals explore and plan their career paths. They work with people to identify their interests, skills, and values, and then help them develop a plan to achieve their career goals. Career counselors may work in a variety of settings, including schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, and private practices. They may provide individual or group counseling sessions, administer career assessments, and provide guidance on job search strategies and resume writing.

Here’s An Experiment For You

Pick 5 children around you and ask them what they want to be after they grow up? The most common answers you’ll hear from a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or astronaut. 8/10 children are more likely to dream of these jobs and come to realize later in life that this is not what they want to do. This proves that there is a significant difference in what people think they want to do and what they actually want to do. The most common concern that students and parents have is that there is either too much data or too little data, contributing to the high need for career counsellors in India.

Who’s A Career Counsellors?

A Career Counsellor is a qualified specialist who analyses the interests and skills of the students and suggests a suitable career path. Career counselling, also known as career coaching, is a tool intended to aid students in finding the correct career option or path. To become a Career Counsellor in India, one needs to be trained enough to recognize career counselling approaches and procedures. One may pursue Career Counseling on their own, or work under a respected practitioner, or join an organization/school, the list goes on. We’ll talk more about this later.

Scope & Growth Of Career Counselling In India

India, with over 350 million students, has the highest student population in the world. To sustain an internationally recognized student-to-counsellor ratio, the country needs a whooping 1.4 million career counsellors. This offers a wider scope for passionate practitioners and people who want to pursue career counselling. With the limitless career options available today, choosing the right profession is not an easy task, as a result, the need for career counselling is increasing every day. Currently, the market size for Career Counsellors in India is estimated at over Rs 5,000 crore in India and is constantly increasing. This suggests that this booming industry has an intrinsic benefit of achieving sustainability and still represents a largely untouched market. Today, with a 19 percent work rate, Career Counseling is one of the most sought after occupations worldwide, according to industry surveys.

Where Can Career Counsellors Work?

Start Your Own Practice In Career Counselling

Starting their on your own is the best and most preferred path for career counsellors. This enables them to appeal to a larger group while still building a team of their own and expanding their business. As an independent enterprise, career counsellors may provide services such as:

  • Assist students from grades 8th to 12th in selecting schools and career options.
  • Help graduates and practitioners find their calling to ensure that they are successful in their career choices or also identify the job opportunities that are most appropriate for them according to their skill set.
  • Providing different career counselling services for each client using comprehensive appraisal focused on psychometric tests.

Counsellor At School

For a career counsellor in India, this is the second most sought after career path. In essence, a counsellor at school recognize students’ needs and help them develop strategies, and to guide the weaker students. Also, to ensure that students continue to achieve consistently, they collaborate with parents to help build a nurturing atmosphere and a comprehensive support structure at home. They even keep them in the loop about counselling sessions for students. School counsellors can help recognize common vocational qualities and career-related talents that can be mastered by students.

Counsellor For Admission

This is a recent counselling service provided by counsellors in India and abroad that is becoming very popular in colleges and universities. An admissions counsellor’s daily role includes:

  • Talk during enrollment to potential students and newly enrolled students and help them finish their paperwork.
  • Evaluate prospective student applications, create outreach programs to get more admissions.
  • Help new students understand their specific classes/courses and many other things.

Leader In Business Learning And Development

This is yet another field whose demand is rising every day. To ensure that their employees’ satisfaction and higher productivity, most organizations have been investing hefty amounts in hiring counsellors. The purpose behind this is to their employees are highly skilled and the company has the right tools to expand further and never face any unexpected problems hindering the performance of the organization. It is a full-time executive role that expects you to prepare skill-building operations, leadership training for staff members to develop a second line of leadership, counselling coaching sessions to ensure that managers and team leaders invest properly in their respective teams and thereby minimize overall burnout.


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