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  • Scared of Failing? A wide range of Skill-set is required to make any idea successful.
  • Seek guidance from our coaches, to create a plan and analyze your assets. Get counselling from our experts in advertising and branding yourself.
Starting Up Guidance

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Startup India


  • Scared of Failing? A wide range of Skill-set is required to make any idea successful.
  • Seek guidance from our coaches, to create a plan and analyze your assets. Get counselling from our experts in advertising and branding yourself under startup india scheme.

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Refine your idea and clarify your target customers

Conduct a market research and create a Business plan

Brand and Advertise for speedy growth

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Why Choose Startup India Scheme

Startup India 1

Experienced and qualified in-house team of startup india scheme guides, coach

Best support guaranteed with years of experience in guidance under startup India scheme

Connect with Startup Founders who have built startups

Help in choosing business structure & making business plan

Understand how to build teams and choose vendors from our startup india scheme counsellors

Applying the best strategy to deal with branding & team building

What's Included

Starting Up Guidance
  • Step by Step plan for your Starting Up Career
  • Creating a Business plan
  • Analyzing your Financial assets.
  • Branding & Advertising guidance
  • 4 Sessions / Videos for 6 months
  • Duration - 6 Months
  • Closure call over video or phone

More About Startup India Scheme GUIDANCE

Are you ready to go on a courageous, self-discovering, and empowering journey with Careerguide.com?
Starting up a business can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs. While some individuals may have a great idea, it takes much more than that to turn it into a successful venture. The process of starting a business requires careful planning, strategy, and execution, and it is essential to have the right guidance and support to navigate this process successfully. This is where a Starting Up Guidance course can be immensely beneficial. Such a course is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to launch and run a successful business. In this article, we will explore the importance of a Startup India Scheme course in more detail.

Helps entrepreneurs develop a clear business plan

One of the most critical aspects of starting a business is developing a clear and concise business plan. A business plan is a roadmap that outlines the goals, strategies, and tactics needed to achieve success. A Starting Up Guidance course provides entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to develop a comprehensive business plan. It teaches them how to identify their target market, conduct market research, create a budget, and develop a marketing plan.

Provides guidance on legal and regulatory requirements

Starting a business involves complying with various legal and regulatory requirements. These can include registering the business, obtaining licenses and permits, and ensuring compliance with tax and employment laws. A Start Up India provides entrepreneurs with an understanding of these requirements and how to comply with them. It also provides information on intellectual property protection, liability, and insurance.

Offers mentorship and networking opportunities

Starting a business can be isolating, and entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed by the challenges they face. A Starting Up Guidance course provides opportunities for mentorship and networking, connecting entrepreneurs with experienced business leaders who can offer guidance, support, and advice. This mentorship can be invaluable, providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn from those who have been there before and to avoid common pitfalls.

Teaches financial management skills

Successful businesses require sound financial management. A Starting Up Guidance course teaches entrepreneurs how to manage their finances effectively, including developing a budget, forecasting revenue and expenses, and understanding financial statements. It also provides guidance on funding options, including loans, grants, and venture capital.

Helps entrepreneurs develop leadership and management skills

Entrepreneurs need strong leadership and management skills to succeed. A Starting Up Guidance course teaches these skills, including how to lead a team, delegate responsibilities, and manage conflicts. It also provides guidance on developing a positive workplace culture and fostering employee engagement.

Teaches marketing and sales skills

Marketing and sales are critical components of any successful business. A Starting Up Guidance course teaches entrepreneurs how to develop effective marketing strategies, including branding, advertising, and social media marketing. It also provides guidance on sales techniques, including lead generation, prospecting, and closing deals.

Provides access to resources and support

Starting a business can be challenging, and entrepreneurs may face roadblocks and obstacles along the way. A Starting Up Guidance course provides access to resources and support, including workshops, seminars, and networking events. It also provides access to business incubators and accelerators, which can provide entrepreneurs with funding, office space, and mentorship. In conclusion, a Starting Up Guidance course can be incredibly valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs. It provides the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to launch and run a successful business, including developing a clear business plan, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and managing finances effectively. It also offers mentorship and networking opportunities, teaches leadership and management skills, and provides access to resources and support. For these reasons and more, a Starting Up Guidance course is an essential tool for anyone looking to start a business.

Why CareerGuide ?

One of the top job counseling platforms, CareerGuide, provides several services for class 11 and 12 students. In addition to providing students, professionals, and parents with the information they need to make wise decisions for their children, CareerGuide has been providing comprehensive career solutions to those in need. Our team has an extensive understanding of the industry and access to leading experts in numerous fields. From engineers to artists, business sales professionals to advocates, we serve as clients.
  • As an essential component of the operations and hiring procedures for numerous international corporations, we have seen the growing importance of accurate career mapping.
  • When you work with us, you are working with a team of experts who are qualified to provide the finest career solution for you or your child.
From the initial assessment to the planning and implementation stages, we apply the most effective solution by our counsellors meet your needs. A career advisor can help you make decisions in your life by educating you about your strengths and weaknesses, assisting you in getting to know yourself better through psychometric testing and counselling sessions. So, start your career guidance now. When you choose us, you are selecting a team of knowledgeable counsellors and experts that will support you in every way. So why are you still waiting? Contact us right away
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