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Do I have to learn different languages to go in customer support?

How will i know to right information

by Divyansh Gautam
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3 answers

RE: Do I have to learn different languages to go in customer support?

Vikash kumar Paridharia
Vikash kumar Paridharia
Verified Career Expert
Teacher at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Bokaro
  • Bokaro

Hello student,

Customer support under ITES category is increasing at a rapid rate in India. Call Centres work according to the need of the company. Generally, companies outsource their Customer support work to BPOs.
Coming to your question, whether learning several languages or not depends on the type of BPO you are joining and also their requirement. Whenever there is a vacancy for a Customer support executive from a BPO, they clear mention the languages in which you should be fluent.
Generally, English and Hindi are the most desired ones. However for regional support centres, they might ask for a regional language. For example, you are joining a call centre of suppose a telecom company or a bank, they might ask for a regional language.

But learning a new language will always be a plus point for you. Many MNCs lookout for knowledge of regional language too for their support centres. But if you dont have time or you cant learn a new language, then atleast English and Hindi are a must. Lookout for vacancies which ask for English and Hindi. In the meanwhile, if you learn a new language then you can opt for the same too.

If you need anymore help, feel free to contact me on vikashkumar24@hotmail.com

Have a great future ahead !!!

Thank you.


RE: Do I have to learn different languages to go in customer support?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Differrent language means foriegn langauges in my opinion, like french, spanish, german, chinees, spanish, korean, japanise, dutch etc. Indian Universities -private as well as govt and PSU are offering such langauge at various level starting from graduation, post-graduation and Ph.D.

Your question is valid in terms of application of such language why i should do it???
Indian companies and multinational companies are playing pivotal role to unify the world in terms of life style irrespective of geograpical, langauge, culture barrieres and therefore a languistic person is envietible to play a role of bridge which fills the gap due to langauge difference.
Manu BPOs are highiring such graduates to sell the product to establish the contect between produsres and consumers transmit the information from one to other country at business level.

School going chldren are learning english at alphabet level which bring them into main course of langause slowly slowly. After 12th they explore good institute or university like Jawaharlal Nehru University, School of Langauge offers such study at graduation, PG and doctorate level. You can explore the website of following universities and then see the course structure and mode of application and then level of entrest test:
2. Delhi University, New Delhi
3. Amity University, Noida
4. Many other universities in india

opt this career at early age which will benefit you like any sportsman which gives you long experience and then it will be resulted in handsome salary package in BPOs, Foreign Embesy, Multinational Companies etc.


Of course one should ask first whetehr it is fit or misfit for you, as you know if you are versatile multilinguistic then you can mix with other cutlure, countries and will enjoy a diverse life style in the true sense, at the same time you can share the good things of our culture and will convince the other countrymen and can explain the benefits.


University like DU and JNU do not cost you higher as you know they have stingent screening criteria to offer admission so go ahead to these university will not cost you much.

Regarding pay package scholorships, companies, PSU, Embesy is details please call us

Dr. Manoj

RE: Do I have to learn different languages to go in customer support?

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
Verified Career Expert
Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad

Hi Friend,

Customer support is a very vast filed or you can say a profession which is in almost every country because without customer service not even a single big corporation is able to survive and in order to get the clint satisfied it is very important for every corporation to invest as much as they can to improve or to enhance their Customer Service Department.

Keeping in my that this vast filed is almost i every country, it is not a harm neither it is going to be vested if you know couple of other country's languages. But at the same time it is not madatory to know other languages apart from English which is being used almost in every country and the biggest clinetale of any company is an english speaking person.

Further, it is good if you know two three different languages, it will help you get a good job and makes you different from the crown and sometimes makes a big profit for you by getting a good job.

Generally speaking, I have not seen a single person in my entire life who is working in an IT compnay or any other Customer Support and have knowledge of other languages apart from English. But I have heard from different people that a person having a knowledge of two three foreign languages got a very good job because he knew those languages, so sometimes and like i said it is very rare that there is avacancy for a person who knowsone particular language only because if the language is not so common in that area or country it will be very difficult for the corporation to get a person having the knowledge of such language and therefore there is always a way open by making not that language a madatory language.

As i said earlier something you know is a plus point for you because no body can take it away from you and it will always be going to help you some where in your life. But to get into a customer support thre will never be such kind of madatory requirements for any of the candidate or any of the post they might have in future. Ther is a very well speaking common language in the entire world is English and this can be made mandatory but not the other languages so as far as you know the English language you do not need to worry about the other languages.

Best Luck

RE: Do I have to learn different languages to go in customer support?

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