8 challenges student face in school life

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challenges faced by students in school some point in their life. Challenges and struggle, both are part of our life. We have to struggle to defeat it. We have to face challenges every day. These days either school student, college student or a working person, the challenges they face are extensive. We learn something from the challenges we face and this makes us the person we are today. But when we talk about a school student, the case is not the same. In school life, some issues are serious and need to take care of them because a school student can’t handle alone, they all are not mature enough to handle the challenges they face in school life. The problems they face in school life, it is not necessary that they will face in real life too. To recognize them as soon as possible and address them. From this article, you will get find the problems of the school students and tips to tackle the challenges faced by students in school

Learning Disabilities

Just as our hands do not have the same fingers, we are also not the same. Some students catch things quickly, they are god-gifted, some students take average time to learn things and some students are slow learners, they take too much time to understand things. Still in our education system, irrespective of their IQ, every student has to go through some courses. To deal with this problem, both parents and students need to take counseling. Sometimes it’s better to score less, don’t put pressure on your children to score more, it can affect their health and mental state.


Rivalry means competition. In today’s era, the competition students face that are extremely high. As we can see to take admission to a good school, we have to go through the test. To prove themself, they have to compete with so many other students and defeat them to take admission. We all know from birth till death, throughout life every person has to go through the competition. challenges faced by students in school is good when it is healthy but when it turns to unhealthy one them it will be stressful. To deal with this problem, in every school, teachers should teach their students about personality development.

Health Issues

If you stay away from home like hostels, boarding school, etc then those students are in the pink of health. School students are most prone to fall sick with viral diseases like chickenpox, fever, cold and etc. If you fall sick then you have to miss classes. To deal with these problems, parents need to guide their children about these diseases and how they spread it. So that they can avoid doing those things which will make them sick too.

Immature Relationship

School student thinks that being in a relationship gives them love, pleasure, and support. When it ends, it will give you a lot of pain. In school life, we are not that much mature to handle things so we easily attract the opposite sex. If they don’t have proper guidance about these things then this can be very challenging to them and in the end, they make severe mistakes. Anyone can make them fool easily. Just to impress their crush they direct jump into a physical relationship and when it ends then they go through emotional trauma. To deal with this problem, parents have to become friends with their children, so that they can talk about their problems comfortably with them. If any student face this kind of problem then he or she must talk to a school counselor about their problem rather than discussing their problem with their classmate or their friends.

Peer influence

In school, most of the students do something because they feel like when their friends did the same thing, they became famous. They get addicted to drugs, alcohol and so many things under peer influence. They want to feel accepted and valued by their friends, So they do those things which they don’t want to do. This will affect their well-being. To deal with this problem, you have to learn to say no to those friends with whom you don’t feel good.


63.6% of patients coming in for treatment and they were introduced to drugs at a young age below 15 years, an NGO survey revealed this. On the internet, We all must have seen a viral video of a child of 15 years who is addicted to drugs only. He wants only drugs rather than their mother, family or food. This is reality, children get influenced by anything so easily which can harm their future also. To deal with this problem, you have to guide their children about their bad effects on their health and if a child found to be drunk, don’t punish, help him or her and ask about their problem because most of the time students drink to overcome their depression.


Students usually don’t know how to manage their expenses, they just spend money on anything. In the end, they don’t have money then they have to borrow money from their friends and find themselves in debt. To deal with this problem, they should learn how to save money to tackle with their expenses.

Many students hold up to shame because of their looks, background.

We need to teach our children that we all are equal. You can’t judge or make laugh of anyone on the basis of looks or their background. Change there thinking at the initial stage so that they grew up with positive thinking and without any discrimination mind.

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Frequancy Asked Questions

Q.What are the 8 challenges students face in school life?

  • There are 8 difficulties that pupils encounter in school:
  • Academic difficulties: These include being unable to comprehend the subject matter, managing the workload, and getting ready for tests.
    Making friends, integrating into society, and overcoming bullying are examples of social problems.
  • Stress, worry, and sadness are a few examples of emotional difficulties.
  • Family challenges: These include resolving disputes within the family, managing money issues, and meeting parental expectations.
  • Health issues: These include substance misuse, chronic sickness, and mental health issues.
  • Challenges related to the school environment include feeling uncomfortable there, having to cope with prejudice, and feeling overburdened by the task.
  • Personal challenges: Managing personal issues like grief, loss, or trauma is one of these.
  • Managing changes in school, such as starting a new school, relocating to a different school, or graduating are examples of transition issues.

Q.What are the most common challenges students face in school?

The most typical difficulties that pupils run into in class are:

  • Academic difficulties: These are the most frequent difficulties students have, and they can be brought on by a number of things, including learning problems, a lack of enthusiasm, or inadequate study techniques.
  • Social difficulties: Although they can be challenges faced by students in school of all ages, these difficulties are more frequent among middle school and high school students. The three most prevalent social difficulties that kids encounter are bullying, peer pressure, and social isolation.
  • Students frequently experience stress, worry, and sadness as emotional difficulties. These difficulties can be brought on by a number of things, including social issues, academic pressure, and familial issues.

Q.How can students overcome the challenges they face in school?

The difficulties that kids have in school can be solved in a variety of ways. A few of these are:

  • Students who are having academic, social, or emotional difficulties may find it beneficial to ask their instructors, parents, or other trusted people for assistance.
  • Students who learn healthy coping skills can better control their stress, anxiety, and despair.
  • Participating in extracurricular activities may assist kids in forming friendships, gaining confidence, and picking up new skills.
  • A good diet, appropriate sleep, and regular exercise are all parts of taking care of one’s physical and mental health.

Q.What are the signs that a student is struggling with challenges in school?

There are several indications that a student may be having difficulties with their academic issues. A few of these indicators include:

  • One of the most evident signals that a student is having difficulty is a decline in grades.
  • Increased absences: Struggling students may start to skip school more frequently.
  • Behaviour shifts: Struggling students may begin to display behavioural shifts, such as withdrawing, acting aggressively, or being disruptive.
  • Physical symptoms: Struggling students may start to feel physically unwell, such as headaches, nausea, or exhaustion.
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