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Can degrees like Diploma and ITI’s are good enough to give jobs? How can one get the Diploma in the electrical stream?

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RE: Can degrees like Diploma and ITI’s are good enough to give jobs? How can one get the Diploma in the electrical stream?

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A lot of queries are emerging from the technical students mainly from diploma background and ITI background, that how can they be recruited in the banking sector or any other government organization as electric technicians or similar. Since the diploma holders are the one who has not proper recognition in the formal sector, so a lot of misunderstandings are common regarding this. We all know that either the railways or the banking sector, cannot work without the maintenance of the electric system since it forms the basis of day to day functions of such organizations.

In this article, I’ll guide you for the posts mainly offered by the railways and banking sectors for the diploma and ITI holders. If you fall in this category, grasp the knowledge from this article and apply for your personal development.

Role of electrical system and electrical degree holders in firms

Electricity is the basic necessity now for the comfortable existence in the society. One cannot even think to live without the electricity, to work, to sleep. general day to day functions of the railways and banking industry would stop if there will be any hindrance to the electricity system.

Due to its deep importance and need, each and every public department have a healthy and well design electric power supply systems, and to be more specific Railways and banking sector have a robust electric system with well-deserved personnel.

In the article, we are talking about the Various courses available in the electric domain for the candidates, best colleges, and job opportunities. We will take the separate discussion on the Railways and banking sector individually and will comment on the same.

Courses available in the electrical stream

There are numerous courses available in the country in the electric domain, but most common being discussed here, which are more job seeking courses than any other in the same domain.

Thus based on the availability we classify the courses as, ITI COURSE, DIPLOMA COURSE, and DEGREE COURSE. 

Degree Course

Electrical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering and is the job worth branch for the candidate.

The duration of the electrical engineering is of the 4years.

One can get a suitable and high profile job after the engineering, in the railways as an electrical engineer, section engineer, senior section engineer, etc.

Colleges for B.E (Electrical)

  • IIT’s
  • NIT’s
  • State-owned governments colleges
  • Private engineering colleges across the country.
  • Industrial training institutes( ITI)

This is also called as short-term technical studies for the job. It is total job oriented in a medium band profile, hence it is mostly popular in the rural areas.

Duration of the ITI is 1 year.

Colleges available in the country.

  • Model ITI Delhi
  • Government ITI college Jabalpur
  • Rani Ahilya college of ITI, Indore
  • Venkat Raman college, Hyderabad
  • Kote Patil college, Pune
  • Ratnasagar college of ITI, Kanpur.


The duration for the diploma is of the 2 years.

Just completing the diploma one can work as a technician head or junior engineer. Some of the top colleges listed below are for diploma course.

  • Delhi diploma college, Ghaziabad
  • Tamarao bide college, Aurangabad
  • Reddy polytechnic, Hyderabad
  • Kalaniketan Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur
  • Kamayani polytechnic college, Awadh
  • Mumbai polytechnic college, War

Jobs opportunities

The jobs for the electricians mainly the diploma and ITI holders, are evergreen. The various jobs are listed below for the electric Engineering, diploma and ITI holders.

The electric engineer post is commonly the backbone of the organization as the overall transmission and distribution are in his hands. The organizations like railways, banks, factories, public sector undertakings, etc.

  • Head lineman

The chief work of the headline man is to coordinate with the electrical department of the office, to lay the transmission lines, to have the robust plan of electricity distribution. 

  • Safety engineer

This comes under the maintenance head, to look after the electric system from the safety and from the smooth functioning point of view, there is a safety engineer in every department.


  • Diploma electric engineer

To work as a subordinate to the electrical engineer, diploma engineer helps the senior engineer in the work by providing adequate support both technically and logistically.

  • Junior Engineer

In the big departments like railways and banking sectors, there is usually a post of the junior engineer to maintain the electric department at a field level. 

  • Maintenance
    there are number of personnel working to maintain the organization’s electric supply, this is a big unit on which,  the diploma and ITI’s students are recruited.

  • Electrical supervisor

They are the one, who undertakes the supervision works on the electrical infrastructure building system. When an of the office is newly opened, to lay down the electric units and fittings, supervisory posts are commonly recruited, mainly in the private companies.

  • On field works/ Reader

Electric system cannot work if the one is not having robust field staff, to control the electric loads from the powerhouse to the buildings, the diploma students are generally enrolled with the task for the same.

There are a lot of jobs opportunities for the diploma and ITI holders in the electric branch, it does not matter that whether you hold subordinate degrees, your courage, your dedication and your hard work matters. There are many successful diploma holders, who have started their work right from the small posts but now went up to the responsible postings. Have a proper guide and get into your dreams.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Can degrees like Diploma and ITI’s are good enough to give jobs? How can one get the Diploma in the electrical stream?

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