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During this modern era, career counseling has become a part of every student’s life. He/she requires it at every moment of life when tough decisions need to be taken. So the first question that arises in our mind is that what are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests refer to the set of physical and mental examinations that the person undergoes. These tests are aimed at providing a broad outline to the professional counselor to understand the student’s cognitive growth before guiding him/her in a particular direction. This helps the professionals to easily understand the potentials of a particular child rather than the interests in only the field of study or what parents of a child want him/her to pursue forcefully. The tests reveal various kinds of stress or pressure a student is going through and helping him/her to get out of that unnecessary burden of stress.  

How Are These Psychometric Tests Conducted?

The questionnaire is prepared according to the different fields and, the student is asked to fill it. It is done to understand the psychology of a child that includes personality traits, interests, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It can be done either by offline or digital modes. During pandemic times, the virtual mode is preferred by the students, as it does not require any pen or paper for assessment. Usually, it is asked to fill the form correctly so that the professional counselors can properly guide them according to their requirements. If the students will hide their problems, then they cannot provide proper assistance and in turn, students are the only ones who will suffer by making a wrong career choice. The various psychometric tests have been conducted to prepare a child for accepting his/her weaknesses. They try to improve through correct steps as guided by counselors. 

What Is The Right Age For A Child To Undergo Psychometric Tests?

Generally, there is no such age that has been demarcated in the subject called psychology. But, usually, it is preferred that a person should undergo psychometric tests when he/she attains cognitive stability and be able to distinguish between what is right and wrong. Class 10th is the first step when a student requires assistance regarding the subjects he/she should opt for. At this age, a student should recognize his/her passion along with the interests in both the curricular and co-curricular fields. The student should be aware of the certain changes existing in the environment. They should talk to others so that they know the various career options for their future. Career counseling is highly demanded by the students of class 12th as well, especially those who do not have a vision for the career choice ahead though, the questions in psychometric tests differ according to the cognitive development of a child.

How Are The Tests Beneficial For Students?

Since the tests tell about the psychology of a child, they are like a mirror for them to identify all the problems. They clarify all their doubts regarding the various career options already existing. Also, these tests are the best tools for guiding the students as these are not only meant for highlighting the weaknesses of a child but the child is being assisted in a particular direction according to these reports. Firstly a group of professionals prepares a student to eradicate the fear of not excelling and then tell them regarding the evolving and already existing career options. After the period of career counseling, a student feels very satisfied and makes his/her better career choice. 

So we can say that psychometric tests are perfect companions along with career counseling for a student to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. Career counseling gives them a chance to improve an individual’s personality and prepares them for the competitive world ahead. The students gain knowledge and, a brief outline of every career option already existing or is emerging as a very innovative career option for all those students who are immensely interested in pursuing them. It is rightly said by Keith W Henline that, “Answers appear when the problem is clear”, so is the case with a student’s career. Until and unless he/she is not aware of the problems that he/she possesses, no one can find a solution to it and, career counseling after the psychometric test is the best option for a student to choose the right career path.


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