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Mechanical engineering

These engineers deal with the design, operation and maintenance of machines, their components, machine tools, manufacturing systems and processes. Perhaps, it is the broadest of all engineering branches and is generally a combination of three broad areas: energy, structures and motion in mechanical systems, and manufacturing. They work for numerous numbers of manufacturing and design firms. Almost every large technical or manufacturing company requires mechanical engineers. Manufacturer’s utilities and consulting firms large and small hire mechanical engineers.


What Is Mechanical Engineering?

The major divisions of mechanical engineering are engineering mechanics, designs and controls, thermo- science and fluids, and manufacturing. Depending on the various colleges and the universities, some programs offer more specialized programs, such as mechatronics, robotics, transport and logistics. Cryogenics, and biomechanics, if a separate department does not exist for these subjects. Modern analysis and design processes in mechanical are aided by various computational tools like finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamic (CFD), computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

In system design and controls, an engineer may apply CAD/CAM system software to feed “instructions” to computers numerically controlled (CNC) machines such as robot: milling machines, and lathes. In this way, the engineer could automate the manufacturing process without the need for intermediate drawings. A mechanical engineer working in thermo- fluid might design a heat sink, an air conditioning system or an internal combustion engine. Other processes might focus on the fluid itself, such as a fan to cool an electrical system, a turbine to power a submarine or a spray gun to supply chemical coatings.

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Given the wide variety of subjects, candidates preparing to study, should take into consideration the programs available in their respective colleges and universities. Most programs offer major subjects of study. Fundamental subjects include: statics, dynamics, the strength of materials: solid mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning, kinematics (including robotics), manufacturing technology, mechatronics and control theory, Mechanical engineers are also expected to understand and be able to apply concepts from chemistry and electrical engineering. At the smallest scales, it becomes nanotechnology and molecular engineering – one speculative goal of which is to create molecular assembler build molecules and materials via mechanosynthesis.


Mechanical career is one of the most phenomenal professions. It is deemed that it is a perennial part of engineering as a creative career. It led to the emergence of numerous versatile machines which are boosting or accelerating the production in the industrial area. It is referred to as the most timeless profession of engineering because it revolves around the concepts of thermodynamics, machinery management, creation, fluids and formulated structural interpretation. To become proficient and skilled mechanical engineer, the subject needs to have extensive knowledge of Physics, Applied Engineering and specially Mathematics. Good grip on these quintessential subjects works as your prerequisite refined skill in mechanical engineering careers

Mechanical as a career has great future scopes in India todays because of its other specialized promising disciplines. These eloquent notions are cleverly utilized to design and create some of the immaculate, mind boggling state of the art of automobile, manufacturing units, aircrafts parts as well as other industrial machinery parts, equipment and apparatuses. Other than machine management and vehicles management mechanical engineering working professionals put their heart and soul to promote the essence of developing powers, apparatus and machine managements

As a devoted, determined and dedicated mechanical engineer they are further responsible to analyze or interpret the efficiency and effectiveness of the mechanics by supervising it. They even maintain and test the machinery and if any glitches need to be eradicated then mechanical engineering working professionals are on their toes to fulfil their responsibilities.

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In above paragraphs we deeply explore the roles and responsibilities played by mechanical engineering professionals but the engineering is confronting some important interrogations- like is it a perfect future career option for students who are passionate or not. Due to the serendipitous occurrence of stagnancy in the industrial sectors job opportunities and legitimate offers. Several young aspirants who want to pursue mechanical engineering as a career are aligned in a row. In such circumstances the decisions can make or break the future progression. So, after extracting some relevant info we are going to take a deep dive in the oceans of mechanical engineering to discuss Mechanical engineering as a career in India and its future offerings.

Benefits of becoming Mechanical engineering as a career

  • It is referred to as the most immaculate or splendid courses created for the ambitious students who want to know nitty-gritty of the construction and development of machine practices in-depth.
  • Scope in mechanical engineering is great and broad because it encompasses numerous other sub-divided positions in which you can swiftly shift to gain natural progression in engineering as a working professional.
  • It allows mechanical engineering freshers and mechanical engineering candidates to get an epic job with great packages straight after graduation.
  • There is a high demand and employability rate in the mechanical engineering field for both undergraduates and working professionals.
  • Across India there are approximately 4000 institutions in total which provide opportunities to attain mechanical engineering programmes.

Courses And Eligibility:

For seeking admission to B.E. Mechanical Engineering, the applicants should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) in the Science stream with maths, physics, and chemistry as compulsory subjects. In the case of IIT, it is compulsory for the candidates to qualify in the (JEE) Joint Entrance Examinations. There also state-level engineering entrance exams like MHTCET, KCET, etc

Even at the postgraduate level, the aspirants should fulfil certain eligibility criteria to pursue higher studies. While the criteria may differ depending on the university or Institute, some of the common requisites include:

  • The aspirants should have pursued a B.E. or B.Tech. degree course in Mechanical, Automobile, Manufacturing, Production, Mechatronics or any other related fields of engineering;
  • The aspirants must have secured a minimum aggregate of fifty-five per cent (55%) in the final qualifying exam.
  • Candidates must have passed 10+2 or an equal examination from a well-known board with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as core subjects.
  • A minimum percentage of 55 marks in 10+2 or equivalent is necessary for opting (relaxing guidelines application for different categories aspirants differs from college to college) for taking admission as undergraduate and diploma courses in mechanical engineering.
  • For getting admission in M.Tech in mechanical engineering, candidates should have passing certification of graduation level as an essential credential  with the minimum percentage of 50% in the essential field.
  • An authentic and credible scorecard of any essential entrance exam is required for undergraduate admission, diploma, postgraduate and doctoral programme proceedings.


Top Institutes In India

  • Indian Institute Of Technology Madras – [IITM], Chennai
  • Indian Institute Of Technology – [IIT], New Delhi
  • IIT Bombay – Indian Institute Of Technology, Mumbai
  • Manipal Academy Of Higher Education – [MAHE], Manipal
  • Indian Institute Of Technology – [IIT], Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute Of Technology – [IIT], Kanpur
  • Indian Institute Of Technology – [IIT], Roorkee
  • Birla Institute Of Technology And Science – [BITS], Pilani
  • Indian Institute Of Technology – [IIT], Guwahati
  • Indian Institute of technology – (IIT) , Hyderabad

Scope In India And Abroad

The demand for Mechanical Engineers in India as well as abroad is increasing day by day. Candidates holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering can find job opportunities in automobiles, aerospace, research and development, chemical manufacturing plants, oil exploration, railway factories and many others.

With the advancements of technology in recent times, the expertise and skills of a Mechanical Engineer are increasingly sought after, in more technology-specific domains. Some of them include nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and energy conservation, etc.

Down the line, the growth of Mechanical Engineering careers is expected to be immense and will soon transcend many other professions to become one of the highest-paying career options. 

Mechanical engineering as a career in India and overseas are very extensive. It opens up a tonne of options in practically every business. Candidates with a degree in mechanical engineering may find employment in a variety of industries, including rail production lines, compound assembly factories, vehicles, and inventive work.

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The ability and skills of a mechanical engineer are more sought after in more innovation-specific fields as a result of recent invention, including nanotechnology, biomedical design, artificial intelligence, advanced mechanics, energy preservation, and more.

After a few years, it is predicted that employment opportunities for mechanical engineers would advance dramatically, surpassing the current landscape and providing applicants with lucrative career options.


With the emerging paradigm shift new technological advancements are also emerging. These advancements lead to development of new disciplines in the mechanical engineering field. People are passionate to opt diverse domains like robotics, nanotechnology, geomechanics and many more. Majority of the undergraduates or freshers opt robotics and mechatronics as a career option. These both disciplines combine the knowledge of mechanical engineering with distinct courses to deliver the best state of the art products beyond excellence.


There are several reasons why a career in mechanical engineering will be rewarding. In today’s times, mechanical engineering is on high demand. Mechanical engineers receive more than average salaries for both public and private organizations. A Mechanical Engineer’s work involves initiation, planning, overlooking, and completing a variety of types of mechanical work. Therefore, it is probably one of the most exciting, and ever-flourishing career options today.

Job Profiles And Top Recruiters

Job ProfileResponsibilities
Purchase and Quality Control ExecutivePurchase and Quality Control Executives are responsible for supervising staff and overseeing product development procedures in order to make sure that the quality and efficiency standards are being met.
Design EngineerA Design Engineer deals with researching and development of new systems and products. They are also responsible for improving the efficiency and performance of existing products.
Mechanical EngineerA Mechanical Engineer is responsible for designing the specifications for designing, developing, manufacturing, and installing modified or new components and systems.
Assistant Mechanical EngineerAn Assistant Mechanical Engineer deals with a variety of tasks to assist mechanics in operations, repairs, and refurbishments of machines.
Professor / LecturerA professor or a lecturer is not only responsible for teaching Mechanical engineering but also shaping students to become successful mechanical engineers.

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Some of the top companies/organizations which provide jobs to these candidates are:

  • Toshiba
  • Siemens
  • Tata Motors
  • Reliance Industries
  • Jacobs
  • GE Global Research
  • Indian Oil
  • BMW
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
  • Larsen and Toubro Ltd
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited 
  • Diverse job positions in Mechanical engineering as a career

    After successfully finishing your graduation in the decisive mechanical engineering as a career, there are numerous roles and responsibilities that you can look up to in mechanical engineering. It is totally based on your choice and interest; you can select the job position which suits you. You have options to experiment with different job positions .

    AEROSPACE ENGINEER– It is a position which is responsible to deal with the maintenance and construction of the aircrafts and airports by relying and revitalizing technical aspects in mind. The aerospace sector is another area where mechanical engineers are in high demand. This is one of the most rising Scope of mechanical engineering in India. This is one of the top Mechanical engineering as a career option.  The aerospace industry is seeing tremendous technological growth, which is driving up need for qualified mechanical engineers. They work on designing, developing, and testing aeroplanes as well as ancillary machinery and systems. Aerospace engineers create missiles, aircraft, spaceships, and other flying items. Making prototypes of the designs and conducting testing are their primary goals here. Satellites and weaponry are designed and made by aerospace engineers. They check, for instance, that the satellite can survive the force of a rocket launch. In India, an aerospace engineer makes an average salary of 8 LPA. As they gain experience, they can specialise in tasks like flight tests, airframe structural analyses, etc.

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    MAINTENANCE ENGINEER– Maintenance engineer plays a key role in by keeping track on the smooth functioning of the machines and gadgets. This is one of the top Mechanical engineering as a career option. Maintenance engineers are hired only to check the flow of running equipment and machines.


    AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEER- this group of devoted engineers are responsible for innovating designs and developing mechanical elements and machines which are connected with vehicles. It is the automotive engineer functionality. They specially focus or aim on the quaternary based activities which stands for research and development, conceptualizing, designing and the development of automobile machine parts. This is one of the top Mechanical engineering as a career option.

    This group of devoted engineers are responsible for innovating designs and developing mechanical elements and machines which are connected with vehicles. This is one of the most rising Scope of mechanical engineering in India. It is the automotive engineer functionality. They specially focus or aim on the quaternary based activities which stands for research and development, conceptualizing, designing and the development of automobile machine parts. There is high demand and employability rate in the mechanical engineering field for both undergraduates and working professionals. Across India there are approximately 4000 institutions in total which provide opportunities to attain mechanical engineering programmes.

    Vehicles and their subsystems are developed and designed by automotive engineers. They employ cutting-edge technologies to spread global mobility. They work on the creation of off-road vehicles, buses, trucks, and passenger cars. Automotive engineers create new products, alter current ones, and design and organize the production process. These days, one of their main responsibilities is to analyze the project’s energy, environmental, and safety concerns. They create the testing protocols, look into why the product failed, and create cost estimates and design guidelines. In India, an automotive engineer makes 6.2 LPA on average. One can specialize on hybrid and electric vehicles, which will be in great demand in the future, with developments in the work profile.

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    CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER- This simply stands for C&I Engineer. This is one of the top Mechanical engineering as a career option. These working professionals that are responsible for the creation, development, fixing, managing and handling of the apparatus that normally utilized to track and to command machines and systems which are connected with the engineering profession.

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    NUCLEAR ENGINEER- These working professionals offer technical assistance to the nuclear power stations. This is one of the top Mechanical engineering as a career option. The profile deals with toiling on designs, operate and disassemble or undo the nuclear power station apparatuses or machineries. A nuclear engineer can wear the hat of operator, creator, designer, maintainer and handler of the diverse machines and gadgets which comes under the workings of mechanical engineers. This career option for mechanical engineering diverges from designing, creation, analysis, development and checking the installation of devices. Last but not the least maintenance and structural engineering also enters in the picture. So, these are the relevant roles played by the nuclear engineering career professionals.

    The potential for professional advancement and development in mechanical engineering in India is astounding. By 2026, employment for mechanical engineers is expected to increase from 9% to 11%. The future Scope of mechanical engineering in India is incredible. Students have the option to pursue a specialization in automotive engineering with an introduction to hybrid and electrical vehicles after completing their fourth year of undergraduate engineering. One of the oldest and maybe most varied specializations in engineering is mechanical engineering. The abundance of choices offers a wide range of chances in numerous industries, a variety of professional responsibilities, and overall Mechanical engineering as a career prospects.

    So, this was all about Mechanical engineering as a career option

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