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Waterways, an important mode of transportation are for commercial goods. History is the proof of discoveries that were made through ships. Today the marine industry has opened up several job opportunities and, here are a few of them you might want to read. All water ways’ jobs are divided into three categories of port, ship, and mechanism (engineering).


A person in command. Someone, no one can deny on a voyage. A captain is in charge of all the decisions that ought to be taken. The speed of the ship, logging, directing crew members, and monitoring loading and unloading of passenger or cargo material is taken care of by them.


Mates are the captain’s right hand. The next in command. When the captain is off duty, they oversee all the duties that a captain is supposed to. Bigger cruise and cargo exports have two to three mates, as assistance is needed for lengthy voyages.


One of the most important people on a ship. The steering wheel is in his/her hands. They handle all operations of carrying out the journey and navigate it. They need to be alert in mind and physically fit to tackle issues in the route. They are responsible for the lives of people on the ship.

Captains Cabin On Ship


When a ship is out on its journey, the pilot cannot see obstacles beyond slight. And not knowing what on your way is dangerous. Example? Titanic! A sailor’s job is to monitor the route the ship has to follow and check for obstacles. At the same time, they assist passengers in times of emergency and help crewmates with loading and unloading cargo.

Ship engineers

The engine is a crucial part of the ship. A ship engineer ensures all operations happen as planned. They look over the general crew who work on running the engine. Besides the engine, other mechanisms, and issues in them, such as electricity, sanitation, logging, etc., are looked over by them.

Istockphoto 1216838489 612x612

Engineer cadet

These are engineers under internship. They are kept under strict supervision and guided throughout as they learn how they should be handling the engines of a ship.

Marine oilers

All lubrication and refueling on the ship are done by a Marine oiler. They coordinate with the ship engineer for the maintenance of shafts, bearings, gears, etc. They also check for equipment that may need repair and even repair minor issues.

Marine cook

Cooking for the ship is like cooking for a large gathering, especially if you are working for the cruise. The food not only needs to be an in large amount but of good taste too. A Marine cook has to overcome several challenges. These include reckoning the movement caused by the sea while cooking, avoid fires, limited ingredients, etc.

Stevedore (General crew)

Depending on the type of port, Stevedore takes care of what goes on and off to ship. For cruise, they are asked to assist the passenger onboarding the ship. For cargo, they have to make sure the material, without any damage, is transported. It is one of the most basic posts onboard.

Istockphoto 836201132 170667a

Deck officer

Deck officer is the medium between the ship and the port. They communicate with people on a port, such as the traffic controller, and guide the captain, who further communicates with the rest. Deck officers are supposed to take care of easy pass-by bridges. Onboard, they get their cabin to work at.

Port operation manager

Port operation managers oversee if all installation of equipment is done well. Safety of all staff and material is one of their responsibility. Attachment and detachment of the ship from the port are taken care of by them.

Cargo Ship Loading Port Cartoon Illustration 1441 3827

Traffic control officer

Just like air traffic controllers, water traffic controller monitors movements on the radar. In case of any rising obstacle, they give a heads up to the captain to avoid accidents.

Tug master

Tug masters operate strong Boats that assist ships before they could start their voyage. Pulling the ship to the right current where it can hit off. They also help ships that have gone into unfortunate situations such as wrecks oil spills etc.

Custom officer

They are the police of waterways. All illegal activities, arrests, tax collection are collected and taken care of by them. Their job is to make sure people adhere to rules. Also, they lodge complaints, check for license and maintain paper works.

: By- Neha Pandey

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