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I am sure that you have heard that famous Sanskrit Shloka from Chanakya Neeti, where Acharya Chanakya had told 5 most relevant characteristics of a student should have. The shloka tells a student should have alertness like a crow, concentration like a crane, a student should sleep like a dog, eat less than required, and should ready to give-up the comfortability and attachment of the house.

These five relevant characteristics for students mean to be the ultimate features of any students, for all time, but as the era has changed so the face of these relevant characteristics for students would also be changed or some additional untold characteristics would be added into these features.

In this blog post, we are going to elaborate on these characteristics for every student, and the view of the modern lifestyle, by adding some relevant ones.

Alertness like Crow

Once a crow was teaching his child that how to be alert of danger from any human.

The crow told “you should not be afraid of a walking man. You should be afraid if he bent down, you should immediately fly away else he could pick a pebble to hit you”….. “what if he already had a pebble, in his pocket, brought from the house?” – The child said!.

Joke apart, the point is the foresight of a student to think extra, every possible situation. If you have this quality then you could have a better quality of knowledge.


The power of concentration is explained by the hunting trick of the crane.

Crane stands with one leg in the water to pick fish, with one leg in the water he could manage lesser stir in the water and transfer his weight to his beak that he could pick very sharply.

In the modern term, this example tells the importance of meditation. With the practice of meditation, you can grow that picking power.

Sleep Like a Dog

A relaxed mind can concentrate well and for a relaxed mind, you need deep but conscious sleep.

Sleeping doesn’t mean sleep like never before! Remember sleeping is not important but the relaxation of mind.

Acharya Chanakya used to give a task to Chandra Gupta to sleep on the branch of a tree. He used to spread thorns beneath the branch Chandragupta sleep. Many times in deep sleep Chandragupta fell and got hurt, but by the time he learned to be alert while sleeping.

Afraidness is essential to be safe because as long you will safe the chances to win will alive.

Eat less

Although the tradition said to eat less, nowadays it should take as eat healthily, eat on time and eat according to season.

This is about self-care. One more thing we could add to this is exercise and gaming.

Eating a full stomach generates laziness which is the biggest enemy of student life. Remember one thing, you become what you think and your body becomes what you eat.

Leave the comfort zone

Tradition characteristic says to be a home solitaire, it doesn’t mean to be a hermit or illusionary.

This is a common thought, for the higher studies students would have to travels and live far home. You can search, all the great personalities had left their house to get knowledge and success in life.

Leaving the home for the study will learn you the collaboration with the situations and people. When you come out of your comfort zone, it will give you confidence by removing your fear.


What is discipline? It is following the rules, you or your teacher had made for you, wholeheartedly.

Student life should be very hard because it will decide how you would be at a young age. Hardness is the truth of life, anywhere in life everyone has to face difficult situations, if you do not face it early in the student life then it will come letter, and when it will later, it will come as frustrations and depressions.

Make hard rules for yourself and follow them consistently. Rules like; sleep early and get up early, study time table, etc.


The best example of self-motivation I can give you is an example of Eklavya. Rejection by Dronacharya couldn’t stop him to get knowledge. He started practice with himself and became one of the best archers of his time.

One more thing you should learn from his story is always give respect to your mentor whatever the situation. This thing is fading away from modern culture and this thing is matter.


Sometimes, Early student life doesn’t understand right and wrong, positive and negative. It welcomes all with an open heart.

Teachers and mentors are there for the student to tell. So the positivity will come with following them.

Once you home the positivity in you, early in the student life it will serve in your whole life. You will be proud of yourself when you look back to your student life and you feel that you were honest with your student life.

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So this is the end of the post 8 most relevant characteristics for every student. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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