Pranita Vinayak Ahire

Can you provide me details of courses in? Raghu Engineering College, Vishakhapatnam

Please give me detailed information like fees, seat capacity, eligibility, mode etc.

by Pranita Vinayak Ahire
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RE: Can you provide me details of courses in? Raghu Engineering College, Vishakhapatnam

Shelly Chowdhary
Shelly Chowdhary
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Dear Pranita,

Let me share all the courses offered by Raghu Engineering College, Vishakhapatnam and its details, please find the information of the same mentioned below:

1. Raghu Engineering College, Vishakhapatnam offers a Full time PG Level MBA course

This is a PG level MBA programme. This MBA programme is of 2 years duration. This is a Full time programme.

You can find more information like institute details, course information, location maps, interviews, admission processes, college’s video, news etc. by visiting Amity University, Lucknow Institute details page here:

Yours truly,

Shelly Chowdhary

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