Which Stream to Choose in Class 11?

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Students often dream of pursuing something exciting in their lives, and when the time arises to decide on a career, they are restricted to choosing one of their interests. Here is psychometric career assessment where students can give test to better understand to their career. Few students give serious thought to their career choice from an early age. Classes 9th and 10th are extremely important in a student’s life. During this time, only they understand their interests and abilities. So, start deciding about your career from class 9 onwards. Here is an article on, Which Stream To Choose In Class 11?

What are the streams in class 11th?

The subjects you will study in class on the 11th and 12th are divided into three categories. And this choice will ultimately lead you to your future career. The available streams are-

  • Commerce 
  • Arts / Humanities
  • Science 


The science stream has two branches–

  • Medical science-physics, chemistry, biology, English and optional subjects
  • Non-medical science-physics, chemistry, math, English, optional subjects. 

You can pursue your career as a doctor, engineer, nurse, pharmacist and many others. A bachelor’s and master’s degree in science are also available. You can work in a variety of fields, including the merchant navy, computer applications, physics, chemistry, ethical hacking, aviation, statistics software, and so on. Students in the Science stream are encouraged to participate in science fairs, science clubs, and other extracurricular activities to enhance their knowledge and skills. They are also required to keep themselves updated with the latest scientific developments and technologies by reading scientific journals and attending seminars and workshops. After completing their 12th grade education in the Science stream, students can pursue higher education in science-related fields such as engineering, medicine, research, and technology. They can also explore a wide range of career options in these fields, including software engineering, data analysis, medical research, and environmental science.


Commerce stream is all about study of trade and business. There are myths about commerce, such as how it is better for students who cannot get into science or commerce, how it is better for students from business families, and so on. is a field that is related to the study of business, trade and finance. It is a lucrative field to explore and it has broad career options. Whether you choose mathematics in commerce or not, you should have a stronghold on calculations and the fundamentals of math. Students must have the ability to deal with large amounts of data. The subjects required to study in commerce are-

  • Accountancy 
  • Business studies
  • Economics
  • English 
  • Mathematics (optional)

Accountancy covers the concepts of management of income and the finances of a business. You have to study topics like expenditure, transactions, memos, trial balance, trading, profit, cash books etc. 

In business studies, you have to study different types of businesses and organizations. It includes differences between private and public sector companies, models, business finance, international trade etc. And in economics, you have to study Indian economic development, statistical tools, the government budget, the economy, demand and supply, etc.

However, the CBSE gives a choice between mathematics and other elective subjects. And, if you believe you are not strong in mathematics, you may opt out of the course. The additional courses offered in commerce include physical education, computer science, informatics practices, fine arts, psychology, legal studies, web technology etc. The Commerce stream can offer you a rewarding career. After high school, popular career paths for commerce students include chartered accountancy, actuarial science, law, hotel management, economics, and company secretary ship.


The humanities stream is a broad domain that covers a plethora of areas. Areas related to the humanities are: culture, systems, human society, and relationships. You have an in-depth knowledge of everything happening around you. Students who possess a deep interest in world affairs, social issues, historical events, and society are ideal for fitting into the humanities stream in class in the 11th grade.

One can choose subjects between history, political science, sociology, geography, economics and psychology. Students can choose combinations of their choice. Home science, fine arts, physical education, media studies, legal studies, math, and other subjects are available as electives in the humanities.

There are a variety of career options available in this field. After class 12th, you can move ahead with history, archaeology, psychology, international relations, hotel management, journalism, communication, event management, social work, sociology, fashion industry, photography, content writing due to its broad applicability. With passing time, more new fields are coming up in this domain. It includes areas such as gerontology, public policy, museology, art restoration, habitat policy and practice.

This one is the most confusing question to answer. Choosing a major in 12th grade determines your future career path. So, before determining the right career option, you should discuss it with your family and teachers. Nowadays, career counselling is a great option for students. You can go through a career counselling guide to find the ideal career that fits you.

FAQ About Which Stream to Choose in Class 11?

Can I switch streams after Class 11?

Yes, you can switch streams after Class 11, but it may affect your academic performance and career choices.

Can I pursue a career outside of my stream?

Yes, you can pursue a career outside of your stream, but it may require additional qualifications or training.

Can I change my stream after Class 10?

Generally, the choice of stream is made after Class 10, but it may be possible to change streams if the school offers flexibility or if you are willing to switch to a different school.

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