Dear Sharvi, Greeting's for the day!!! Being a pilot is one of the finest, toughest and best careers across the globe. Many people are uncertain about the procedure to become an airline pilot and about the various career options as a pilot. Pilots are highly trained and skilled professionals. They can fly various aircraft and helicopters. Flying does not require much physical effort but the mental stress of being responsible for a safe flight of an aircraft full of passengers in all kinds of weather can be demanding. Before take-off the pilot must prepare a flight plan, study the weather, ma

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Dear Mr. Vivek, Greeting's for the day!!! Being a pilot is one of the finest, toughest and best careers across the globe. Many people are uncertain about the procedure to become an airline pilot and about the various career options as a pilot. Pilots are highly trained and skilled professionals. They can fly various aircraft and helicopters. Flying does not require much physical effort but the mental stress of being responsible for a safe flight of an aircraft full of passengers in all kinds of weather can be demanding. Before take-off the pilot must prepare a flight plan, study the weather,

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The typical day of an Airline Pilot can be extremely hectic - working for 15 hours, or very comfortable - not working more than 3-4 hours. It's one job that depends on day to day activities. In general we can talk about the kind of activities they get involved every day. So, it’s a duty to keep an eye on the activity which is usually decided earlier. And moreover, the pilots, work based on the schedule of the airline, the layout of the flights his provided at the beginning of every month, therefore, duty demands its own duration to which pilot needs to deliver the work. But, before knowi

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Hello dear student...   First of all thank you for coming to and asking us your query to us, .   Coming to your question I am happy to see you opted for a good career choice, and it will be great for you in future and it will lead you to a good life and success.   The eligibility criteria for BE/ Btech program in aviation engineering are as mentioned below: First is in 10+2 plus two with PCM subjects(physics, chemistry, maths) or equivalent to it Second is the minimum percentage you should score is 60% sixty percent in

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There are many types of certificate programs that you can attend to have good job as an airline pilot, like commercial pilot, night flyer, hobby flyer, ground classes, flight radio telephone operator, student pilot and many more. As you have mentioned your desire to become an airline pilot, you need to get a commercial pilot license. This is known as CPL license, and to get this license you should undergo a pilot training and pass a government approved written and practical exam conducted by DGCA Government of India. To get this CPL license, you should enroll in a pilot training institute and

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Dear StudentStill your query is not stating about your current qualification though I welcome your idea to be a space research scientist. As you your self motivation reflects the confidence in scoring good marks which is good sign for career keep it up. Though claiming any subject requires hard work and intelligent analysis about the background and further requirement only then you can say this is my subject and I understand the domains with a great ease. Of course one should pursue a subject which gives you the scope to redefine or explain the noble hypothesis. I hope you must be knowing

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The Indian aviation sector in the current times has seen a sudden growth. With the spread of education and changed mindset of people, more people are engaging in this sector. In the aviation sector for Asia, India stands out way brighter than the others The cause of boom is three folds – Encouragingpolicies made by the government. The sales of the private jets are up. Determining officials giving other countries a tough competition in the aviation sector. If you are looking forward tobecoming one of the cabin crew members i.e. an Air Hostess/Flight Attendant brush yourself up to face t

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Biggest misconception – Serving the passengers snacks and drinks is the only duty an air hostess performs. This is like one of the other duties and probably very down the list of all the other duties to be performed. Most passengers also think that if they can’t bear the weight of their carry-on bag, that they can just tell the air hostess to carry it. No, sorry they are not there to pick up your bags. If you can’t carry your own bag, try doing some weight lifting in the gym rather than treating the flight attendants as Prime duty – The most significant duty amongs

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The growth graph of air hostess/ aviation industry is pointing a constant upward sign over last few years. This is a job for people who love experiencing something new and traveling new places. The capital state of Delhi has numerous institutes where you can acquire required knowledge and skills to become a successful air hostess. Here are the top air hostess training institutes where you will get the best services. Also, most of these promise placements in reputed companies with a decent pay package. Following are the top air hostess training institutes where you can transform your dream of

  Steps to prepare yourself for the job of an Air Hostess: Know what the job is about – The most significant duty amongst all is the safety of the passengers and to get them to point B from point A. Also, the safety and security of the plane are in their hands. Taking care of passengers having any sort of medical emergency also is the duty of the Air Hostess To give instructions to the passengers regarding the safety measures. If necessary to take the passengers to the emergency exit in any casualty. Pros and Cons – The right to travel around the world during the job.

An air hostess or a cabin crew member is a person who looks after the needs of the passengers on board. They are also known as steward or stewardess. Their main function is to look after the safety of the passengers. They are required to give requisite instructions to them before boarding and during the journey. They are required to keep the boarders calm and serve them as per their requirements. These people need to have a minimum amount of physical qualification to be able to be eligible for the job of a flight attendant. They are not supposed to keep any unwanted and inappropriate tattoos o

  In order to reach new heights in one’s aviation career, one needs to make the selection of a stellar training institution. Here are a few the top institutes for air hostess/flight attendant training in the city of Chennai: PTC Aviation Academy PTC Aviation Academy provides many courses in Aviation, Airport Management Courses, In Flight Hospitality, Pilot Training Course etc. at economical prices. The students are imparted training by a faculty of professionals who hail from a rich background of working in prestigious airlines.  They are coached for job profiles like Flight

Air hostess is one of the eminent professions in our country, which is a dream for most of the girls. Basically, the main purpose of an air hostess is to take care of the facilities, comforts, and safety of the passengers during flights. It seems to be an easy job but in actual practice, it is a very difficult job as you need a systematic approach towards your duty and patience for long hours. You need to have a lot of other skills to become an air hostess like language proficiency, initiative capabilities, sense of responsibility, team spirit, positive attitude and communicative skills. Skil

Nowadays, the aviation industry is booming at a rapid rate and more of the young people are inclining towards the glamorous jobs offered by this sector. Likely, air hostess is considered as one the prestigious career options for young girls. By choosing this field you can earn a lot of money, as the beginning salary of every air hostess starts from 35000 INR per month and it exceeds with experience. Additionally, extra allowances are also provided with this good amount of salary like medical insurance for a life time, retirement plans, discounts on the air way ticket for air hostesses etc. It

Conquer your dream of traveling the whole world and even get paid for it? It is possible! You can do this by becoming an air hostess. You will get the opportunity to travel different places in the world and also it promises to offer a good pay. But you need to keep in mind that every job comes with a sense of responsibility. You need to develop many skills before becoming an air hostess. These skills include developing a pleasing personality, communication skills, positive attitude and much more. These skills can never be attained by just sitting at home. This is the reason many training inst

Everything is not exactly like what it seems. There is nothing in the world which has only advantages and no disadvantages. A balance between the two is what makes a task worthy of performing. Only advantages will make you bored of the job and only disadvantages will make you frustrated. A task with both advantages and disadvantages will prevent you from being bored and frustrated as well. Thus the job is made interesting as well as engaging. Similar is the case with the job of an air hostess.  It comes with many advantages and disadvantages as well. But the problem arises when we do not

Being an air hostess is a very responsible task. It is a very promising job for young, confident and extrovert women. This is a job for people who want to prove 'sky is the limit' for them and they prove it in the literal sense. This is an interesting field for the people who love to travel and experience something new. Following are some of the top air hostess training inst where you can acquire all the knowledge and skills  that are necessary for being a successful air hostess: Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi: FIAHT is a registered company in UAE which provides cou

Success is all we ask for throughout our life. Some people are able to achieve it and some are not. We call our luck responsible for being successful or unsuccessful in life. It is agreeable that luck has a small role in whatever you become. But remember a small role. So for being a successful air hostess, you don’t need luck, you need to work hard and success would be at your feet. But what should you do? There are so many people out there in numerous academies learning to be an air hostess. But not all of them become successful. There are very few people who are successful in getting

Air hostesses and flight attendants are service providers who are responsible for ensuring a safe passage for travelers as well as tending to their needs such as fulfilling their culinary requests or providing them medical care. They are also entrusted with the task to prepare reports of flights etc. In this article, the criterions which are considered to ascertain the suitability of a candidate are discussed. They are extremely important for candidates willing to be a part of the aviation industry. Selection procedure  The airline invites selected aspirants after the preliminary round t

Post the culmination of the training program of air hostesses and flight attendants, they can venture out and look at all the professions in store for them. Private positions They can avail jobs in private abroad based airlines due to the gradual globalization and open sky policies which call for increasing liberalization. With the growth in the number of fleets of airlines, the demand for flight attendants is likely to increase. Private air carriers which even have a presence in other countries like IndiGo, Singapore Airlines, Kingfisher etc. have the capacity to absorb a lot of recruits. Pu

Introduction to career in Aviation Industry Almost every person at least once in his/her lifetime has dreamed or wished to fly high in the sky. But with the passage of time, this wish often gets lost. People began to think that flying is only limited to birds and they start considering their wish to fly stupid and silly. But there is nothing wrong in dreaming of flying. This wish is not impossible. It can be fulfilled. Yes, you have heard it right. People can fly. Now, the question arises that how one can fly. The answer to this question is very simple. Making one's career in the aviation indu

The job of an air hostess is not only to serve. This is a very wrong idea people have in their minds. Air hostess is a highly paid and reputed job. Not everyone gets selected. It has very tough selection procedure. It teaches them many new things and makes them meet thousands of new people daily. They meet people from all around the world and culture, observe them, help them and make their flight comfortable. They always walk with charm and carry with them a positive aura. Also, there are promotions in this field. If you work hard with zeal and dedication you can even get promoted. Air hostes